Are My Cats Meanies?

Hi everyone! Today is 9/11, a sad day in the U.S. My thoughts are with those that perished that day and their loved ones. I took this photo in 2008 in Brooklyn:

twin towers

Today is behavior day and as I have written before, I am never at a loss for behavior problems/issues.

Poor Phoebe takes a fright whenever it rains or when the evil vacuum comes out. She always hides under the covers on the bed, she is the only kitty that does that. I don’t understand why my other cats step on her when she is hiding. They see the lump on the bed and go over and step on it or try to sit on her. Does anyone else have cats that do that?  I am just wondering if they don’t realize the bump is her or if my cats are just meanies.

014 Who would want to squish this cutie?

I will be having another contest next week. Thanks for reading everyone!


  1. My kitties do that too – we call it the “Covers Game.” Whenever anyone goes under the covers, me and my husband included, they love to attack them. We encourage the game by moving our hands and feet around so they can chase and attack them. If a kitty goes under the covers, they are pounced on too. I think it is an instinctual hunting thing. They have several cat toys on the market that have the same concept – electric mice underneath blankets that move around so the cats can attack and play with the moving lump. It’s completely normal – they are just playing 🙂 Unless of course they are actually being mean and vicious, but the way you described it, it doesn’t sound that way. Sounds like the Covers Game!

    1. No, they are not being mean, they just step on the lump under the covers- I guess to them, it is a game.

  2. I truly believe that cats don’t think like they are being mean or bullying. There’s something about hidden critters (cat, human) that brings out their instinct to neutralize a threat in case that threat wants to EAT the cat! They can’t see what’s under the blanket…and their brains don’t reason the way our’s do. Just like when one cat goes to the vet but the others don’t; the ‘vet’ cat gets hissed at and abused because it doesn’t smell right, but they look the exact same! I’m thinking it’s a primordial instinct and that perhaps Phoebe needs a hidey place of her own, like a box or special cubby, that she can go to when she needs comfort, where the others won’t step on her. Thanks for visiting my blog too!

    1. We have lots of great hiding spots, but Phoebe likes the under the covers on the bed. I guess she doesn’t mind getting stepped on or she wouldn’t keep hiding there.

  3. Sis Lexi be da one dat hides under da covers. And sumtimes hers duz it and ain’t hidin’. And meez used to step on hers, but mommy wuld catch me and tell me not to cuz me kuld hurt hers. But yous hav to member, weez boff be BIG girlys at ’bout 30 pounds each, so weez weally kuld hurt each udder by steppin’ on da wong place. Anyways, me not step on hers anymowe and she dusn’t step on me eevew. 🙂 But me didn’t do it to hurt hers or be mean. Me just saw a lump under da covers and knowin’ zackly what it is, meez steps on it and swats at it. At least till it gwowels at me and then meez knows it’s sis Lexi. MOL

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

    1. I know you would never be mean Dezi, I am glad you listened to your mother and stopped stepping on Lexi.

  4. We will sit on each other all the time, even if we aren’t under the covers, especially if it allows us to get closer to one of the humans. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  5. Oh, Binga, Boodie and Sparkle were all known to do that… and my human says they seemed to take a perverse pleasure in doing so! I haven’t been under the covers since I got here… and maybe I’ll keep it that way.

    1. Yes, newpapers-what is the deal with that? And always exactly on the part I am reading-LOL.

  6. We think they are just being silly and playful when they do that…yes I have done that to Neytiri and to Inka (the cat before).

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