Happy Halloween!

Hi everyone! We are joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop . I am thankful that my cats are good sports( mostly) about dressing for Halloween. Also thankful my hubby helped me with these.Here are their costumes for this year- they are all tv shows. There are hints to help you guess, the years the show was on are under the photos. Whoever guesses the most will win a prize. If more than one guesses correctly, I will have a drawing of the winners. You have until Friday 9PM (EST) to make your guesses. Winner will be announced on Saturday.


1. (2010-2015)

Joanie and Gremmie

2. ( 1949-1957)


3. (2013-present) Kid show


4. ( 2009-2015)


5. (2007-2019)


6. (1996-2003)-her cat’s name is Salem


7. ( 1998-2007)


8. (2014-present)


9. (new show, just started this year)

The Potato Heads

10. (1965-1971)

Polar Bear

11. ( new show that started this year)


12. ( 2005-present)  Doesn’t he look dreamy?


13. (2000-2005) Chef

Happy Halloween!

Here are the Friendly Fill-Ins for tomorrow. I came up with the first two and my co-host, Lorianne of Four-Legged Furballs came up with second two.

1. I never read ____________________.

2. I mainly read ______________.

3. The beginning of a new month _________.

4._________ makes me feel silly.


Penny’s Tips Volume 37

Hi everyone. Penny has a tip for you today, but first I want to apologize to all who tried to visit on Monday and couldn’t get to the post. I updated some plug-ins and something went wrong. GoDaddy was able to restore and get the blog back , but so far Monday’s post is missing. If it doesn’t return, I will redo it because I want all the letters for the A-Z challenge.

Now on to Penny. 

Hi everyone! I have a great tip for you today. You can use pennies to have a contest. You can fill a jar and have people guess how many are in the jar. I am having a contest today, Emmy said I can give away a copy of her book, I Am Not A Skunk. Whoever guesses how many pennies are in this sugar bowl is the winner. Sorry, my cheap mom said we can only mail in the USA. If more than one of you guesses correctly, I will draw names. You have until Friday at 9 PM ( EST) to put your guess on this post. I will announce the winner on Saturday’s post. Good luck!

We are joining Comedy Plus’ Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

And today is T day for The A-Z Blogging Challenge. T is for toys and to save money you can make your own.  As you know, I crochet toys and sew catnip mats, but you don’t even have to crochet or sew to make toys. You can take a sock, fill it with nip and tie the end. Check Pinterest for more ideas too.


Sunday Selfies -Halloween Costumes

Hi everyone! We are joining The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop.

Today is day one of a 3 day contest. All our Halloween costumes represent a movie. We will give you the year the movie was released as a hint, in parentheses. Some are easier than others. Also, no cats were harmed, I on the other hand, have a few scratches. Sammy was not thrilled with the pom poms 🙂  Put your guesses in the comments and whoever has the most correct over three days will win a prize. You have until Tuesday at 9PM ( EST) to answer. If  there is a tie , we will have a drawing for the winner-Good luck!

Prancie, the paper under her is titled, “The Big Issue”. (2016)

Sammy. ( 2000)

Emmy really got into her role (1999)

Joanie. ( 1984)

Gremmie wanted to join in the fun too, and he isn’t representing Gremlins. ( 1982).

Please come back tomorrow for the next 5.

Butterfly Selfie

Hi everyone! Today I thought I would have a little contest. My Dad loves to photograph butterflies and has been interested in them since he was a kid. He had never seen this butterfly before until last week when one was on our coneflowers.

Do you know what kind it is? If so, put your answer in the comment section for a chance to win a catnip mat made with this beautiful butterfly pattern.

   If more than one of you gets it correct, I will put your names into a drawing to choose the winner. You only have until 9PM (EST) Sunday to submit your answer.

Grammie did come to see me on Thursday. I love her so very much. And she is going to stay with us Monday while Mom and Dad meet Dad’s sister for lunch. Party time!!!

I am joining The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop.





Toy Tuesday

Hi everyone! I thought it would be fun to have a little contest today. My Mom and I babysit on Thursday and Friday for my great-niece ( her great grand-daughter). We have been having a little trouble figuring out baby toys from cat and dog toys. The other day, one was in the dog’s toy basket and I picked it out. My Mom said, “that is Nora’s , give it to her” so I did and the dog was more than happy to play with it. Turns out it was a baby toy, one of the cats had knocked it off the counter into the dog’s toy basket.

Another day, I asked my niece why the baby was playing with a cat toy. She said she even double checked the tag to be sure it was a baby toy.

I have 3 photos below, the first person to identify all 3 toys correctly will win some crocheted catnip toys ( for cats). Just list the number and if you think it is a dog, cat or baby toy. Good Luck! It is trickier than it looks.

