Letters to Santa Part 2

Hi everyone! We are back – sort of. Not sure what was wrong with the blog, but I paid GoDaddy to fix it. I can finally access WordPress, but whenever I click on an older post it isn’t there so I hope they can get that back. I apologize to all who were not able to get to the blog. And I thank all who reached out to let me know.

I am short on time as our annual holiday party is tomorrow and I just finished cleaning the house. I guess I will have to skip the Fill-Ins and the Art this week. I did make a puzzle that I posted on FB, I will put it at the end of this post for those not on FB.

And here are the rest of our letters to Santa.

Dear Santa, Is the North Pole near Heaven? If it is please tell our Dad and sister Sneakers that we miss them and love them. Love, Friday and Elvira ps: Some treats would be nice too.
I would like a catnip mouse. The kind that is pure catnip molded into the shape of a mouse. I have one somewhere, but it hides a lot. Love, Brody
Dear Santa, I need more time off. Some Friskies shreds with lots of gravy too. Love, Penny
Dear Santa, We are still being held prisoners and now Bridget’s son Tuffy is a prisoner too. Help us escape. Ethel, Briget, Lucy and Tuffy PS: Tuffy here- I like it here. I keep losing my red mousie so an extra one (or 2) would be nice.


We are joining The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfies.

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  1. someone else was saying they were having problems with WordPress too. I no longer use it since I don’t have Dakota’s blog anymore (our blog is on Blogger). Hoping they can restore your content! Your letters are darling!

  2. Those are furabuluss Letterss to Santa Clawss!! Friday an Elvira wee are sorry ’bout Sneakerss cat an wee hope you reeceeve dubbell treetss!

    Deer Ethel an Bridget an Lucy you not like it at Aunty Ellen’ss??? Iss a cozy place from what mee seen. An Tuffy iss furry happy there….
    Iss hard mee nose….give yore selfss time….it took mee allmost 2 yeerss to feel comfy here with BellaSita Mum.
    Tuffy wee hope you reeceeve 2 or even 3 Red Mousiess so you nevurr lose all of them!!!
    Penny wee hope you get time off an Friskie Shredss fore sure!
    An Brody yore Catnip Mousie idea iss xcellent! Hope Santa Clawss bringss you 1 or even 2!!!!
    ~~~head rubss~~~BellaDharma~~~ an (((hugss))) BellaSita Mum

    1. Thank you from all of them. I hope Ethel and family finally decide to like us they are still afraid a yr and a half later. XO

      1. Mee-yow aunty Ellen how long were Ethel an Lucy an Bridget outside beein ‘ferally’???
        Brody was ‘ferally’ two rite? Butt not as long mee thinkss?
        Maybee it iss due to long time beein feral an umm their agess!

        1. I think the girls were for 2 years and Brody for 3 or 4 yet Brody adapted quickly.XO

  3. I’m doing the happy dance. I’m so glad you’re back.

    Have a fabulous day, Ellen. Scritches to the kitties. xo ♥

  4. I am so glad to see all your posts being accessible again. I wasn’t able to see them. I’m visiting them all today and I hope my comments are going through. xo

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