Sunday with Phoebe

Hi, this is Phoebe-today is not a happy Sunday. We were all sad to hear of the loss of Nylablue- our purrs and  prayers are with her family.

This week is Thanksgiving and I want to tell you what happened to us last year right after Thanksgiving. A little elf showed up the very next day and said he was watching us every day to make sure we were good. He was going to fly back to the North Pole at night and give Santa reports on our behavior. Well, we didn’t like that idea because we can be a little naughty from time to time. So we all chased that little sucker around like a mouse-this is how it ended:

elfMommy went to LOLCATS and made this. We never saw him again and I don’t think he will be back. I know we are a little naughty, but that is part of our job description as cats. Last year Joanie got coal in her stocking: 006

It was just a joke though, it was good coal- the catnip kind. My first giveaway is going to be 2 pieces of catnip coal. To enter, just comment today or tomorrow and tell me the naughtiest thing you ever did. I will pick who I think is the naughtiest and have mom mail the coal to you. Next week I will have another giveaway that the winner can pick a crocheted gift for their mom or dad.

Here is a Sammy selfie: 018he has cute freckles on his nose.

We are participating in Selfie Sundays:Cat4

And this is my new scarf mom made for me: 009I can’t wait for Thanksgiving to spend time with my Grammie.


Kitties Have a Ball with Eyeballs

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a nice weekend. I have been busy working on this year’s Halloween costumes for the kitties. I love Halloween and have almost as many decorations as I do for Christmas. I don’t know why I decorate though because we never have Trick or Treaters or a party, but at least we enjoy it. This guy gives me a fright every year for the first couple days he is out: 011Stinky is brave though.

I love to go to the Dollar Tree and get a package of eyeballs for the kitties to play with. There are 12 in a package so that is under 10 cents a piece- you aren’t going to find any cat toys at the pet store that cheap. Plus I think it is a hoot  watching them bat eyeballs around and they all seem to enjoy them too.

I know I just had a giveaway, but I thought I would do another one with some eyeballs- the Dollar Tree kind and a couple crocheted ones that I crocheted ( catnip included).  004

Some of my cats are not as cooperative as others with the costumes , here is Polar Bear with his 2 wives, Tallulah and Noel .blog2The first person to guess what they are supposed to be wins the eyeballs.Sorry this is for US readers only because it would cost me way more to ship than the actual cost of the prize.

And the winner of this weekend’s giveaway for breast cancer awareness is: Marty the Manx-Congratulations!!! I will be emailing you for your address. Thanks to everyone who commented, I truly appreciate your participation.

We Can Haz Cheezburger Today

Happy Monday everyone! It is also National Cheeseburger Day today and to celebrate I thought the cats would enjoy their own cheeseburger.

001 Yesterday I had my hubby go to Wendy’s in the next town and get a cheeseburger for the cats. We have a McDonald’s in town, but I wouldn’t even let my cats eat that mystery meat. My husband did comment that I am strange- just because I was splitting a cheeseburger 15 ways- what’s wrong with that?

Well, it turns out that cats don’t really want cheezeburgers- none of them would touch it. Snowball ate some of the bun, but that was all. I don’t get why that I Can Haz Cheezburger saying is so popular.

My hubby and I are going to go to the 99 Restaurant later- all their burgers are $5 today. Have a nice day everyone and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter to enter our contest ( see Friday’s post). If you don’t have Twitter, you can just comment here.Thank you for reading.

Spooky and Selfie Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone! Today is “Every Cat Has a Story Day”. I can’t believe I have already told you about 14 of our cats and today I will tell you about #15. For now on, I will be taking Sundays off and having the kitties take turns writing so you can learn a little about each one’s personality or should I say purrsonality.

Spooky is last, but not least. He was the last cat we adopted, but we have known him for years. He belonged to my friend Heather and her husband, Mike. Sadly,  Heather passed away in 2005 and Spooky began to stray from home more and more. He would visit us and another neighbor for a snack every day. The other neighbor allowed him into their house, but he wouldn’t stay. Last Fall, he decided he wanted to join us so we let him onto the enclosed porch. He gradually worked his way through the house and got along well with the other kitties. He has never tried to get out. 004This is him visiting my hubby when he was out, and now when he is in:005

Have a great day everyone and if you haven’t entered to contest that I announced yesterday, please follow us on Twitter to enter:

003 Prancie’s Selfie

We are participatingCat4 in The Cat on My Head’s Selfie Sunday:

It’s Saturday, How About a Contest?

Happy Saturday everyone!  I wish every day was like today, it is 58 degrees ( it is going to warm up a little)-I like being chilly. I have another contest to announce, but first, a product to tell you about.

