It’s Monday! What Are YOU Reading?

Hi everyone! It’s Monday! What Are YOU Reading? I am entering both reading hops today, the regular one and the one for kiddy lit. 100_9720  For Teacher Mentor Texts and Unleashing Readers Hop we have a book we won from Three Chatty Cats. Love Me Gently by Lisa Wienebrink and Illustrated by Eleanor Harbinson is an adorable book that teaches kids to be gentle with pets. I am giving it to “The Great One” because she has a dog and 2 cats. One page explains how the puppy could get sick if he eats people food, the funny part is she has already discovered her dog will eat anything she pushes off from the high chair.

KaTwo is showing you 2 of the books I just finished. This is our photo for Book Date’s Hop and Comedy Plus’ Awww….Mondays hop too.


I can’t even put into words how amazing Please Enjoy Your Happiness by Paul Brinkley- Rogers was.  In his memoir, he tells of a friendship he had with an older ( he was 19, she was 31) Japanese woman . He was a U.S. sailor serving in Japan in 1959 when this happened. Through their mutual interests of reading and music they became friends and were in love, but never consummated their relationship. The memoir included letters she had written to him as well as poetry. After all this time, he still remembers their time together vividly and even attempts to find her.

And today’s word for the #JHC is treats:

dscf2668 This is Phoebe’s idea of treats 🙂 Don’t forget to comment on yesterday’s post to be entered in the eyeball giveaway- Phoebe will announce the winner on Wednesday. 100_9687

Eye Am Having a Giveaway!

Hi everyone! My world is back to normal, I got to see my Grammie yesterday. I love her so very much. Her and Mom went to Old Navy to get some clothes for the brat “The Great One” .100_9691  I hope that didn’t cut into my treat money. Mom found a t-shirt for herself with a cat on it that looks like Spooky.


Today’s word for the #JHC is trick. Mom loves to play a trick on her niece every year, she always puts a plastic spider in the shower to scare her. So the other day when she was babysitting, she put one in the shower and later that day she got an email from her niece saying ” I hate you” with this photo:showerspider. Don’t worry, she doesn’t really hate her.

We are going to submit some Halloween photos for our friends’ Peaches and Paprika’s slideshow. It is open to all kitties so please join in the fun. You can read about it on their blog. Click here


100_9687 My giveaway is eyeball themed for Halloween. Sammy is posing with the prizes: A catnip mat, a crocheted eyeball and 3 plastic eyeballs for you to bat around.

We are joining The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop.


Pumpkins and Spiders

Hi everyone! For Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop we are displaying the pumpkins our friend Nellie made for us back in 2014. 15AND_o_lantern15_o_lantern They have kept really well for 2 years.

The great news is that she is carving more this year so if you want one go visit her site to find out how to contact her. Click here

Caturday Art

Today’s word for the #JHC is spider007  This was Stinky as Little Miss Muffet for Halloween one year. blog10 And another year posing with a big spider.

Phoebe will see you tomorrow with a giveaway.

Friendly Fill-Ins Week 23

Hi everyone! Time for Friendly Fill-Ins Week 23, be sure to add your link on McGuffy’s Reader and you can always put your answers in the comment section. Thank you all for your participation.

1. It is good to have a spare __________________________.
2. I don’t understand why ____________________ is/are so popular.
3. The spookiest thing that ever happened to me was                                      .

4. My favourite Halloween tale is                                           .
My answers:
1. It is good to have a spare COFFEE POT ( I get the cheap Mr. Coffees that only last a year so I always have a spare one ).
2. I don’t understand why THE KARDASHIANS are so popular. It drives me crazy when society rewards people for being shallow, these people have so much money they spend on cars, clothes and vacations instead of using it for good.
3.The spookiest thing that ever happened to me was spooky1  NOTHING SPOOKY HAS EVER HAPPENED TO ME, BUT I LOVED SPOOKY.
4.My favourite Halloween Tale is THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW.
And today’s word for the #JHC is Broom:100_9685 Quidditch anyone?


Mom Has Gone Batty

Hi everyone!My Mom has completely lost it this time. 100_9682 You know how I told you she cut up a book, well now it is up to 7 book fatalities. Is there some kind of book police I can call? She claims to be making something, but she must be stopped before any more books are destroyed.


