Look at this adorable face and such big eyes. This is our guest, sequestered to a bathroom, but I  already want to keep her.

Saturday morning I got a call from my Dr.’s office, it was the secretary that I had worked with in 2016 to TNR several cats. Last week , when I got my allergy shot, she told me she had more in need so I agreed to transport again. The shelter deals with ferals Tuesday- Thursday mornings, no appointment needed. Well, a male was attempting to mount this little one so she ran outside and was able to grab her. I am sure she was a drop off and not truly feral. She is so sweet and makes muffins when I pet her. Her cats were all upset and she didn’t have a place to keep her other than the garage and it is still chilly at night so of course I agreed.

I have named her Trouble because she is going to cause me lots of it with my husband. There was also a character on the tv show Grimm named Trouble, although it was spelled differently. I am hoping to someday have a Siamese and a cow kitty, but I will willingly accept any kitty God sends my way and he seems to send me a lot of black ones.


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  1. I am touched, Ellen, by your inclination to rescue and bring home sweet little Trouble. I perceive that we share the same inclination of irresistible impulse to bring a cat living in the margins into our homes. ?❤?

  2. Awww Trouble is a beautiful kitty. I can’t help but smile at the name. When I was a teenager, we had a black and white kitty named Trouble. He was, too. David was outside talking to my brothers while I was getting ready for our date. Trouble went walking by and David picked him up to pet him. Trouble pooped all over David.

    I hope that your hubby won’t be upset with you about the kitty. Heavenly Father sends them to you for a reason. He knows you love them so much and will take good care of them.

    Have a blessed Sunday. 🙂

    1. I remember that story from David’s blog, but I forgot his name was Trouble. XO

  3. What an angel she is. Such a sweet little face. You have a huge heart and your compassion for anyone in need is something I admire. I can’t imagine your husband telling you no more cats once he spends time with that helpless little ball of fluff. Thank You for giving her a chance to blossom.

  4. What a totally gorgeous little girl! Trouble? Oh I have a feeling your husband is going to find her NO TROUBLE AT ALL….especially if she’s a “muffin maker”….that will capture his heart. I am so excited for you…..bless her tiny heart AND your BIG one!!! 🙂

    Love, Pam and Teddy too

    1. I hope he will agree that she can stay, it will be nice to have a youngin around 🙂 XOand love to you both

  5. Oh she is sooooooo cute. Sure hope you get to keep her. After all, what is one more. And a black girl is just the best. Sure hope Troube gets to stay with you.

  6. She is so beautiful! Your heart is so big ❤️ I’m personally glad that these black cats are coming your way; they are the ones really in need of homes since they are most often overlooked. I couldn’t imagine a more loving home than yours. This little furry sweetheart has won the lottery! xo I hope all goes well with your hubby. I’m sure he’ll come around.

  7. Oh my goodness! Although I’m still not blogging because of our upcoming big move, I do still check blogs from time to time, and I’m glad I saw this! You have such a big, loving, and kind heart, and I’m sure those are just some of the reasons your husband loves you. I hope he’ll come around soon and not be too upset and about this lovely lady.

  8. Trouble is so pretty! We hope she won’t cause too much of an issue with your husband, Ellen. Thank you for helping so many kitties in need.

  9. The majority of my cats have been black – they were excellent companions. M was technically a dark tuxie vs a house panther, but he was a mega winner, too. Good luck dealing with your husband!

  10. Trouble has found her forever home and you know it. Good for her. She’s adorable and I don’t think she’s going to be trouble with anything except hubby. He’ll get over it.

    Hubby and I loved the show Grimm. It was most entertaining.

    Have a purrfect day, Trouble. My best to your new mom. ♥

  11. Oh Dear me Trouble you name might need to be changed to Lucky once your human dad is on board with your presence
    Hugs madi your bfff

  12. Trouble is a beauty. How old is she? She looks to be a small girl. You have a heart as big as Canada, Ellen! I remember Trouble on Grimm. That was a great show. Too bad it retired.
    I keep looking for Cow Kitty even at the at the Humane Society. If you were here we could track him down and bring him here.
    Jean and Shoko

    1. You are too sweet. She looks to be about 9 months old, that is my guess. I wish Cow Kitty would find hid way back to you. XO

