1. Well, we like Rosie, who looks as if she didn’t really give a farthing for her costume, but would put up with it anyway because she’s so cool.

  2. Everyone looks very cute. Rusty has really taken to modelling!

  3. Yoo all look wonderpurr in yoor Wabbit ears. I’m hoping my momma doesn’t see this because I will not wear wabbit ears, not even for my favorite Churus treats. Yoo are all vewy good sports. Love, Dori

    1. Rusty thanks you. Trouble is miffed- she said house panthers should stick together. XO

        1. I was only kidding- Trouble didn’t even know I wrote that. πŸ™‚ XO

  4. Wow, this year is going to be a tough contest! I don’t envy the judges – this will be SO HARD!!

  5. Charlee: “We are going to have to go with Joanie and Gremmie, because it’s good to have a sidekick.”
    Oona: “Ooh! Can I be your sidekick, then?”
    Charlee: “No.”

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