Blogs I follow


One Spoiled Cat

Hairballs and Hissyfits

The Island Cats

The Cat on My Head



Sparkle Cat ( now with cutie Summer)

Hands on Bowie and Jimi


Feline O’Pines

Purrsonally Speaking

Goro and Niko


Messymimi’s Meanderings

I Have Three Cats


Dezis World

KittyWire  (reviews of cat products)

I Have Three Cats

Peaches and Paprika

As the World Purrs

Clooneys Num Num Fund

Basil’s Blog

Cat Chat with Caren and Cody(now with Roary and Levi)

Savannah’s Paw Tracks


The Creative Cat

Full Paw

Nerissas Life

Colehaus Cats( Quint, the artist kitty)

Celestial Kitties

Manx Mnews

The Oceanside Animals

Crystal and Daisy Mae

A Shutterbug Explores 

The Chronicles of Zee and Zoey

Purrseidon ( water-loving kitty)

Hairballs and Hissyfits

Herman’s Hideaway ( Herman’s Hideaway- FELV+ cats)

Catwoods Porch Party


Be There2Day

Tommy and Teaghan


A Farm Girl ‘s Finds

Its All About the Cats

Erin the Literary Cat

Moonwashed Musings

Stillness at Cherith


Lone Star Cats

Swiss Cats

Cat Wisdom

William of Mass Destruction

Downhomeinnc(Angel Madi)

Animal Shelter Volunteer Life

Two Devon Cats

Florida Furkids

Mr. Puddy

Four White Paws

Meezers, Mews and Freckles ( Adopt cats) ( Laila) ( Hannah and Lucy)

Stunning Keisha

Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty

Eastside Cats ( more cats than we have) ( Catachresis) ( Charlie Rascal) ( Canadian Cats) ( The Daily Cat)

Mark’s Mews

CaveBear’s Lair (Samantha) ( Sundays at the Shelter) ( they have an Etsy shop with pretty jewelry) (Andy)

Melissa’s Mochas Mysteries and Meows

Lola the Rescued Cat (an observant French kitty) ( travels like Dr. Who) 

Just Ducky

Christy Paws

Emma and Buster

Following Cats

Purr-sonally Speaking



Random Thoughts and Observations

Mickey’s Musings


Angel Whisper




Shadow the Kayak Cat

Four-Legged Furballs

Stunning Keisha

The Kitten Diaries

Sometimes Cats Herd You


Random Felines

Socrates Book Reviews

Dash Kitten

Chat Aux Sphynx

Scooter’s Tale


MommaKat and Her Bear Cat

Random Thought and Observations


Plowing Through Life


We’re All About Cats

Tortie Catz

Love Meow




    1. You’re welcome. I visit almost every day, I just don’t always commennt. 🙂

  1. An impressive list–especially since you have to do it by hand! Don’t you hate that? I have a page like this also, but I have it hidden for now, because I cannot keep up with it. Also I hate to accidentally leave someone out! Perhaps I shall work on mine some more. Some people I follow do not really have cat blogs–what about them? Should they be added? Decisions, decisions!

    1. You are on my list now 🙂 I would add all the ones I follow even if they are not cat bloggers. Sorry I had left you out, I try to keep updated, but it is hard to do and yes, it is a pain to do manually.

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