  13. Trubbull Trubbull wee LUV Trubbull!!! Shee iss so-o cute…ok Aunty Ellen this iss what you do. Figure out which kat you had that lookss thee most like her an then say Trubbull iss that Kat come back!
    An yur still ‘under thee quote-a’ rite??
    Aunty Sheila had a mankat named Max. Hee lived to bee old an then gotted sick an shee tooked good care of him. A new kat was comin around who looked like Max’ss dubbull. Shee won thee new kat’ss trust an when Max 1 was put to sleep shee nevurr told her hubby. Shee opened thee door an Max 2 sidled on inn & iss a part of thee furamillee to this day!
    Funny fing Mistur Tom did NOT realize Max 2 was NOT Max 1 fur 3 dayss, mew mew mew…….
    ***nose kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xXx

    1. I am sorry about Max 1, but glad it worked out with Max 2. Trouble is friendly so maybe she is Spooky reincarnated. She would make #13 so I am still under 15, but the hubby want no new additions. XO

  14. Miss Ellen you are a saint! I think there should be a statue of you. Trouble must be so-o very grateful you have taken her in. You have made that lil’ chat noir doll a happy kitty! XOXO

  15. Aww Trouble is such a beautiful kitty! You have a heart of angel. She is so lucky to have found you! Maybe her muffin making skills would convince your husband 🙂

  16. hello 15andmeowing its dennis the vizsla dog hay trouble!!! i yoozed to hav a sister kitty naymd trouble!!! she wuz not reely mutch trouble eether i meen eksept for yoo no dooing stuf like teleporting me to awstraylya or shrinking tucker to the size of a mouse or that kind of thing!!! youre trouble sownds verry sweet and yes my ekspeeryense has ben that nobuddy can reezist cats mayking muffins and that inkloods me!!! ha ha ok bye

  17. Uh oh. This one is mega cute – and so small. We hate to think of that male doing to her.. well.. what comes naturally to him, but still. Please, Dear Ellen’s Hubby, please be kind and gracious to both Ellen and Trouble. A big heart is one of God’s most precious gifts. And just look that satiny, inky, tiny nose! How can hearts not be melted? And look, she barely takes up any space at all.

    PS: I loved Grimm, but I admit I never warmed up to Trubel. My heart was solidly with Renard. And I did have a soft spot for Sg. Wu. Absolutely despised Adalind, and her conversion was totally not believable. Even if sincere, she still did many nasty, nasty things.

    1. I am glad you know who I was talking about with Grimm. I really enjoyed the storyline of Rosemarie and Monroe.

  18. Trouble is so precious! I can see why you want to keep her. 🙂 We took Gracie in for her regular check up yesterday, and I mentioned to the vet we were thinking of adopting a new cat. While were were waiting to pay our bill, out comes the tech with a four week old kitten. I had been leaning more toward a boy since we already have a girl, but you know how that goes. It’s hard to say no to a sweet face. My daughter was smitten as was I. She won’t be available for adoption for another two to four weeks, of course, but we went ahead said we’d take her. Hopefully Gracie won’t mind the company . . .

  19. I’m not sure if my comment went through. The computer said I was bad. That I had a bad gateway or somethin’. IMAGINE the internet callin’ me bad. MOUSES!


    Like I was sayin’, Trouble is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL, my friend. You think she’ll live with you PURRmanently? purrs

  20. Well, Trouble had black hair which goes with this cute kitty…maybe you can create a leather jacket for Trouble:). We have 4 cats and can’t take any more but I would love a black cat….you have a great heart.

    1. That would be cute 🙂 Thank you. Trouble would make 13, we used to have 15.

  21. Uh oh! All our mama can say is that she is lucky she doesn’t live in an area where cats are dropped off. If so, she would be in trouble too! ;p

    Maybe you should name her DT (Double Trouble!!). 😀

    We hope your husband caves when he sees her. She looks really dainty and is very pretty!

  22. Trouble doesn’t look like trouble at all, miss Ellen she will wind her paws on your hubbies fingers, we’re sure?❤ Cow kitties are cute, aren’t they. I know one myself??Good luck Pawkisses???

  23. Ellen you are so wonderful how you give so much love to these beautiful creatures. Good luck with your husband, and whatever happens I know you’ll make sure that Trouble is okay.
    Have a wonderful week.

  24. Aaaaaaaaaaaaw She’s bootyful awnty Ellen. We’re sure your hubby won’t put up too much of a fight. We also purray you’re feelin’ better. We’re sendin’ hugs and purrayers fur all.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

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