E and a ROAR

Hi everyone! I haven’t done a ROAR in some time so I thought I would do one today, but first the A-Z Challenge. Today is E day so I have a book Edited by Charles Elliott, The Quotable Cat Lover. DSCF0951 It is filled with great quotes about cats from Shakespeare, Virginia Woolf. James Joyce, Yates, Abraham Lincoln and many others. It as published in 2004, but I am sure you can find it on Amazon or Half.com.

Now for the ROAR, Kitty Daddy, Kiril, of The Opinionated Pussycat, is a hard-working man who has trouble making ends meet. Despite that, he found a kitten last fall and adopted her to join his other 2 cats.. He needs to get her spayed ( we all know how important that is) as well as getting all 3 up-to-date on their vaccines. There is a place to donate on the sidebar of his blog if you would like to help.

I am selling 2 items, if someone wants to buy them, I will have you pay by donating on his site. The prices include shipping and I will also add in 2 catnip toys.

DSCF0988 DSCF0989The first item is a cat shaped puzzle box that was purchased from a Fair Trade group and made in India. One recently sold on ebay for $20 plus 7 shipping. I am selling this for $20 ( price includes shipping and 2 crocheted toys).

I also have a canvas purse/bag, navy with white print. DSCF0992 It has a zippered top and a zippered section inside. It would make a great book bag or a purse. $15 ( includes shipping and 2 crocheted toys).

Thank you! Phoebe will see you tomorrow and she has a giveaway planned.



Hi everyone! Please pray and purr for Pipo and Minko’s  Dad. PowerOfThePaw WeBeesMeezersMrJackFreckles

Phoebe update: Murmur was still there so now we wait for the ultrasound on March 4th.

006It looks like I am now the proud owner of this little ragamuffin. As you know, I brought him in to be neutered. I don’t know if it is the same in all states, but in Massachusetts you have to sign a paper saying if any wounds of unknown origin are found that you will quarantine them for 6 months or they will euthanize. I wasn’t going to allow a seemingly healthy cat get put down. When I went to pick him up, I knew we were in trouble because out paperwork was off to the side. The vet found several injuries on his neck. I think it was from fighting with other male cats, but it doesn’t matter what I think, this is the law. I know if I care for him for 6 months there is no way I am letting him go- I have attachment issues.

Right now he is totally segregated. If after 6 months he seems like he can be introduced to the others then I will get him FELV/FIV tested and go from there. I was thinking of names and so far all I can think of is Daryl the feral. Any other ideas? I will get better photos soon- I hope.

And my last ROAR today is for Here Today Animal Shelter in Brimfield, MA. I am volunteering at their SPAYghetti dinner this Sunday. I am also crocheting some toys to be sold at the dinner too. I am glad that I can help, I never volunteer at shelters because if I make contact with any cat, I want it.


Happy Wednesday everyone! Today is ROAR day, but first, Sammy wanted me to show you this photo of him and Maggie dancing at the Mardi Gras party. They are such a cute couple.


Today’s ROAR is for Katiez Furry Mewz. She helps a lot of cats in need and recently raised funds for a cat named Guero to have surgery that he needed desperately. She is having an auction – here is the link: http://thepurplekattery.blogspot.com/2016/02/auction-to-help-katiez-katz.html?showComment=1455064268619#c3623750294569668447

I donated a book: 011 and will also include some of my crocheted toys.

Phoebe will see you tomorrow. 004She is hoping someone can tell her what they do with the rest of the mole?


Hi everyone! Today is ROAR day, but first, I must thank those of you that told Joanie toll prices were rising. Thank you so much, more like Joanie thanks you so much.

My ROAR this week is an auction : https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.432679656943209.1073741892.173068479570996&type=3

It is called Gilbert’s Auction Page and there is a list of rescues and animals that will be helped by purchasing items. They have a lot of great items including crocheted hats. jewelry and many cat themed items. I donated a pair of cat knee highs and some of my crocheted toys.

024 I am very happy that there are bids on them, I always feel bad when I donate something and no one wants to bid on it.

Phoebe has lots to write about tomorrow.

A Heartfelt Thank you

Thank you everyone for your beautiful comments on Stinky’s passing. I want to share some badges that people took the time to make in her memory.

Stinky was with us 3 days short of 11 years. I found her as a kitten so I know she wasn’t much older than 11. She wouldn’t sit on me, but she would sit near me and make muffins. My husband was the lucky one who she sat on. She would always sit on the arm of his chair and meow until he gave her permission to sit on his lap.

Stinky was a proud member of the Tabby Cat Club.

Stinky’s favorite toy was the laser and she was even chasing it this past Friday. May you catch that red dot in Heaven my sweet and sassy girl.

Thank you Ann  of Zoolatry


Pam and Sam of One Spoiled Cat


Madi and Mom


Dezi and Lexi

In Memory Of...Stinky - 2HEoW-1hx - normal


I am not really up to blogging right now, but I promised I was going to share a ROAR today and I want to do that.I bid on an adorable lion painting from Katiez Furry Mewz and she was so sweet that she wanted to just give it to me. I was hoping someone would outbid me even though I really like the painting, it is more important that money be made to help kitties. If you want to check it out this is the link  She will be making more than one so please let her know if you are interested.

I am thinking of changing the name of this blog to 13andcrying, but I guess it doesn’t have the same ring to it.

