M is for Miaow! Cats really are nicer than people!

Hi everyone! Today is M day for the A-Z Blogging Challenge.DSCF1080

Joanie and I are recommending Miaow! Cats really are nicer than people ! by Sir Patrick Moore. I am lucky my hubby is a Science nerd and reads Astronomy magazine or I would not have known about this book.

Sir Patrick Moore was the author of more than 70 books on Astronomy and also hosted the BBC’s TV show, The Sky at Night. In addition to that, he was a cat lover. This book was published in April of 2012, nine months before his passing. It is filled with beautiful photos of his cats and stories about them. “They never fail me” was one line in his book that really stood out. My cats never fail me either.

And don’t forget to get your free download of Hilary Grossman’s Plan Bea on Amazon. Free - how well

Thank you all for the purrs and prayers for Spooky as well as the suggestions. He did eat more Thursday than he did the 2 days before combined. He is still not eating enough, but I am hoping he eats a little more each day.

Purrs and Prayers for SPOOKYspooky-a

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L is for Lola

Hi everyone! I have a lot to tell you about today. The first thing is the letter L for the A-Z Blogging Challenge. We already recommended Lola’s book back in January. We love Lola’s blog too! DSCF1073 Lola :The Diary of A Rescued Cat by Lola and Dawn White is exactly what the title says, it is Lola’s diary from being abandoned in a dumpster to being loved in a forever home. The end of the book is filled with more rescue stories too.

And speaking of books, our friend Hilary from Feeling Beachie is offering her book, Plan Bea for free as a download from today until the 18th so hurry over to Amazon for your free copy. Mom loved this book,click here to read her review.

My sleepover with Grammie was nice. I love her so very, very much. I hope she stays over again sometime soon.

I am trying to stay positive, but Spooky is not doing well. He hasn’t been eating much and we were hoping his new medicine will kick in soon and bring back his appetite.He also had an appetite stimulant and that hasn’t helped much. All purrs and prayers are appreciated.

I am starting my Passover giveaway today and I can only open it to U.S. residents because it was just brought to our attention ( thanks CK ) that there are special rules for all countries and we don’t know them so we are playing it safe. I am very sorry about that.

DSCF1065The winner will receive a catnip mat, kippa, and 3 crocheted toys: a fish, a matzah ball and an orange.

To enter, leave a comment today through Saturday. I will announce the winner Sunday and have Mom mail it out to you Monday so you will have it in time for Passover ( begins the 22nd).

One more thing- Mom is going to post that mackerel smackerel recipe soon. I hope she tests it out on us.



J is for Jackson

Hi everyone! Thank you all for the purrs and prayers for Spooky. I will give frequent updates. Today is J day for the A-Z Blogging Challenge and I have 2 authors to recommend.

First is Lillian Jackson Braun, she wrote several The Cat Who mystery novels, according to Wikipedia, she wrote 30, but the last one was canceled by the publisher. When I went to a book sale last week, I purchased one of her books to give away today ( just say in the comments that you want to enter to win). This is book #29, The Cat Who Had 60 Whiskers.


I also want to recommend Jackson Galaxy’s books. I know I didn’t give his most recent one the best review, but I do like his original and all he stands for. He has helped many cats on his show and has educated many pet parents that watch the show. Until he came along, I never gave much though to cats thinking vertically.

DSCF1061Brody sighting

I Could Pee on This

Today we are already up to the letter I in the A-Z Blogging Challenge. I am recommending a book that Lucy and I recommended this book way back in August 2014. I Could Pee on This by Francesco Marciuliano is a cute little book of poems by cats. Lucy used to like to think outside the box and on anything that the other kitties enjoyed like catnip mats, paper bags, etc. I miss my Lucy and all her little quirks.


Spooky is modeling with the book. Unfortunately, his PCV ( packed cell volume) was down to 19% from 23%  on the latest test. The vet recommended an injection called darbepoetin to stimulate his red blood cells to make more. She said many anemic cats do fine and I don’t have to do this. I asked what she would do if Spooky were her cat, I always ask that question and she said she would treat him with this. I also asked if anything could be causing this like the pepcid or his thyroid condition and she is certain it is the kidney disease.

This does not work in all cats and she has never treated a cat with it so I am nervous. There is another medicine, but many cats end up with reactions from antibody formations. I was also confused as to how some cats can be fine if they are anemic, when I do the Math, if those numbers drop that much weekly then I see his time as running short.The vet said that sometimes the numbers even out, but I want to do this now instead of him needing a transfusion down the line. The vet did say his quality of life would be improved with this and from what I read, anemic cats have appetite loss which would explain his pickiness.

Your continued prayers and purrs are greatly appreciated.

Selfie Sunday with Phoebe

Hi everyone! I am so excited~ My Grammie is staying overnight tonight! I love her so very much and we are going to have lots of treats fun.


Brody is getting braver. He napped most of the day on the bottom bunk bed ( us kitties have our own bunk). He went up to Prancie and head butted her so I think he likes her. Mom says we need to stop hissing at him, I guess we should be nice.


Snowball made sure to take a selfie for Pierrot: DSCF0997

DSCF1043Prancie wanted to do one too

DSCF1029Spooky is showing off that he gets to go outside ( Dad was not far away).


