Sunday Selfies

Hi everyone! We want to wish a Happy 7th Blogoversary to the hosts  of The Sunday Selfies- The Kitties Blue!

I want to thank you all again for the purrs and prayers for Noel. I will let you know as soon as those results come back.

Here are our selfies- the cats on catnip edition.

SammyEmmyTrouble running from it- she is repulsed by the smell of it. Brody doesn’t like it either.

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Wordless Wednesday

Hi everyone! Thank you for all the purrs and prayers for Sammy. We got good news yesterday. He has a murmur, but not a gallop. Gallops are very bad so I am relieved. He can also get his dental now. I actually think I am going to bring him to this new place where he got his echocardiogram- they are amazing. It is an hour away, but he travels well.

Trouble can’t figure out why I accused her of biting Brody.

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Penny is Mad

Hi everyone! Today is the last day of The A-Z Challenge. This month sure went by quickly. Z is for zyrtec, I highly recommend it for kitty allergies. Always ask your vet first though. Prancie has had allergies for years and was always puling off her tummy fir and her leg fur. Special diets helped a little, but it was tough to keep her from stealing another cat’s food. She had been on prednisone different times too, but I find the zyrtec safer for long term use. She gets 1/4 tablet ( original 5 mg, not extra strength or D) and now she has her furs back. Please check with your vet before starting this though.

Sorry everyone, but I am mad at my mom so no tips today. She took me to the vet yesterday. The tech put a thermometer where the sun don’t shine and they took my blood and I got a rabies vaccine!

Quit your complaining! At least you knew you would come home. I was scared! And the tech did the same thing to me with the thermometer. And  I got a rabies vaccine and a distemper shot.

They took my blood too. And the worst part was I am the biggest so I had to use the pink PTU. How humiliating.

I guess I had the easy part- hauling 3 cats around and paying the $500 bill.

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