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Hi everyone! We have a guest post today. I rarely allow guests other than Cat Scouts Maggie and Felix, but when Patty of Working Mother Life offered to write a post about lessons learned through cat adoption, I couldn’t refuse. I believe it is important for children to grow up with pets and I am happy to see that she agrees.

The Life Lessons My Daughter and I Have Learned Through Cat Adoption

You would never think that adopting a cat would teach you some serious life lessons, but it does. As a single mother with a daughter, I can tell you that these lessons really opened up my eyes, setting me on the right track to financial freedom. In addition, I am able to coach my daughter with these in mind as l help her grow. Below, I will go over some of the life lessons we learned from just a new kitty! If you have a cat, let me know if any of these sound familiar.

Become Financially Independent

Cats are not only strong-willed, but they are very independent. When you see a cat play or even walk around, he or she does not have to have anyone else with him or her. In fact, cats can make due by themselves, and they do not have to lean on anyone else. In a way, I try to live like this financially, relying on myself to pay the bills.

While it is okay to lean on other people, it is important to become self-sufficient, especially if you have a child on your own. You need to stay on top of your money situation and stay in control. I quickly learned the hard way that this was important, but I plan on my daughter learning this the easy way early on. She has already set some money goals for herself.

Whether it’s a step-by-step process or a week-to-week plan, there are plenty of ways to get to this point. Oddly enough, I feel like the independent spirit of my cat helped encourage her to start thinking this way.

Be Able to Adjust Your Finances

Cats can adjust to any situation you put them in. Think about it for a moment. Throw a cat in the air, and it will land on its feet. I always admired this flexibility and ability to cope. As a human, I need to adapt to plenty of situations, and there are plenty of occasions when that involves money.

Financially speaking, I have had to scramble for money when it comes to my cat. That time we had to use some of our savings to make sure the cat’s broken paw was corrected. Initially, I didn’t think a cat would need so much attention, but it started to dawn on me that we had an adventurous one who got into trouble.

I decided to adjust for the future by getting a cheap policy to cover big accidents. Apparently, the majority of cat owners don’t have insurance, but I decided that it was in my best interests, especially since I could use it as a learning opportunity. I took this as an opportunity to teach my daughter about the ins and outs of insurance.

Always Know When to Be Cautious

Never throw caution to the wind when it comes to money. Just like you will never see a cat throw all caution to the wind, don’t do it either. I learned this the hard way when I incurred some debt because of poor decisions. My cat has taught me to be cautious in all financial situations just like she is cautious as she walks by the garage door or when she waits to pounce on a lizard.

I think this is probably one of the most important lessons for children. Children, teens, and young adults are often very impressionable. They are often affected by their peers; for instance, they may choose to purchase a fad item because it would make them fit in. Combining the independent spirit of our cat and its caution, my daughter has learned to think about her own needs when it comes to money. She’s also learned to separate those wants and needs from yours truly.

Responsibility is Key

Financial responsibility is key, and if you do not have any, then you will find yourself in a sticky situation. While your cat nor my cat can talk and teach us about money, take a moment to look at their personality. You might find some life lessons buried in there. Mine happens to be responsibility.

Being responsible in the financial sense has taught me how to budget for, prepare for, and adjust to my money situation. When it comes to a cat, you never know when an unexpected bill or vet visit will pop up, so you need to make sure you are prepared for it.

These are just a few lessons I have learned from my kitty cat. I think I admire the independence and flexibility of a cat the most, and I try to apply those concepts to my own life. When it comes to money, being flexible and independent isn’t such a bad thing!

Please visit Patty at Working Mother Life where she writes about the struggles of raising a daughter as a single mom while working full – time.


Guest Post By Cats Scouts Maggie and Felix

Hi everyone! It has been quite some time since we have had a guest post from our friends, Cat Scouts Maggie and Felix so we are thrilled to have them today.


Greetings, everybody!  We have missed visiting, so we are very excited to tell you about a new Turkish film, “Kedi,” all about the famous cats of Istanbul.  For centuries, the city’s residents and visitors have befriended the thousands of cats, fed them, and sometimes provided shelter and veterinary care.  Even President Obama was photographed petting one of the kitties during his visit to Turkey a couple of years ago!


“Kedi” not only follows the activities of selected street cats, but the film also highlights the importance of the animal-human bond in an historic city undergoing massive development and population pressures.

We can’t wait to see this film, and hope it comes to a theater near you!  If not, you can download it on Vimeo.  Just “google” Kedi download.

Click here

Thank you Maggie and Felix. We also want to join Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop. Phoebe wanted to see how she would look on the big screen so she went to Photofunia to make this.








Guest Post with Cat Scouts Maggie and Felix

Hi everyone! We are very lucky to have a guest post from roommate Cat Scouts Maggie and Felix.

Happy New Year, everyone!

