Taste of the Wild Tuesday

Hi everyone! Today we want to tell you about the food we won as part of Stunning Keisha’s #10CK Giveaway for her 10th Gotcha Day. We thought we had won a bag of treats so we were very surprised to receive a Chewy box with a 15 pound bag of Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Dry Cat Food. 002 Penny claimed the box, as you can see the bag is bigger than she is.

005 006 007 Everyone loved it- even KaTwo! That was 13 out of 13 cats that liked the taste. Then a few hours later the wild part kicked in. Prancie was walking around meowing and her pupils were dilated, Joanie was practically bouncing off the walls and Phoebe was very aggressive to Joanie  ( much more than when she plays with Prancie).

I decided to look up the ingredients ( I know I should have done that first). The one item that jumped out at me was chicory root. I know it is used as a coffee substitute and is caffeine free, but I am guessing it must be a stimulant. The only other information I could find about chicory root was it has a laxative effect. I am hoping it was what made Phoebe’s heart have the murmur-if it is not heard today then I will believe that was the cause. Has anyone else ever tried this and if so, how did your cat act?

I am not trying to sound ungrateful because this was a great prize, but I just can’t believe all the odd behavior my cats had from it. Chewy is a great company, but I won’t be purchasing this particular product again. And we love CK- thank you for having the giveaway!

Today is also World Spay Day and I am bringing in another feral to get fixed.


This poor guy is very afraid. And he smells a lot, I am sure his odor will go away once he is fixed. I am not looking forward to the car ride though.

Is the Food Your Cat is Eating Really Healthy?

Happy Tuesday everyone! I have been getting a lot of emails lately asking me if I want to share infographs, guest posts and all kinds of information. At first, I tried to accommodate everyone because I don’t like to hurt anyone’s feelings. This year, I am being more discriminate. I want to make sure the information is relevant to my readers and that it hasn’t already been posted in several places.

Reviews.com recently asked if I wanted to share their research on pet foods. It took me a while to have time to review it because it is so thorough, but I definitely wanted to share it. As you know purchasing a cat food made with high quality ingredients that your cat will actually eat is no easy task. Science has never been my strong point and I feel like one needs to be a scientist to understand labels.

This study was done on 1, 759 cat foods ( I had no idea there were that many). Only 163 made the cut to be considered the best for cats. 457 were disqualified because of questionable ingredients like carrageenan. Some brands had certain formulas removed, but others the entire brand was removed including Fancy Feast, Friskies and Rachel Ray.

The pet food store in my town, Dave’s is a small chain of stores in 2 states, but they have their own brand of food. I was amazed this study even included that and sadly, it got disqualified because the manufacturer is unknown. If they don’t want to tell you where it is made then it can’t be good.

Here is the link: http://www.reviews.com/cat-food/   

If you click on top picks, there is a list of all the recommended foods. There is a filter on the side to search for wet, dry, adult, etc. I hope you find this as useful as I do. I need to do an overhaul on the foods our cats eat.

And now: marbles Phoebe thinks we must have lost some marbles to waste this on marbles, but I think it looks good. My hubby was fortunate to have found his childhood marbles recently.