Selfie Sunday with Phoebe

Hi everyone! I am having a great week. I got to see Grammie on Friday and look what she brought me us. I love her so very, very much.


Mom has gone crazy again and chopped up 7 more books. Plus she has been chasing us around the house to get photos of our Halloween costumes. I must say that I did a great job with mine- they will all be on display tomorrow. Look at all this nip Mom is drying and she has it in the dining room which is off-limits to us- phooey!


“The Great One” is going to be one on Tuesday. She has really cut into my Grammie time, but I feel bad for her because my Mom sings Soft Kitty to her all the time. And you know how bad my Mom sings. So I got her a birthday gift, a soft kitty with Penny’s voice singing ( not our Penny, the one from Big Bang Theory).


I decided to have a giveaway for The Day of the Dead even though we don’t celebrate it. We celebrate All Soul’s Day and All Saints Day, but they all recognize our departed loved ones.

100_9786  There is a catnip mat, a catnip ghost, a magnet and a button skull Mom made. Just comment on this post to be entered in the giveaway- I will announce the winner on Tuesday.

Today’s word for the #JHC is creature: 100_9596

We are joining The Cat On My Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop.


Coloring on Saturday

Hi everyone! How many of you like to color? I have several cat coloring books, but never have time to color. I hope to have a chance soon. If you are looking for some fun and festive pages to color, please visit this Etsy site. For one price you can download a high resolution image as often as you want. These are made by the designer of my blog logo and you all know how cute that is.

Today’s word for the #JHC is Knock, Knock:

dscf2694Knock Knock! dscf2671Who’s there?

Phoebe: Boo!

Snowball: Boo Who?

019Don’t cry Snowball, I love you!

We don’t technically have art today, but we told you about coloring pages so we are joining Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop.

Phoebe is starting a Day of the Dead themed giveaway tomorrow so be sure to stop by.



Friendly Fill-Ins Week 25

Hi everyone! Time for Friendly Fill-Ins Week 25 . Don’t forget to add your link at McGuffy’s Reader, you can also put your answers in the comment sections if you didn’t do a post for them.

1. The first thing I check when I go online is __________________________.

2. My signature dish is _____________________.

3. My Halloween night is usually                                      .
4. Trick or treaters                                  .

My Answers:

1. The first thing I check when I go online is READ COMMENTS ON THE LATEST POST. I LOOK FORWARD TO THIS EVERY DAY. ( I talk to my Mom at 7:30 AM and she always tells me how many comments I have).

2. My signature dish is LASAGNA ( I always offer to bring it to gatherings).

3. My Halloween night is usually  LIKE ANY OTHER NIGHT, VERY QUIET.

4. Trick or treaters  NEVER COME TO OUR HO– USE. ( I think the house is set back too far from the road).

And today’s word for the #JHC is full moon.  Penny   Can you guess who is giving you a full moon?

Phoebe’s 3 T’s

Hi everyone! I spent the day with Grammie on Wednesday! I love her so very much. And she makes the rounds to hand out treats every 2 hours.  100_9758

My three t’s today are for PepiSmartDog’s Thankful Thursday, P.S.Annie’s Throwback Thursday and Sammy’s Poetry Day featuring the letter T.

I am thankful that I got to spend time with my Grammie. Thankful Thursday Blog Hop

Here is my Throwback photo:blog3  One year, I was Rapunzel for Halloween.

Throwback Thursday

Now for my poem for Sammy’s Poetry Day:

I have been known to tell a fib
and cry like a baby in a crib
I can’t help myself
I will even climb on a shelf
Don’t worry , I am always sweet
just give me a treat(s)!!!!!


The word for today’s #JHC is graveyard, we don’t have a photo of that so I will show you a cool bottle that Mom and Dad found when cleaning out the barn years ago:

100_9689  It is embalming fluid-creepy!

And here are the fill-ins for Friday. Mom came up with the first 2 and Annie of McGuffy’s Reader came up with the second 2:

1. The first thing I check when I go online is __________________________.

2. My signature dish is _____________________.

3. My Halloween night is usually                                      .

4. Trick or treaters                                  .


What’s Your Favorite Scary Movie?

Hi everyone! Today I am doing 2 days worth of photos for the #JHC because tomorrow we will be doing a sponsored post.

Today’s word is scary. I am not a fan of horror movies and don’t normally watch them, but when my niece lived with us, she got me into the SCREAM movies. I really enjoyed those, not enough to need to see them again, but I like the SCREAM  mask so I do dress up my small scarecrow in the kitchen every year.


And the word for Wednesday is skeleton:

100_9760 No skeletons in our closet 🙂


It’s Monday! What Are YOU Reading?

Hi everyone! We are joining Comedy Plus’ Awww…..Mondays blog hop and Book Date’s It’s Monday! What Are YOU Reading? dscf2697

Prancie is showing you the latest edition of I Could Pee on This Too by Francesco Marciuliano. I have been reading these cute poems to Phoebe to give her inspiration for her poetry. These are just as good if not better than the original.

I have also recently discovered books by Laurie Notaro, apparently my head has been buried in a litter box because she has been writing for well over a decade. I started with An Idiot Girl’s Christmas from 2005 and also read It Looked Different on the Model: Epic Tales of Impending Shame and Infamy ( 2011).She writes about her life and she is hilarious. One tale was about her hubby accusing her of eating chocolate in bed because he kept finding chocolate star prints on his pillow. Eventually they discovered it was where their elderly cat had been sitting.


