Friendly Fill-Ins Week 105

Hi everyone! Time for The Friendly Fill-Ins. Please leave your link here or at my co-host’s Four-Legged Furballs. You can also answer in the comment section. We should have the new badge for next week.

1.Happiness is _____________.

2. Ten years ago, I _________________.

3. _________ is the best medicine.

4. Most people don’t know that I _________.
My answers:
1. Happiness is living with at least one cat, preferably more.
2. Ten years ago, I was attempting to live a dream of mine, to be an actress. I got to be an extra in some films and a tv show. I was also in some indie ( means no pay) films. I discovered that I don’t like the repetition of scenes plus I am not wiling to move closer to where there are jobs. Also, I am not a very good actress 🙂
3. Snuggling with a purring cat is the best medicine.
4. Most people don’t know that I want to meet Nicolas Cage, that is the only thing on my bucket list. OK, you already knew that, but I like to remind everyone with the hope that through six degrees of separation I can meet him someday.
We are also joining Create With Joy’s Friendship Friday and Feline Friday currently hosted by Comedy Plus.
Poor Brody had to go to the vet. He was constipated ( don’t tell him I told you). He is still not wanting to eat so any prayers and purrs would be appreciated. I don’t think he wants to have to go back for another enema.


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Wordless Wednesday

Hi everyone! Today is J day for The A-Z Blogging Challenge.

Brody is posing with a Jalapeno pepper.Last year I made a Jack O’ Lantern.

Comedy Plus Wordless Wednesday

BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday

#WW Curious as a Cathy

Create with Joy Wordless Wednesday


Sunday Selfies

Hi everyone! I can see why Joanie likes this blankie so much, good thing Mom got her a backup one.

Brody has a comfy spot too. He says there is plenty of room for you Leia.

Sammy is going to a party at Cat Scouts today. He is supposed to wear a hat so he chose this one. I wonder if he is going Wabbit Hunting too?

We are joining The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop and Rascal and Rocco’s Pet Parade.

Tomorrow is H day for The A-Z Blogging Challenge- any guesses on what Mom made?

Another Hopping Monday

We are joining Hi everyone! We are joining Comedy Plus’ Awww…Mondays, McGuffy’s Reader’s Sparks and Mewsic Moves Me ( hosted by Curious as a Cathy, Xmas Dolly, JAmerican Spice and Stacy Uncorked.) I am also joining Book Date’s It’s Monday! What Are YOU Reading?

I am honored to be the Spotlight Dancer this week on Mewsic Moves Me, Xmas Dolly chose my theme choice which is song titles that are names of places-thank you!  And here are my choices- all NYC related.

NYC from Annie on Broadway-

2. Ed Sheeran’s New York-

3. And my all time favorite, Frank Sinatra’s New York, New York-

This week, I am reading a book written by a fellow blogger. Feline Opines by Anita Aurit

Emmy is posing with the book.

And Brody wanted to pose with one of Tucker’s photos, they look a little alike.

This is a 36 page devotional for cat lovers. Each of the 5 cats takes turns reflecting on Scripture that pertains to animals. I am loving this book and enjoy reading a page a day and reflecting on it. I bought my copy on Barnes and Noble ( I am trying to keep them in business), but you can also get it on Amazon , it is free with Kindle Unlimited. Click here

This is Holy Week so I have chosen a Jesus quote for my Spark. ” Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, trust also in me. ”

The Catburry Bunny Auditions-Part 2

Welcome to The Catburry Bunny Audtions-Part Two. We are joining The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop and Rascal and Rocco’s Pet Parade.


Mrs. Potato Head



Polar Bear-wouldn’t wear the ears



If you missed part one, click here


Hi everyone! We have a Chewy review today. Nutro Wild Frontier Real Chicken & Beef, Real Salmon & Trout Recipe Pate Multipack Adult High-Protein Grain-Free Cat Food Trays don’t contain any artificial flavor, colors or preservatives.

* We received Nutro Wild Frontier Real Chicken & Beef, Real Salmon & Trout Recipe Pate Multipack Adult High-Protein Grain-Free Cat Food Trays in exchange for a fair review, all opinions are our own.

