Halloween Costumes Part 3

Hi everyone! We are joining the Comedy Plus’ Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

Today is the last day of our costumes. I apologize that these are not great. These kitties were the most difficult to work with. Polar Bear refused to cooperate so he hired a stand-in. Drake is the stand-in , he is the mystery tock from last week. He has been with us for a year and a half. I haven’t written about him because I took him in with the promise that his family could take him back when they got settled, but they haven’t yet. And now we are attached so we hope they don’t. The spare bedroom is a time share between him and KaTwo. She is OK with the other cats, but will only eat in her room. He doesn’t have front claws, but still tries to fight everyone so he has to be segregated. He is sweet to humans though and loves it when I spend part of the night with him when my hubby snores me out of the room.


Penny-not the picture in the background. ( 2002)
Noel is supposed to be a penguin. We will accept 2 different answers on this one from films made in 2005 and 2006.
Drake. (2005)
Jinx is posing as himself, showing you his sharp claws, pardon the white panther in the background. (2018)
Tallulah ( 2007)

Remember, you have until Tuesday night 9PM EST to make your guesses on the 3 days of costumes. The winner will be announced on Halloween. Thank you to all who play along. I realize everyone is not into movies. Next year , we will do singers or tv shows 🙂



  1. Those turned out pretty good, despite the troubles you had to make them. Drake! Who knew??! Wow! Another black panther dude:)
    Maybe when he feels better about all the kitties in your den he might be more friendly to them…or at least call a truce. Maybe he feels threatened cause there are so many? Sorry that he wasn’t taken back by his peeps…sheesh:(

    Once again no real guesses on petcretary’s non-movie knowledge…

  2. More Great photos! I’ve only spotted these posts todat, sorry, so guessed on all 3 today. It’s been good fun. Thanks. ??
    Penny: Maid in Manhattan, Noel: Happy Feet, I have no idea about Drake, Jinx: Fame and Tallulah: The Bee Movie

  3. Gosh – another very tough bunch of costumes! My best guesses are: Penny in “Maid In Manhattan”, Noel in “March of the Penguins”, Drake in “Fever Pitch”, and Jinx in “Wolverine” but we have no clue about Tallulah!

    Hugs, Teddy and Mom

  4. We are kind of excited to find out there was a mystery cat in your house. Hi, Drake!!!

    Penny.. Maid in Manhattan?
    Noel… March of the Penguin or Happy Feet?

  5. I don’t mind not knowing the answers. These are adorable photos. And to be honest, I’m not really into quizzes or trivia, though I used to play with a group of friends years ago. Fond memories before the organizer of our little troupe passed away. 🙁 How kind of you to care for someone else’s kitty. ~hugs~ I am so ready to adopt a pair of young cats, but my husband is scared for our girls. I’m putting it in God’s hands. ~nods~ It’s not like I picked out my angel Luna or our geriatric babies Tilly and Jezebel. The latter was literally laid in my lap while visiting friends. Be well!

    1. I believe we get the cats we are meant to have so maybe some youngsters will show up. 🙂

  6. You all are just too cute! I have guesses for all but one of these. I’m going with Maid in Manhattan for Penny, Happy Feet for Noel, Black Panther for Jinx, and Bee Movie for Tallulah. You are all helping us get in the purrfect Halloween spirit!

  7. Cannot venture a guess! What a lovely group of characters. I took care of. a neighbors cat for two years, and when I moved away took her with me! I had her 16 years! Maybe Drake needs a costume and a NEW identity! Crime sometimes pays! We won’t tell.

  8. I don’t have a clue about these movies, but you all look fabulous dressed up.

    Have a purrfect Happy Tuesday. My best to your mom. ♥

  9. guyz….we haz knot seen a moovee in 92 yeerz…we did wanna say ya all look sooooper grate in yur coztoomz tho !! 🙂 ♥♥♥ jinx…dood…ya look most hansum az yur self !!

  10. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos with us. They look too adorable in their Halloween costumes. We just had a pet costume contest at our office this past Saturday. It was so much fun seeing the little fur babies all dressed up. Love the penguin costume photo. Have a great day.

  11. Penny is Maid in Manhatten, Noel is March of the Penguins (or Happy Feet). Is Jinx Megadolon? LOL

  12. So many cute costumes! We’ve never dressed up as anything other than ourselves. Lexi tried to eat her ID tag when Mommy put it on her collar so we don’t think she’ll be in a costume either.

  13. I gotta tell you…we have been loving the costumes! Mom “tried” to put one on m, but this cat is quick with his claws and his teeth!

  14. No matter how the photos came out, it was fun to see some of the different kitties, and to find out you have another secret one there! It sounds like Drake might end up hanging around. ♥

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