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank Auntie Ellen for inviting us to guest post once in awhile.  We love sharing our common concerns about animal welfare, and especially kitty news and trends.  We are taking a much-needed break from the holidays, and we’ve made a few New Year’s resolutions.

We know with Winter in full swing in many parts of our country, our compatriots without homes are struggling to stay warm and find food and water. We and many of you donate supplies and money to our local shelters and rescue groups, but we’d like to also encourage you to volunteer to help your community care for our needy relatives.  If you are unable to donate time or money, but like to “socialize,” you can always help on-line with petitions, drives and message boards.

You’d be surprised at how effective our combined paw power can be!

We also wanted to let you know about an amazing conference coming up later this Winter, organized by the former founder and President of Best Friends Animal Society, now the founder and CEO of Earth in Transition.       





We wish all of you peace, good health and lots of love in 2017!

Today is also a special day in The Blogosphere to say goodbye to Easy who left for the Bridge

It is called Lighting the Way for Easy and is hosted by Dory’s Backyard.


Guest Post with Cat Scout Maggie

32-Maggie-Cougar-Nov-2015Hi everyone! We usually have a guest post every other week, but Cat Scout Maggie was so excited to tell you about some new books that she is with us this week. Take it away Miss Maggie.

Thank you, Auntie Ellen, for giving me the opportunity to give 4 paws up for two new great books!  Hi, everyone!  We have recently heard two authors interviewed on public radio, and their books have also been reviewed in various newspapers.  These two books should definitely join your libraries!

Pets on the Couch, by Nicholas Dodman, DVM and professor at Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine.  Dr. Dodman has written several books about animal psychology and behavior, and this one takes us into the inner thought processes of some of the pets he’s cared for over the years.  While they’re not all cats, the book certainly includes cats!

Dr. Dodman discusses pet problems and solutions in a very down-to-earth way, so our pawrents can maybe help solve some of our challenges and foibles!  The pioneering veterinarian and author of the New York Times bestseller, The Dog Who Loved Too Much, and the national bestseller, The Cat Who Cried for Help, recounts his stories of treating animals for human-like problems, while discussing his amazing breakthroughs with the new science of One Medicine.pets-on-the-couch

” Inspiring, sometimes heartbreaking, and utterly fascinating, Pets on the Couch demonstrates how what we share with our animals can only lead us to a greater appreciation for them—and our mutual bonds.”    book review excerpt


The Trainable Cat, by writer John Bradshaw and Sarah Ellis, feline behaviorist.  Mr. Bradshaw has published other books about dog and cat behaviors, and he has teamed up with Ms. Ellis to tackle our feline challenges!!   This book covers many cat behaviors that can be solved, including litter box problems, introducing new cats into the household, and dealing with cat phobias and eccentricities!  Wow, maybe our pawrents should NOT read it.  Can we possibly be tamed?thetrainablecat



Happy reading, dear 15 and Meowing Fans!

Thank you Maggie, I plan to read both of these books.

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Guest Post with Cat Scout Felix

Hi, everyone! Today we are very lucky to have a guest post by Cat Scout Felix. He has a very important post today.

33a--Felix-Cougar-Hat-Nov-2  Greetings, everyone!  Today I wanted to remind you about a very impawtant date coming up next month: National Feral Cat Day on October 16.  nfcd20162This annual event allows you to make a difference!!

National-Feral-Cat3 Alley Cat Allies sponsors this annual event to

feralsraise awareness about community cats and how you can help them survive.  If you would like to sponsor an event to raise awareness about feral cats, there is still time!  Alley Cat Allies recognizes blogs, tweets, volunteer projects, special  events, and they will provide you or your group with materials and tools to have a successful NFC Day!

Auntie Ellen and probably many of you have pawticipated in helping community cats in your area.  Every little bit of help really saves lives and improves the lives of our relatives who are not lucky enough to have homes.

If you think you can devote a day, a blogfest, an event or any other activity that will raise awareness about our feral relatives AND possibly get other peeps involved, GO FOR IT!

Every bit of information and networking that alleviates suffering and publicizes our feral relatives’ needs is a VERY GOOD THING>  One cat at a time, one community at a time….


Thank you Felix- that was excellent! If we all do something, it adds up. This is the first year I have been involved with TNR and I am glad I decided to try. Brody is happy about it too.


And one more thing-the question for P.S.Annie’s 19-Somethin Challenge is :Did you get into any toy or game crazes? I just had to have a Cabbage Patch Kid, I am not sure why being that I detest dolls. My Dad waited in a big line to get me one, mine is a preemie boy. I still have it, but I didn’t have time to get a photo.

Phoebe will announce the winner of the pirate giveaway tomorrow .dscf2519

Guest Post with Cat Scout Maggie

Hi everyone! We are lucky to have Cat Scout Maggie here this week with a guest post. 32-Maggie-Cougar-Nov-2015  Greetings everyone! 