DSCF08171 DSCF08182 DSCF08193

Downton Abbey Contest

Hi everyone! Tonight is the last episode of Downton Abbey so Mom said I could do a giveaway. Well, it is more of a contest and the winner will get the book, Downton Tabby. Here is a link to see if because we just ordered it today so I can’t get in a photo with it.

DSCF0621Mom is even letting me use her finest china so I can pretend to live at Downton.

I have a list of questions for you to answer as to how the series will end. The one to get the most ( or all correct wins). If more than one does, then I will have to draw names. All answers must be in by 9 PM EST

  1. Will Lady Edith end up alone? We are hoping Marigold’s father is still alive and was in a coma then magically reappears.
  2. Will Anna and Bates have their baby and live happily ever after or will we find out he is a sociopath like Mom thinks he is?
  3. Do you think anyone will die? Who?


I got to see my Grammie  I love her so very much. And I will see her again on Monday- Yippeee! Take that great grandbaby.

I am joining The Cat on My Head Sunday Selfies Blog Hop



Happy Monday everyone! Today is fun and games day so instead of thinking outside the box like I usually try to do, I am sticking with a box. I bought a bunch of these boxes on sale at Home Depot last week for 69cents/each. I am going to use most for my decluttering project, but I got a couple extra for the kitties.



I also want to tell you about a contest I saw listed in Woman’s World Magazine. Its not really a contest, but something they do every month. You can send a photo of your pet and if they publish it, you get $100. You email your photo to LoveandLaughter@WomansWorldmag.com

Phoebe will see you tomorrow for Cinco de Mayo! And a giveaway…….

R is for Rachael Ray

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today is R day on the a-z blogging challenge. I chose Rachael Ray for my R so I could tell you about a giveaway she is having. She is giving one lucky winner $1,000- just think of all the cat food, treats, toys and litter that could buy. Or it could be put away for medical expenses or donated to a shelter- so many great uses.

All you need to do is take a photo of your pet and post it on Instagram @womansdaymag with the tag #nutrishgoodpetcontest

I am off to join Instagram. Have a nice day and don’t forget to comment for a chance to win the catnip mat and crocheted catnip chicken legs:016Phoebe will announce a winner on Thursday.


Hi everyone! I apologize in advance for my mood. I haven’t been eating as much for a couple days so Mom , the drama queen is taking me to the vet this morning- at 8 AM!! She best have that car all warmed up!!! I just figured I would cut back on snacks so I would have a nice figure now that I am a celebrity and all. Mom thinks I have a tooth issue or a furball.

OK, I admit that yesterday I felt a little under the weather. I wanted to take a nap in my favorite spot on my pillow and look what I found: 018My pillow is clearly marked with a P- you’d think a Cat Scout would know the alphabet. Sammy has a great sleeping spot, the top bunk bed. Did you know we have a custom made bunk bed that takes crib mattresses specially made for us? Sammy has claimed the top, he even has a naughty photo up there020but instead he takes my spot. I was a little miffed and I usually am very sweet019. Well, today I am a lot miffed. I don’t like leaving the house. The only good part would be if I get to see a tractor trailer truck. I love trucks, I even watch for the garbage truck. Maybe my Grammie will visit me, that would make me happy because I love her so very much.

Don’t forget to measure your tails. So far, Waffles is ahead of Millie at 15 inches. This is just a fun contest, all tails are beautiful because they are attached to us kitties and we are the most wonderful creatures on the earth ( that is what Mom says).Winner will be announced Sunday. 003I got my spot back 🙂

See you Sunday everyone! I am thankful for all my friends in the blogging world! We finally remembered to hop:www.PepiSmartDog.com, Thankful Thursday Weekly Blog Hop, pet centric

Selfie Sunday


Happy Selfie Sunday everyone! Sunday is my favorite day because I get to write and then I get to watch Downton Abbey. I must have dozed off during Downton last week because I heard Mom say Lady Mary gave her boyfriend some free milk and now he probably wasn’t going to buy a cow??? I didn’t see her give him any milk and why would he want to buy a cow? I am very confused now and hope I can figure it out this week. I wish someone would give me some free milk- Mom never gives us milk.

I came up with a fun contest, this is really a contest, not a giveaway. You know my shoe loving brother, Millie.016

Well, he has an extremely long tail. Dad measured it and it is 14 inches. Can anyone top that? If you can, then you will win a prize. If there are more than one that can, the prize goes to the longest and if that is a tie then we will do a drawing to pick the winner. You have until next Saturday to enter.004

My Grammie came over Friday and gave us lots of treats ( don’t tell my siblings, but she gave me a dollar too) . She is the best Grammie.. she is supposed to see us tomorrow, but it might snow so she probably won’t get to- phooey!! I love her so very much.

Speaking of snow, I watched Mom and Dad build a snowman yesterday:010Those are my eyes glowing. And here is Dad with the snowman:012. Have a nice week everyone- I will see you Thursday.Cat4