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H is for Homer the Blind Wonder Cat

Hi everyone! Today is H day for the A-Z Blogging Challenge so I want to recommend 2 books about Homer the Blind Wonder Cat. Homer’s Odyssey and Homer: The Ninth Life of a Blind Wonder Cat by Gwen Cooper.

I am sure many of you are familiar with Homer, but if you are not, then you should check these books out. I have actually only read the original, I got the newer one for Christmas, but haven’t had a chance to read it yet. I have read reviews about it on several other blogs so I know it will be good- and sad.

Homer lost both his eyes as a kitten. No one wanted to adopt a tiny blind kitten, but Gwen Cooper did and was rewarded by years of entertainment and love.Homer did many things that a seeing cat wouldn’t even do like scare off an intruder in their apartment.

DSCF1033KaTwo and I read this book together. She doesn’t care for other cats so she is usually in her own room. I try to do my reading in there to give her some bonding time.

We are also entering Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop. I just read that the price of stamps is going down 2 whole cents so I decided to make a stamp of Spooky using photofacefun.comphotofacefun_com_1460155500

Caturday Art

Don’t forget to comment for a chance to win this car decal and 2 crocheted catnip toys. Phoebe will announce the winner tomorrow. DSCF1025 Car Decal Geek has all kinds of decals, if you can think of it, they probably have it.

And before we go we want to wish Marg a Happy Birthday! Thank you Ann of Zoolatry for the beautiful badge.

4.9.2016 HappyBirthday MARG


Phoebe’s Sunday

Hi everyone! I am glad there is no A-Z challenge today so I could have a turn. I have a lot to tell you. First off, I am in the May/June edition of Catster magazine. You will need a magnifying glass to see me, but I am on page 18, Mom sent my photo in playing my favorite game- cribbage. We were also featured on The Cats of the Blogosphere calendar this week:DSCF0949DSCF0950

My Grammie was here on Wednesday and I wasn’t! She came to watch us and I had to go get my mouth checked from my dental. Phooey! I love my Grammie so very much. My mouth is fine though. And Spooky had his red blood cells checked again. They went down a tiny bit, but the vet said it could be the difference of in-house testing vs.sending it out. He will get tested again next Friday and if it goes down more then he will need a special shot to tell his red blood cells to make more.

In other news, Brody came downstairs and touched noses with Prancie- then he ran right back up. Here are some selfies for Toby and family:

DSCF0953for BobbieSue DSCF0961for Toby DSCF0963for Simon

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B is For Basil and Bailey

Hi everyone! Today is brought to you by the letter B ( I admit, I have been watching Sesame Street). I have 2 books to tell you about today and Spooky is here to help.

DSCF0947 Both of these kitties have books and blogs.I wrote about Basil back in November when I was lucky enough to win his book. Here is the link to my review and buying information: https://15andmeowing.com/2015/11/basil-the-bionic-cat/

I also want to tell you about Bailey Boat Cat. I am on the board at The Museum of Maritime Pets and Bailey is our Ambassador at Sea. His book is perfect for children and adults, it is filled with wonderful photos of Bailey on his boat, Nocturne. I had no idea how many cats lived on boats until Bailey started conducting weekly interviews with several of these kitties. Bailey’s book can be purchased through the museum gift shop.

We are also joining Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop

this week. Keeping with our B theme we have Phoebe being petted by a baby. My great-niece is super cute, but I cropped her out because I think only parents should post photos of their kids. I did leave her adorable hand though. PhoebebandbabyCaturday Art

Spooky Update

Hi everyone. We got Spooky’s blood work results and they were pretty good.

DSCF0883  His phosphorous levels are now normal which is surprising being that he is still not on a prescription diet. I was more concerned with him eating and hopefully gaining a little weight. He is a lot less fussy lately so I am going to try the kidney diet again.

His urea nitrogen is still high, but much better than before. It went from 117 down to 90. His creatinine also went down from 7 to a 4.5 ( still high, but better). Those were all the positives.

There is one number that got worst, the hematocrit. It went from a 35 to a 26 which is odd. He was in the normal range and now he is not. The vet wants this retested again next week because there is a shot that can help that if it stays low. She also said to continue with the fluids every other day for now.

Thank you all for your purrs and prayers. They are greatly appreciated. I will keep you updated on his test next week.

Spooky wants to send a big hug and kiss to his special lady friend , Katie Isabella.



March Madness

Hi everyone! It is that time of year that Mom gets mad because basketball is on instead of Sheldon. She did plant me some grass for being so good about my dental ( like I had a choice). Here is a video of me enjoying it.

Mom has had a bad cold so she didn’t open all the mail right away. Penny and Millie want to thank Toby and BobbieSue for the great St. Patrick’s Day cards.

DSCF0856 DSCF0858

I got to see my Grammie yesterday, I love her so very much. And she was here on Monday to watch us- lots of treats were served.

Some of you thought I didn’t look happy as Queen Esther so suck up Joanie thought she would model the costume. DSCF0868 Happy Purim!

PS: Spooky had his blood work , but we won’t know the results until sometime today. He is eating well though.