This week I’d like to introduce you to a wonderful organization dedicated to the animal-human bond.  It is the Animals and Society Institute, based in Ann Arbor MI.  Those of you interested in animal issues should check out their website.  I’m attaching part of their mission statement and other information.

ASIlogoAnimals & Society Institute:  Our Mission

ASI helps improve and expand  knowledge about human-animal relationships in order to create safer and more compassionate communities for all. We are the leader in translating research on human-animal interaction into practice, providing essential knowledge and tools, and promoting evidence-based approaches that get results.

Federal (US) Laws Regarding Animals

Michigan State University Animal Legal and Historical Center offers a comprehensive list of federal statutes relating to animals and those who work with them.

Check out our state by state pages of laws and statutes regarding animals as well! —————————————————————————————————————-

Felix and I pawticularly like this institute, because they address head-on the issue of animal abuse and how to combat and prevent it, starting with youth education.  Not a pleasant topic, but really impawtant in our humble view!

Thank you for another great post Maggie. And we hope you don’t mind, but Sammy wanted to show off the photo from the ferriswheelCat Scouts trip. The way he climbed up the side of it, I think he watched The Notebook too many times with my niece and I.

Guest Post with Cat Scout Felix

We are always lucky to have guest posts from Cat Scouts Maggie and Felix. This week it is Felix’s turn and I am sure you will enjoy his post.  000_0003



Greetings everyone!  Last week Maggie wrote about getting involved in this year’s political campaigns (persuading your peeps to learn about the “animal friendly” records of those they intend to vote for).  Some of you wondered if there’s an easy way to do this, and you’ll be happy to know the answer is YES!

The fastest way to get involved is to check out the Humane Society of the U.S. and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ websites:           and

Both of these websites provide names and contact information for your State and Congressional representatives and other information on how you can get involved with issues specific to your locale.  Once you sign up, you’ll get automatic notifications when an issue affecting your state or region comes up for legislative action.  You can also get involved with your HSUS and ASPCA state representatives, who have offices in your state and plan events throughout each state.

In addition to these national organizations, there are many state and local groups which monitor animal issues in counties, cities and towns.  You’d need to google those, but if your folks are interested in animal welfare issues, they could also sign up for alerts from various Social Media groups like Care 2 and ForceChange.  These international organizations post on a wide range of issues ranging from household pets to working animals, farm animals and wild animals.  You can select which issues you’d like to receive messages about.

For candidates in the races this Fall (and in all election cycles), you should visit the websites of the ones you’re interested in following, and see if they’ve posted policy statements regarding animal issues.  If they haven’t, write and ask how they feel about an issue you are concerned about!

Remember, we’d like ALL PETS TO BE WINNERS, but they sometimes need a helping hand!



Guest Post

MaggieScoutHi everyone! We are lucky to have a guest post today from Cat Scout Maggie.

Howdy everyone!  Like most peeps and kitties we know, you are probably getting into the political swing!  Convention last week; another one this week.  There are so many impawtant things for our peeps to think about when choosing a favorite candidate, but I’d like to urge all of you to persuade your humans to check out the humane/animal awareness records of their state and local candidates.

Many federal laws that protect animals and advance animal rights start at the local and state level.  Tell your peeps to check out the voting and legislative records of their candidates.  Did they vote or advocate FOR or AGAINST us and our fellow furry friends?

Voting for animal-friendly candidates will help advance the cause of animal protection and animal rights in your area, and can spread to other areas.  Some states are even considering awarding “personhood” status to animals so that in instances of custody, control or prosecution, animals that have been victimized or abused will have the same rights as humans.  Let’s meow to our peeps to get informed and involved!!  Grumpyvote

Thank mew all!  Please stay cool and well hydrated, especially as the election season heats up!!


Guest Post with Cat Scout Felix

Felixsitting2Hi everyone! We are lucky to have a guest post by our good friend, Cat Scout Felix.

Howdy, everyone!  Last time, Maggie shared some information with you from the Humane Society of the U.S. Taking Action for the Animals conference held in Washington DC a few weeks ago.  Today, I’m going to tell you about an amazing young woman who has single-handedly taken on the huge project of rescuing cats who have chosen  Norfolk VA Naval Station as their “home.”   straycatonmilitarybase

Stray/feral animals on military bases here and abroad create a huge challenge. Luckily, our President has made it easier now for returning Service Personnel to adopt the animals they’ve worked side by side with (dogs performing impawtant duties like guarding, bomb detection and other tasks).  So far, cats on overseas bases have served as companions and morale boosters.  They haven’t been trained to do other “work.”

On our State-side bases, there are usually stray dogs and cats who wander onto a base and start to think of it as their home.  We’re featuring Norfolk today, because it is one of our largest Naval bases, and at last count, it had 120 stray cats.