I haven’t seen my Grammie all week- phooey!!! I love her so very much.

Today is my friend Sammy’s Poetry Day featuring the letter R:

I don’t like to complain
but, I hate the rain.
I always hide in the bed
I’ll even miss getting fed.
I won’t come out until it stops
until I am sure there are no more drops.


The word for #JHC is bat so my photo above is our submission.

Mom asked me to give you the fill-ins, she came up with the first 2 and Annie of McGuffy’s Reader came up with the second 2.

My fill-ins:
1. It is good to have a spare __________________________.
2. I don’t understand why ____________________ is/are so popular.
3. The spookiest thing that ever happened to me was                                      .

4. My favourite Halloween tale is                                           .

Mom has 2 carriers out again, but I know I am safe because I just went to the vet last week.

The Happiness Tag

Hi everyone! We were recently given the Happiness Tag from our dear friend Annie of McGuffy’s Reader- thank you!List

  1. List 5 things that make me happy :My cats, hubby, mom, niece and great-niece, being home in my pajamas,  reading comments on my blog , crocheting, reading, watching comedies like Big Bang Theory. Sorry, that is more than 5, but lots of things make me happy.
  2. List 5 songs that make me happy: Sinatra’s Young at Heart and New York, New York. Katy Perry’s Roar, the Christmas Song Dominic the Donkey and almost all Christmas music.
  3. List 5 bloggers that make me happy: I can’t pick just 5, I read so many blogs and they all make me happy or I wouldn’t read them so if I have commented on your blog then you make me happy.

Today’s word for #JHC is Bobbing for Apples:

100_9643-2 Joanie loves this bag of apples on the table, she keeps rubbing it every morning. I offered her a piece of an apple though and she had no interest. 100_9645-2I also have these with hands that I put apples in.


Phoebe will see you tomorrow.


Hi everyone! We are the honored recipients of some recent awards from other bloggers. I apologize that it has taken me so long to write about them.

We received The Sunshine Blogger Award twice, from Jeanne Foguth and P.S. Annie- thank you both.

The Rules:

1) Thank the person who nominated you.

2) Answer the 11 questions you were asked.

3) Nominate 11 other bloggers and let them know they were nominated.

4) Ask the nominees 11 questions.

Jeanne’s questions:

1. All super heroes have their mild-mannered secret identity, what is yours?

Quiet and bookish lady

2. What is your favorite game?  Operation ( too bad no one will ever play with me)

3. If location and money were immaterial and you could live anywhere, where would that be? Right where I am – but I would add security cameras and fences

4. If you could relive your life, would you make any changes? If yes, what

Only thing I would change is to get into an exercise and healthy eating routine years ago

5. What would your ideal meal be and who would you share it with?

Cheesecake Factory- Nachos then strawberry cheesecake-with my mom, hubby, niece and great niece.

6. What’s in store for you in the future? Do you have any big projects on the horizon?

No plans-I am content being home with my cats.

7. What/who was your all-time favorite pet?

Tough one- KaChoo was a favorite , but so was Lucy. And Barney, Stinky and Spooky were all great too.

8. If you had the power to change the world, what would you do? Yes, if I could make it peaceful where no people or animals had to suffer I would.

9. What has been your best/most memorable experience along the way?

Getting married

10. What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

My Mom always say those that brag have the most to hide- so true. She always tells me not to worry what others think of me too.

11. All super heroes have a special power, what is yours? Finding cats.

P.S.Annie’s questions:

1. For the ladies: Are you a girly-girl or a tomboy?
For the guys: Are you a rough-and-tumble guy or do you prefer quiet pursuits?

In between, I am not a girly girl, but far from a tomboy.

2. How did your parents choose your name? Do you like it?
My Mom liked the name and my middle name is my mom’s name-Joan
3. What was your favorite subject in high school? English

4. What do you do to pass the time while you’re waiting? (At the school, doctor’s office, etc.)
Read the magazines that are there or write lists
5. Do you live in the city or the country? Which do you prefer? country and I love it, but I do like to visit NYC.