I am shutting off the comments because I know you already gave your condolences so I don’t want you to have to repeat that – I truly appreciate each and every comment you did make. And I am so thankful to be part of the blogosphere because there is no way I would get through losing 2 of my babies in 4 months.


Today is ROAR day and I was hoping to have a great ROAR, but sadly, it is not. I was inspired by Melissa, Miss Mudpie’s Mom when she helped rescue a cat from death row last week by pledging and then honoring the pledge. Last night, I was on Twitter and saw a beautiful 3-year-old cat on death row so I pledged $25,there were many other pledges too, but sadly, Princess went to The Bridge today.

PRINCESS – A1061292

Now I am kicking myself. I should have pledged more, I should have read the information better. I didn’t realize they would adopt to people in New England, I thought it was only the tri-state area. I am angry too that the pledge required was over $200 even though $150 is returned of the animal is fixed- and she was already spayed so why make the fee so high? They also tested her and she was negative for FELV/FIV on the 23rd so why do they test if they are going to murder them so quickly? I know this happens daily and I try to shield myself from it, but I guess if we all shield ourselves then it will keep happening.

Now that I am in tears and made everyone sad, I will try to cheer you up with a video of Snowball enjoying the cool toy that Peaches and Paprika’s Mom brought us ( she is better than Santa).

Phoebe will be having a giveaway tomorrow and telling you more about Christmas.


Happy Wednesday everyone! I have a very unique ROAR this week and the credit goes to Raven and her Mom of Indulged Furries. They generously offered an ornament for one of my “flash sales” and offered to pay to ship it to whoever buys it ( I don’t mean to exclude anyone, but I am going to only have her ship within the US because of the shipping costs to her).

I didn’t have a ROAR in mind this week so Raven’s Mom suggested that the buyer choose the charity. Instead of a flash sale though, I am going to take bids all day until 10 PM EST and the highest bidder wins. That person chooses the charity they will give the money to. As long as it helps cats, any charity is acceptable. And as an added bonus, I will send you some crocheted catnip toys too.

Here is the ornament: Bowwow I know, you are probably wondering why it doesn’t say MEOW, but there are a lot of dog lovers out there too.

Thank you Raven and your Mom!

Stinky is off to our own vet today, I hope I get some answers- good news ones. Phoebe will update you tomorrow.


Wednesday’s ROARS

Happy Wednesday everyone! Thank you all for your care and concern about Stinky. She is going to the vet this afternoon. I will update on Facebook as soon as I know anything and I will post an update here Thursday.

Last week’s flash sale went so well that I decided to do it again to help 2 different causes. Please don’t feel obligated to buy something, I just thought someone might want these items and help cats at the same time.

First off, Phoebe’s Purrince’s Mum told us about a gofundme page to help rescue 40 cats that were abandoned a month ago by a home owner. Their story will break your heart, I am glad they are getting help now. Here is the link

And the other is for Marg Holiday Badge Margs Animals [Large]

I have a Troll bead  “kitten”, I couldn’t get a good photo, but you can see it on the Troll bead site  It sells for $31 and I am selling this for $15, free shipping in the USA. If you buy it, I will have you pay the $15 to the gofundme to help the 40 cats.

And for $10 ( free US shipping) 006 You get a catnip mat, 2 catnip Christmas ornaments, A book of Catmas Carols and a Cat Owner’s blank book to keep your cat’s information. Whoever buys this can pay with paypal for Marg’s Animals.

Phoebe will be starting her Christmas giveaway tomorrow. Please say a prayer and ppurr for Stinky.

Wednesday’s ROAR

Happy Wednesday everyone! I have 2 ROARS today, but I am doing things a little differently. When I started blogging, I was hoping to make some money to donate to my weekly roars. That hasn’t happened yet so I usually just donate with a credit card. This Christmas I am determined not to use my credit card so I have come up with another way to donate.

I always have items set aside for auctions to help kitties, so I am going to have my own auction, sort of, more of a flash sale. I have 2 items today and if someone wants to buy them, I will cover shipping in the US ( I wish I could afford anywhere). The buyer will pay through paypal, but not mine, one will go for Carmine and the other for Kiril being that last week’s ROAR didn’t help him at all.

Item #1 is for Carmine and it is $10 001There is a  stocking for kitty, a big catnip mouse, a catnip stocking, an egg that dispenses treats when whacked and 4 of my crocheted toys. If you want to buy it say so in the comments and the 1 st person gets to buy it.

Item #2 is for Kiril and it is $15003

A black cat necklace, brand new, purchased at Kohls last Christmas.

Don’t forget to comment to enter the Hanukkah giveaway, Phoebe will announce the winner tomorrow. 012

Wednesday’s ROAR

Happy Wednesday everyone. I was going to do a Wordless Wednesday post until I saw something that needed a ROAR. I am sure many of you are familiar with Kiril, the cat Daddy over at The Opinionated Pussycat. He also used to organize The Carnival of Cats for The Cat Blogosphere. I knew he had some health problems, but I never knew the extent of them. Despite being on a limited income and having health problems, he adopted another kitty recently that he found on his way to work.

His sister set up a Go Fund Me page for him and I plan to donate next week .  In case you are looking for a cause to donate to at this special time of year, here is the link : https://www.gofundme.com/zc735qfw

Reading his story makes me especially thankful for my health.

Time to go make some pies for Thanksgiving and some oatmeal white chocolate cranberry bars ( for energy on Black Friday).

Phoebe will see you tomorrow.

001I caught her having a meeting-  probably plotting how to get to the turkey.