I like the small portion sizes so I don’t have to refrigerate leftovers. I was surprised that everyone wasn’t interested in these though. Emmy dug right in the first time, but refused to eat it again. This is common with her, we call her Miss Pick.Prancie loved it.Brody did too.Sammy thought Prancie needed some help. He loved it, but he is on a prescription food so I just let him have a little.

Penny and Millie wouldn’t try it and KaTwo never eats canned food. I guess 8 out of 12 that liked it is pretty darn good.

If you want to try it, it is on sale at Chewy for $17.89 for 12 twin packs. Click here.

And while you are there, stock up because they always have free 1-2 day shipping on orders over $49.

We are joining the Chewy Blog Hop hosted by Sugar Golden Woofs.


18 Extra-Amazing Facts About Me

Hi everyone! Today we are joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday, Sammy’s Poetry Day and Stunning Keisha’s 18 Extra-Amazing Facts About Me.I am thankful that I have gained weight since going on my thyroid meds. My folks think I am getting fat though, what do you think?

Here is my poem to go with this photo:

When most look at this
they see bliss.
Mom says no way
I am in my home to stay.
The sun is too hot
I’d cook like a tater tot.
There are bugs everywhere
and humidity in the air.
And not a single cat
I can’t live like that.

Yup, mom would live in a plastic bubble if she could as long as all us cats would fit in it. And now we will give Brody a turn with the facts.

1. Favorite smell—stinky goodness from a can.
2. Last time I hissed—I never hiss.
3. Favorite pizza—my folks don’t share their pizza with us.
4. Favorite Flower—A nip blossom.

5. Favorite dog breed—No comment.
6. Favorite ice cream—vanilla, that is the only one they share.
7. Pet peeve—Dad squirting me with the squirt bottle when he thinks I am chasing another cat, I am only trying to play.
8. Shorts or jeans—I like to be au naturelle
9. Color of your PTU– Pink ( I am so embarrassed)
10. Color of your eyes—Green. .
11. Favorite food—Friskies shredded turkey and cheese.
12. Least favorite food.-Hill’s sensitive stomach.
13. Favorite Holiday—Christmas.
14. Night owl or morning person—I was a night owl for the first few months here, but now I am on their schedule..
15. Favorite day of the week—All of them.
16. Do you have a nick name?—Brodester, Bro Jangles.
17. Favorite music—Anything as long as mom doesn’t sing along.
18. Tattoos—None, but I know Penny has one on her tummy that was discovered when she arrived and mom took her to the vet to see if she had a spay scar- there was a tattoo there. Don’t tell her that I told you.

Ad here is one more facts, I love Leia!

Now here are The Friendly Fill-Ins for Friday. Mom came up with the first two and Annie of McGuffy’s Reader came up with the second two.

1. My favorite president is ________________ because ___________________.

2. This weekend, I have plans to ______________________.
3. I            my               .

4. I believe                    .



Hi everyone! Once again poor Penny can’t give you one of her tips. She will be back next Tuesday though.

*Disclaimer-we were given a Catit Lounge Scratcher with Catnip in exchange for a fair review. All opinions are our own.

  We chose the “white tiger” pattern. I thought Emmy should try it first being that it matched her.

 She loves it.

Sammy enjoyed it too. He scratched away until I turned my camera on then he just sat there.


Brody did the same thing. It is clearly a hit though. The Catit Lounge Scratcher is sturdy and at 19.5 inches long, it can handle a big boy like Sammy ( 16 pounds). After all 3 tested it, it still looks new. I have had others that were already shedding cardboard pieces after one try. It comes with a package of catnip to sprinkle on it too. It is only $7.99 and don’t forget that Chewy offers fast and free shipping on orders over $49. It always amazes me how quickly my orders arrive, usually less than 24 hours. To get your own, click here

We are joining the Chewy Blog Hop hosted by Sugar Golden Woofs.

   Right before I published this post, Joanie thought it would be a nice place to nap.