Our mom met a dynamic young woman who saw this crisis and decided to do something about it.  She had inside knowledge about the number of cats on the base, and she and some like-minded good samaritans started “rescuing” cats one by one and finding them new homes.  They operated “under the radar,” but with the tacit approval of certain base personnel who sympathized with their mission.



This fabulous cat rescue lady partnered with the Norfolk SPCA and finally with the Naval Station’s powers that be to get purrmission to start removing, rehabbing and re-homing the cats on the base, one by one.  As of mid-June, over 20 had been successfully adopted out.  This shows that determination and teamwork can address and help solve a “problem” that could have turned out unfavorably for our compatriots.  Now, everyone on the Base knows about the rescue/rehab program and is helping with the effort.

If you live near a military base, try to see if they, too, have a stray animal situation and see what YOU CAN DO to help!  If you know someone who’s serving overseas where there are “stray/feral” animals on base, see if you can help that person get permission to bring the animal home, adopt it out in country or otherwise guarantee its safety and well-being.

For further information about Norfolk Naval Station’s program:         If you write, just say you were referred by our mom, who met her at the TAFA conference in June 2016.

This is the first program of its kind here in the States, but YOU can help it spread and do good work all around our country.  GO!

Guest Post with Cat Scout Maggie

Hi everyone ! We are lucky to have Cat Scout Maggie here today.

32-Maggie-Cougar-Nov-2015  Greetings, all!

Today I’d like to share with you some information our mom brought back from the recent  Taking Action for the Animals conference in Arlington VA, hosted by the Humane Society of the U.S.  This biennial conference brings peeps from around the world to discuss the latest tools and techniques for making our world a more humane place.  Two trends this year that were bigger than last time around: more people are embracing the Vegan lifestyle; more wildlife sanctuaries from around the world are getting financial support and publicity.

My interest was in the Alley Cat Allies information!  As you know, they are a very proactive group which advocates on behalf of community cats; informs public policy and institutions so that our feline brothers and sisters have a better chance to live out their lives, and corrects many misconceptions about spay, neuter, community cats and the peeps who care for them.  If you are involved with a rescue group, or are trying to start a community cat sheltered area, Alley Cat Allies has a wonderful website filled with tips, resources and peeps you can connect with. They are there to encourage and help you!

Feral Friends Network has nearly 1600 representatives throughout the country to help with your community cat issues. It’s like having a purrsonal friend in your neighborhood or town!

Kitten care is a huge effort.  ACA is working with local shelters and rescue organizations to start kitten care programs which use the “Wait Until 8” slogan.  Kittens found or turned in to shelters can be fostered and provided with formula, bottles and information kits.  Once they reach their 8th week, they are ready to to back to the shelter, be spayed or neutered  and adopted out.  Without this type of program, many kittens are euthanized because shelters simply don’t have the room or the resources to care for the huge numbers that show up every Spring.

ACA also intervenes on behalf of chained cats by providing or working with others to install a Purrfect Fence which protects the cats in an airy and safe enclosure that enables them to move freely and yet not escape.  These fences would be great in your backyard, too!

Another effort of Alley Cat Allies is working with local and state governments to adopt Trap/Neuter/Return policies.  These ordinances include protections for community cats and their caregivers, and also prevents ear-tipped cats from being admitted to shelters.

Ear tipping identifies cats as having been spayed or neutered, and should alert shelters that these cats probably belong to a community and do not need to be held in a shelter where they might likely be euthanized if not quickly adopted.

ACA also advocates on behalf of cats in other countries.  Recently the government of Australia announced it would cull and kill 2 million cats by the year 2020, in order to save endangered wildlife. They plan to use poison and other inhumane methods.  You can sign a pledge calling for Australia to address the real threat to its wildlife – the destruction of their habitats.  Visit to sign the pledge!

.National Feral Cat Day

Alley Cat Allies is holding its 16th annual National Feral Cat Day (2)National Feral Cay Day on October 16 of this year.  If you would like to pawticipate, visit  You can sponsor an educational program or community effort right where you live!  Please get involved and help save our fellow felines!!




On a last note, many of us know a kitty that may have gone missing and has not yet returned to its home.  If your cats go outdoors, please have them micro-chipped!  This could save their life.  Collars and I.D. tags can often come off or be removed by others, and then your cat loses his identify.  Microchipping enables cats to be easily identified by vet offices, shelters and even some police departments so that their owners can be contacted and their kitties can be returned to their loving homes!

Happy July 4th, everyone!  Remember, we cats don’t like loud and startling noises. Some cats will leave their homes and yards in order to avoid the deafening sound of firecrackers and fireworks.  Keep us inside and safe while you celebrate!

Thank you for this informative post Maggie. And don’t forget, today is the last day to enter Phoebe’s 4th of July Giveaway. DSCF1673 (2)