Treats Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone! We have more photos from Christmas to share, these are all about treats.

037Phoebe showing off the bag from Grammie and the 3 bags from Auntie Mariann ( for everyone to share).  034 030Prancie got a bag from Grammie too.  022So did Spooky

015and Stinky

027And Millie and Penny have one to share

012Polar Bear has a big bag to share with his 2 wives.

005And Sammy has been sharing the yummy food Cat Scout Oliver sent him as part of his Secret Paws.

029022Notice all these Joanie photo bombs

( anywhere there are treats, there is Joanie)Phoebe 033

Phoebe wants Grammie to know she loves her so very much.



  1. You have a wonderful Grammie!! I’m coming to your house to scarf down some of those treats!!! MOL! Pawkisses to Penny <3

    1. We would all love to have you over Toby- especially Penny. We would share our treats too.

  2. Treats everywhere!! YAY!!!! Christmas just goes on and on and on when there’s lots of treats around…………………..

    Love, Sammy

  3. Hi friends!
    Have a delicious and healthy 2016!
    Happy New Year!!!!!!
    Kisses and Hugs from Bavarescats, Mom Marilia and sister Rafaela

  4. Aren’t you all the cutest so enthusiastic about all the treats. Even the shy kitties came out to have a taste(!) Paws up on Treats! Ellen we just savored your gift to us of a “Christmas Sleeve loaded with You-Know-What” which has put my sisfur Peaches in a CATNIP trance! She overindulged, as usual. As you see, I was sober the whole time! — signed, Paprika The Cat (Thank You again!)

    1. Paprika, you should indulge as well 🙂 YOu both looked cute on the photos even if you weren’t as into it as Peaches XO

  5. What wonderful prezziez! Thanks for sharing your photos! Thanks fur all the prezzie gifts you sented us Katiez Katz too… Mom has not furgotted and will take a photo wif the kitty who gets to haz the catnip blankie you sented…

    Angel who really really wants dat.

  6. guys….sew…. we wuz wunderin…..did any one get any treetz for Christmas !!!
    🙂 ♥♥♥ 🙂

  7. How wonderful! And Phoebe, if I had not seen that statement to your gramme I would have been very disappointed. xoxoxox

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