6. What was your most memorable meal?
A wedding I went to had the best food, pity the couple got divorced.

7. What was your happiest moment this week? Fixing my mom’s printer ( I usually try to fix things and can’t).

8. Do you have the job that is your life’s passion? If not, what is that passion and what is keeping you from doing it?
Yes, I love writing about cats.
9. What types/genre of books do you like to read? Do you prefer to read via e-reader or a real book?
Memoir and self-help. Real book, but, I read both.
10. What is the most interesting story that you know from your family’s history?Nothing interesting, can’t think of anything.

11.If you woke up with a million dollars in your hands tomorrow, what would you do?

Get all my cats dentals and exams. Then get my Mom a new vehicle and my hubby a new really big tractor. Then use it to help cats.

I don’t like choosing people because I don’t want anyone to feel left out so if you haven’t gotten this award yet, please take it. And pick 11 of the above questions to use ( sorry I am lazy).

And today’s word for #JHC is party, being that I have never been to a Halloween party, I choose the word poison. I made these decorations by gluing scrapbook art to old bottles that my parents had dug up many, many years ago.


It’s Monday! What Are YOU Reading and #JHC 10

Hi everyone! Today is a busy hopping day. First is Book Date’s It’s Monday! What Are YOU Reading?


As you know, I am not a fan of fiction, but the librarian set this aside for me because she thought I would like it. And she was correct, Lawyer For a Cat by Lee Robinson is really good. It is about a young attorney who ends up having to care for a cat named Beatrice until she can find the most suitable person to care for her. The owner passed away and listed 3 choices in her will of who could care for the cat and live in the house, the owner’s son was not listed, but he wants the house now.

This book also reminds me of the fact that my husband and I do not have a will yet. We started discussing it years ago and now the attorney we went to is retired. I know if something happened to both of us that my Mom ( Grammie) would take care of my cats, but if she could not then we need a plan. My niece said she would find them all homes, but that is not what I want, I want them to live out their lives in their own home which is why we have procrastinated so long.

I also tried to read Seinfeldia by Jennifer Keishin Armstrong, but I didn’t like it. I loved the show and have seen every episode countless times, but this book reads like a boring Biography. I just couldn’t get into it- has anyone else read it?

The word today for #JHC is BOO! dscf2671 Snowball has a blanket behind her that has ghosts and the word Boo on it. Snowball hopes she is Awww…worthy for Comedy Plus’ Awww…..Mondays blog hop.


Sunday Selfies and #JHC Day 9

Hi everyone! dscf2668 You are not seeing double, I am posing with my 2 containers of treats. Dad got me one on Tuesday and then Grammie brought me one on Thursday. I love my Grammie so very much and my Dad too.

My purrince wrote me another poem:

“All tho’ mee callss Phoebe
mee Purrincess,
Shee reelly iss a Queen.
Reegal an kind,
She iss a true find….
An shee iss all mine…..
Purrincess Phoebe mee Queen!!!!”
bye Purrince Siddhartha Henry
All mee LUV an ***paw kissesss*** xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I am still very worried about him and don’t want him to have to live on a farm. He is such a sweet boy.

I am worried about my Mom too, she is acting even stranger than her usual. I caught her cutting up a book. She loves books, why would she cut one up? She claims she is making something, I agree, she is making a mess.


100_9650 Joanie and Brody were sharing Mom’s lap the other night. Prancie is off to the side.

I helped Mom crochet a scarf with a cute cat button on it.dscf2663 You can see it and bid if you want on Winnie’s Wish auction page. There are lots of great items it is never too early to start your Christmas or Hannukah shopping.

We are joining our friends The Cat on My Head Sunday Selfies blog hop.








Today’s word for the #JHC is night. And Mom lights up her fake carved pumpkins at night. This is her Grumpy Cat one she has in the bedroom.



Horror Movies Anyone?

Hi everyone! Today is Day 8 of #JHC and the word is corn maze/hayride, but the host said we could be flexible and use other words so I am going with horror movies. I am actually not a fan of them except for one which I will write about later in the month. I know I wrote about it before, but in case anyone missed it, I was in 2 horror films and if you want to see my lousy acting you should check them out.

Family Secret is free with Amazon Prime


Victimized just came out on dvd, but is not on Amazon yet. To see the trailer click here



And for Athena’s Caturday Art blog hop , I am using my Fall header. Isn’t it cute? If you need any graphics done, please consider graphic designer, Jamie Swimm of

Fun Fact: Jamie played my son in the Family Secret movie.

Caturday Art