Penny’s Tips Volume 46

Hi everyone!   If you follow my tip today, you won’t need to have a fly swatter anymore.

Just take a ziplock bag and add water and at least 4 pennies ( not me).  Then you hang it above your door. Something about the flies complex eyes makes them move away because it magnifies the light entering their eyes. Too bad it doesn’t work on nasty mosquitoes.

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Penny’s Tips Volume 45

Hi everyone! Apparently Mom got the hint when I left a plastic eyeball in her shoe. If I didn’t get to write my post today, it was going to be her eyeball in the shoe next time.

  I sent my mom outside to get me a slug and instead she comes in with all these peaches. I don’t have a tip for peaches-unless you make them into a pie then you may want my pie crust tip. Click here.

She isn’t too bright. She was digging for slugs until Dad explained those are grubs. Slugs are not in the ground. We don’t have any slugs around, but if you do, you can repel them with pennies. They need to be made before 1983 ( that counts me out) because it is the copper content in them that repels the slugs. You can read how to make a penny ball for your garden. Click here

See you next week!

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50 Things I Have Learned in 50 Years

Hi everyone! I am letting mom have my day because it is her birthday.

Thank you Penny. I have been thinking a lot about turning the big 5-0 so I thought I would make a list. It is pretty random, some are quotes I agree with and lessons from books, others are things I find important. I hope you enjoy it. If I forgot anything important, please let me know.

1. You can’t save anyone.
2. Cats are God’s best invention.
3. People that brag have the most to hide.
4. When a cat stops eating, it is very, very sick.
5. People that give too many compliments are phony.
6. My mom is ALWAYS right.
7. Listen more than you speak.
8. Don’t assume anything ( The Four Agreements)
9.You should always do your best ( The Four Agreements)
10. Always be impeccable with your word. ( The Four Agreements)
11. Don’t take anything personally ( The Four Agreements)- I have trouble with this one.
12. Crayons will melt if left in the car ( just learned that one).
13. It is much harder to get out of something than into it.
14. No one is “normal”.
15. Just because someone goes to church every week doesn’t mean they are a good person.
16. Instructions are written for a reason- read them. ( I am bad at this which is why I am making my 100 snowflakes to practice following directions).
17. A goal can be reached in many ways.
18. It is OK to change a horse midstream if your horse is dead. ( I started saying this after college because I knew I didn’t want to be a teacher, but I didn’t want to change horses and what a waste of college).
19. It is OK to say No to anything you don’t want to do.
20. Breathing issues do not always mean lung problems- sometimes it means heart failure.
21. Anything worthwhile takes the effort.
22. You should always give more than you take.
23. Everything changes.
24. Life is unfair- bad things happen to good people and vice versa.
25. If you want different results, you need to take different actions.
26. Something is always lost when something is gained.
27. Leave everything better than you found it.
28. If you won’t write it and sign it then you should not say it.
29. Don’t react, instead you should respond.
30. When cooking crack the eggs in a separate bowl.
31. Don’t wait for conditions to be perfect to do anything or you will never do anything.
32. Always send a thank you note- handwritten.
33. It really does take a village to raise a child. ( I am thankful I had a village and have been part of many children’s villages).
34. You really are the sum total of the 3 people you are with the most.
35. Flossing is very important.
36. You will use Algebra after high school. ( I use it when I reduce a recipe).
37. Everything happens for a reason , but  we can’t always figure out the reason.
38. Four year college is a waste of money. Why do they spread it out over 4 years when it can be done much quicker- and cheaper?
39. You can’t break a habit- you can only go over it with a new one.
40. Always accept water when offered ( people feel bad if you don’t).
41. Treat your inner child well.
42. Everyone needs something to look forward to.
43. Leave them wanting more-don’t overstay your welcome anywhere. ( Seinfeld).
44. If someone gossips to you, they will gossip about you.
45. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. ( Eldrige Cleaver)
46. Let is go- bad thoughts, possessions, etc. Whenever I want my mom to throw something away, I start singing Elsa’s song, Let It Go.
47. Multi-tasking is not such a good thing. Better to give 100% to each task.
48. Life is too short to wait for anything.If you want to do something- do it.
49. Time spent with cats is never wasted. ( Sigmund Freud).
50. Everyone needs hope.

Penny’s Tips Volume 44

Hi everyone! I wasn’t going to do a post today because I am still mad that I got bumped last week for the sock post. And that she didn’t have socks made with ME on them. But, I don’t want to disappoint my loyal fans.

My tip today is a game. You will need several pennies ( at least 10) with different dates on them. And you will need 2 of each date. Then you flip them all over so their tails are up. The first person to play will flip over 2 to see if they match, if not, you flip them back over and the next player does the same. If you get a match, you get to keep them and take another turn. Keep playing until all the pennies are matched. The winner is the one with the most pennies at the end.

This would be fun for older kids. It is also good for adults to keep those brain cells working.

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Hi everyone! My post is being bumped today for a review of custom socks.

And they don’t even have me on them!

*Disclosure-we received a pair of custom made socks from Socksery in exchange for a fair review. All opinions are our own.

They have Prancie on them because she is Dad’s little princess. Mom doesn’t wear socks often because she has hot flashes. Dad always wears socks though so she thought he would like them- and he does.

They are really well made and reasonable priced for a custom gift. And you can get any photo on them in a variety of color choices. To visit Socksery’s website, click here.

And they have a code on the website to save 10%.

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Penny’s Tips Volume 43

Hi everyone! My mom told me to go fly a kite.

I had trouble making it balance so I added a penny to the  rear of the keel (the keel is the vertical piece of sail material beneath the kite to keep it stable).

Can you guess who is really going to fly this kite?

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Cat World Domination Day

Hi everyone! Today is Cat World Domination Day started by Sparkle and now continued by Summer. She is having a big giveaway to celebrate, to visit, click here.

We made some art to celebrate. I used Penny’s photo because out of all the cats that live here, she is most likely to want to achieve world domination.

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Penny’s Tips Volume 42- The Canadian Penny Edition

Hi everyone! I am going to tell you about some valuable Canadian Pennies today, but first I have a surprise for you. Mom asked her graphic designer friend to make me a badge and I want to share it with all my fans. Please feel free to display it on your sidebar. And if you need a graphic designer, we highly recommend him, click here.

Now on to those Canadian pennies. I know they are not in circulation anymore, but you may still have some around.   Did you know there is one worth $400,000? It is a 1936 “dot” penny. When King Edward VIII abdicated the throne and King George VI ascended there was no time to change the face on the coin so a tiny raised dot was placed under the coin date to denote those were struck in 1937, not 1936. If you find one, don’t forget who told you about it 🙂

I will fill you in on more valuable Canadian pennies in future editions.

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Penny’s Tips Volume 41

Hi everyone! Look what I got from one of my fans.

My friend, Vicky of Eastside Cats recently visited the Denver Mint. She got me a shiny new, uncirculated penny and a blank one too.

 Sorry, they came out blurry. My photographer is not the best.

Thank you! That was so thoughtful of you. Now I need to go hide them from my Dad.

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One more thing- I want to give a shout out to my folks. Today is the 30 year anniversary of their first date ( yes, they are old).