One day when I was in Staples with my mom, I spotted this cute tape dispenser. 001I asked my mom to get it for me for Christmas, but she got it for me that day ( yes, I am a brat). I couldn’t find one listed on Staple’s website, but I found one here:

Now for the contest- now that the weather is cooler, I have been thinking about baking. Hopefully, you are too because I have this adorable cat spatula and 2 cat cookie cutters as a prize along with a couple crocheted pumpkins for the kitties. 002003To enter, please follow us on Twitter: If you already follow, consider yourself entered and if you don’t have Twitter then just leave a comment on here. Thank you for reading this blog.

Are My Cats Meanies?

Hi everyone! Today is 9/11, a sad day in the U.S. My thoughts are with those that perished that day and their loved ones. I took this photo in 2008 in Brooklyn:

twin towers

Today is behavior day and as I have written before, I am never at a loss for behavior problems/issues.

Poor Phoebe takes a fright whenever it rains or when the evil vacuum comes out. She always hides under the covers on the bed, she is the only kitty that does that. I don’t understand why my other cats step on her when she is hiding. They see the lump on the bed and go over and step on it or try to sit on her. Does anyone else have cats that do that?  I am just wondering if they don’t realize the bump is her or if my cats are just meanies.

014 Who would want to squish this cutie?

I will be having another contest next week. Thanks for reading everyone!

Book Recommendation and Last Day to Enter Contest

Happy Friday Everyone! Today is book recommendation day so I will get right to it. Lucy has an odd pick for a kitty this week.

001This book was popular with several of the cats. It took me forever to read it because every time I got it out to read it, a cat got to it first. It was a nice litte read though. 500 Acres and No Place to Hide by Susan McCorkindale. This was actually the second memoir by her, the first one was funnier and you will understand why if you read them, but both are worth a read.

I am skipping a choice this week as I am under the weather with a flare up of Ulcerative Colitis. I am lucky my hubby has been helping with all the feeding and litter box scooping. I have been trying to read and comment on everyone’s blogs, but I am a little behind ( pardon the pun). I will catch up soon. Have a great day and remember to comment today if you haven’t since Monday to be entered to win the Vera Bradley pencils and crocheted apples.

KaTwo-Part 3

Happy Thursday everyone! I am going to conitune with KaTwo’s story today because Hyperesthesia is both a medical and behaioral issue.

When KaTwo first joined us, I kept her door open with a screen to block the entrance. Little piggy, Joanie soon realized she had food available all the time and moved the screen. Eventually I was able to allow other cats into her room and KaTwo would come out into the livingroom. No one was harmed so I thought this was great. At the time though, KaTwo was still after her tail and screeching several times a day. Now I realize how stressed she was and that was how she dealt with it.

When my mom was here recovering from surgery, she had to room with KaTwo. I know that sounds like an awful thing to do to my mom, but she is really bonded to her from the long ride home and seeing where she came from. She would be pretty good with her, but usually at night let out her blood curling screech. Apparently, she doesn’t like the tv on after a certain hour and that was stressing her. As soon as my mom returned to her home, KaTwo was fine again. Her tail used to have all scabs from chewing and attacking it, but now it is fine. I am really happy that she doesn’t need meds now and she is a happy kitty.

Make sure you comment to be entered to win the Vera Bradley pencil set and some crocheted catnip apples for your kitties. Thanks for stopping by.

ROAR for PALS Tag Sale

Happy Wednesday everyone! Don’t forget it is back to school week and we are having a contest to win the Vera Bradley pencils: 017Pardon Sammy, he wanted to make sure I wasn’t giving away something he may want.

Today is ROAR day and I wanted to do the mice bucket challenge. I recorded Lucy on my camera, but when I uploaded it, I only get the sound. I will have to figure that out by next week’s ROAR.

I had started doing some Fall cleaning/decluttering and saw a sign for a local shelter needing tag sale donations. PALS is one of my favorite local charities, it is also the one I crochet toys for them to sell. They are small and don’t get the grant funding like bigger places, but they are always willing to help when other places won’t For anyone in Massachusetts, if you have anything to donate, here is the link: . I am actually running out of stuff to donate, I am always decluttering- I wish hubby would do the same. Whenever I mention it though, he suggest getting rid of me or some cats- LOL. I think he is kidding.

Have a nice day everyone!

Its Back to School Week-Contest Anyone?

Happy Labor Day to my U.S. readers and Happy Labour Day to my Canadian readers- Happy Monday to everyone else! Its a holiday, but I am starting my ” Back to School ” theme week today. Here are the kitties waiting for the bus: 014016Looks like only one can fit on the bus.

Actually today is fun and games day so here is a pattern for an apple to crochet: . Just add catnip and it will be a great toy for your kitty. I aplogize to those of you that don’t crochet. I did find a cute pencil to knit, I wish I knew how. Here it is: . I would cute the yarn off at the tip though for safety.

And for Back to School week , we have a contest. Last week at the Vera Bradley outlet, I got this great package of pencils in the Barcelona print: 018 I will also make some crocheted catnip apples for the kitties. Just make a comment this week sometime to be entered. I will pick a winner Saturday. Thanks for reading everyone and enjoy the rest of your day.