Today’s word for the #JHC is gate, but I decided to go with mice. dscf2669  Brody is posing with my cutouts I put on the steps. To give it a spookier look, I stop cleaning the steps in August so there is lots of dust. Just kidding, although I clearly need to use a swiffer on them.

Today is our 24th anniversary:

wedding My little niece was the flower girl and now her daughter is almost one year old.


Pumpkin Book Art

Hi everyone! Grammie wants to thank everyone for the purrfect birthday wishes yesterday, she read them all and they made her very happy.

For Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop and for the #JHC, ( decoration is today’s word), I want to show you the pumpkin books I finally finished.

100_9730-1 100_9728-1I had been stressing about Joanie’s ear so I went a little crazy and made 10. I actually made 11, but I tried to dip one in diluted paint instead of spray painting and it did not go well. They were very easy to make, I found this video to have the best directions as well as a link to templates to use to cut out the books.

I used some larger paperbacks and some small ones. To decorate the smaller ones, I used a branch for the stem, on the larger ones, I painted it green on the book. I am hoping to make more this weekend. I have an old Grey’s Anatomy book I would like to make one for my Doctor with. I think it would be fun to match books with people’s interests to make them special.

Caturday Art

100_9749 Sammy got this cool neckerchief in the mail yesterday from Cat Scouts for participating in a Quest. He is very proud, it was his first quest.

Happy Tocktober!

Hi everyone! Today is the day we celebrate Tocktober in memory of Ducky, but first, a special poem to my friend Sammy ( not my brother).

My Friend Sam
This is a poem for my Sam,
he can be a real ham,
but bacon is the meat he likes best
and on his porch he likes to rest.
He is a high ranking Scout,
you will never see him pout.
Every Tuesday his teaser stumps me,
his cheerleader Suzie is something to see.
Sammy we all love you
that I know is true!


Here are some tocks for you- Joanie and Sammy:

100_9710 100_9694 2016-tocktober-2

I haven’t seen Grammie all week, but she is coming today! I love her so very, very much!

Mom asked me to give you the fill-ins for tomorrow, she came up with the first two and Annie of McGuffy’s Reader came up with the second two.

1. One Halloween, I dressed as _________________________.
2. My favorite comedian is ________________________________.
3. My scariest Halloween was                                 .

4.                         is my favourite Halloween treat.


Drat! That carrier is out again, someone is going to the vet. I don’t think it is for me, but I am going to go hide just in case.


PS: #JHC’s word today is fog, but we decided to go with TOCK!


Make a Bandana Pumpkin

HI everyone! I am joining Create with Joy’s Inspire Me Monday Blog Hop ( I know it is Wednesday). I am obsessed with Pinterest and found some cute pumpkins made out of  bandanas on SadieSeasonGoods. I changed it a little and made mine into a catnip/silvervine pumpkin.

100_9695 100_9722  I cut an orange bandana in half, then folded it inside out and stitched it on 3 sides with the sewing machine. I filled it with polyfil and catnip then hand stitched the top. Then I used embroidery floss* to sew some lines on the pumpkin. And to top it off I stuck a silvervine stick in the top for a stem. I got the silvervine stick from CatABliss on Etsy.

*I only let me cats play with this under supervision because of the embroidery floss. No one has tried to chew it, but you never know.

The word today for #JHC is blood, but I decided to go with eyeball instead. And the winner of Phoebe’s eyeball giveaway is : The Island Cats-Congratulations! 100_9687

And one more thing- pawTree is having a contest to celebrate their new line of treats and Superfood seasonings. You can enter a heart warming story about your cat for a chance to win a gift basket of products and $500 worth of products to the charity of your choice. Hurry the deadline is the 23rd! Click Here


Hi everyone! This month we jumped at the chance to try Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Boost Mixers Chicken Formula Freeze- Dried Cat Food Topper. I have been wanting to get my cats on a raw diet , but with 13 cats, buying one would be too expensive and I am too lazy to make my own. I thought this would be a good test to see if they like raw. It was actually hard to tell it is raw because they are freeze-dried, dry being the key word there.

*Disclaimer: We received a bag of this food in exchange for a fair review as part of the Chewy Blogger Outreach Program. All opinions are those of the cats that tasted them.

100_9698Polar Bear and his 2 wives loved them.

100_9700 Joanie loved them.

100_9702Phoebe did too. 100_9709Millie liked them too  100_9704I even let Sammy try a few ( he is on a special diet)

100_9705Snowball munched hers up 100_9707and Prancie did too ( Joanie was waiting just in case Prancie left any).

Everyone liked them except for Penny and KaTwo so we have 11 out of 13 that approved. If you want to try them, they are on sale this month for $11.99/ 6 ounce bag. And Chewy

always has free shipping on orders over $49 so stock up. Click Here to go to Chewy

We are joining the Chewy Hop hosted by Sugar and Oz the Terrier Blog Hop Badge

And the #JHC word is Fall/Autumn. Penny is the perfect colors for Autumn:


Phoebe will announce the eyeball giveaway winner tomorrow, if you want to enter just comment on Sunday’s post.