ROAR-Cat Chat in the UK

Happy Wednesday everyone! My throw rugs didn’t last long, as most of you know, I washed them last week and put them back out. My hubby and I had bets on how long it would be until the kitties struck. Lucy struck the red hall one yesterday ( pee) and Millie got the kitchen one ( corn husk vomit). Only one left in the bedroom- anyone want to bet how long that will last?

Today is ROAR day and in keeping with the Dr. Who theme of the week I have chosen a charity from the UK called Cat Chat to donate to. It is like Petfinder, but just for cats. Their mission is to get cats out of shelters and into homes. Here is their link:

One time someone told me that white cats are considered bad luck in the UK and black ones are good luck. I would love to hear from readers that live there to know if this is true. I have 4 black ones and 3 white ones. I am fairly superstitious and asked my hubby for another white one to even it off, but he wouldn’t go for it.

Have a great day everyone and be sure to comment if you didn’t yesterday for a chance to win this crocheted catnip Tardis : 002


  1. Eight is a very lucky number, so we think adding another white cat is an excellent idea. We have had both white and black cats in our household and mom loves them both bunches and bunches. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    1. We have 15 total so if we add another it will make 16- is that double lucky? I don’t think my hubby will fall for that.

    1. I think your mom has her hands full with the 3 of you, not that you are difficult, but I hear Binga can be trouble.

  2. Well weez not be fwum da UK so weez not know, but weez not be supersticious anyways. Altho’ mommy will say dat ALL cats be good luck cuz they be mowe self suffient than many udder animals. Mommy sez dat anyfin’ dat can fur da most pawt take cawe of itself but still chooses to luv yous is special. And altho’ weez believ dat hoomans hav domesticated kittys beyond them purrvidin’ fur themselves, we cats purrove each day weez kuld, ifin weez had to fur da most pawt make it on ow own. Now…see ifin mommy wuld let Lexi or me twy. MOL Hers wants us to be helpless and need her, and we happily oblige. 🙂

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

    1. My kitties are like you Lexi and Dezi, they like to be helpless to keep me happy. I am superstitious, but not about cats.

  3. Cat Chat sounds like a great organization 🙂 The crocheted Tardis is a very fun prize. I hope that your last rug is able to escape the wrath of your kitties.

  4. That’s really interesting. In the US, black cats are considered bad luck. I don’t believe they are, but sadly a lot of people do. I think white cats are really beautiful! It’s rare that I see an all white cat, so it’s awesome that you have three!

    1. Millie does have a tiny bit of gray at the top of his head, but the other 2 are pure white. I think all cats are good luck.

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