Kitties Have a Ball with Eyeballs

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a nice weekend. I have been busy working on this year’s Halloween costumes for the kitties. I love Halloween and have almost as many decorations as I do for Christmas. I don’t know why I decorate though because we never have Trick or Treaters or a party, but at least we enjoy it. This guy gives me a fright every year for the first couple days he is out: 011Stinky is brave though.

I love to go to the Dollar Tree and get a package of eyeballs for the kitties to play with. There are 12 in a package so that is under 10 cents a piece- you aren’t going to find any cat toys at the pet store that cheap. Plus I think it is a hoot  watching them bat eyeballs around and they all seem to enjoy them too.

I know I just had a giveaway, but I thought I would do another one with some eyeballs- the Dollar Tree kind and a couple crocheted ones that I crocheted ( catnip included).  004

Some of my cats are not as cooperative as others with the costumes , here is Polar Bear with his 2 wives, Tallulah and Noel .blog2The first person to guess what they are supposed to be wins the eyeballs.Sorry this is for US readers only because it would cost me way more to ship than the actual cost of the prize.

And the winner of this weekend’s giveaway for breast cancer awareness is: Marty the Manx-Congratulations!!! I will be emailing you for your address. Thanks to everyone who commented, I truly appreciate your participation.


    1. That is a creative guess, but it was wrong- sorry. Feel free to guess again until someone gets it.

  1. Love the eyeballs!!!! I think the kitties are supposed to be a BIG OLD SKUNK!!!!!! Great skunk formation anyway even if we guess wrong.

    Hee Hee
    Hugs, Sammy

  2. We’re going to guess an ice cream sandwich! Those eyeballs are adorable…what a great idea. Mom decorates the whole house too even though we only have a couple of trick or treaters.

    The Florida Furkids

    1. That was a good guess. Lone Star Cats just got it- an Oreo. As long as we enjoy our own decorating that is all that matters.

  3. What a neat idea for cat toys. We think we better pass for the giveaway, though, after the scare with Marcus and the cat ball toy last Saturday. He’d probably eat them. Looks like fun, though.

    1. GOod idea, you need to be careful with a dog around. My niece’s Jack Russell rips apart the cat toys, luckily she hasn’t swallowed any.

    1. Sammy says hi Dezi, he got scared of the clown and had me pick him up at Scouts.

    1. Sorry your comments ended up in SPAM Spitty, I will be sure that doesn’t happen again.

  4. Darn, I was going to say Oreo, but somebody already guessed! I guess if you snooze you lose, and I was snoozing!

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