More Button Art

Hi everyone! For Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop I have more button art. These 2 pieces are for a friend’s grandkids.

DSCF1790Caturday Art

I also want to show you what we won from Billy the Time Cat. His Mom is very talented and has an Etsy shop. This was for the 4th of July, but it didn’t arrive until the 5th( Stinkin’ postal service).

DSCF1802 (2)

It is a heart, but when turned it looks like my initial “EJP”.

DSCF1803 (2)

I attempted to work with these pixel beads and it was a disaster- you can see that post here.

There are several great pieces on Etsy including black cat coasters, Star Wars, Star Trek and Dr. Who items too .

Phoebe will be here tomorrow- I think I am in big trouble for posting that blooper photo of her yesterday.




Flat Tuesday

Hi everyone! Thank you for all the sweet comments and congratulations on yesterday’s post. And thank you Toby and Family for this great card:happy-blogoversary

As you know , Sammy is a Cat Scout. Last summer, some of the scouts made flat versions of themselves so they could visit each other. Well, they are traveling again and we have 2 visitors, Mango and Pete. I know we showed you Sammy teaching Mango how to eat corn on the cob, but here are some more photos.

DSCF1368Getting ready to time travel in the TARDIS

DSCF1381Phoebe sharing her grass

DSCF1374Playing cards with a Hello Kitty Deck


Checking out some nip- we heard Mango was a flight risk so she needed to be on a leash.

DSCF1365And another Brody sighting 🙂




Dr. Who Tardis Contest Winner

Well, it is finally Dr. Who day and I can announce the crocheted catnip Tardis winner. The winner is……Kitty Cat Chronicles. Congratulations!  I know you have more than one cat so I will send some other catnip toys too. We wouldn’t want the kitties to fight.


And for anyone that wants their own Tardis, I found a catnip felt one on ETSY. Here is the link, hurry there is only one: There is also a Tardis cat bed for kitties that you can get custom made- I was afraid to check the price. Here it is:

I am keeping it short today. I will be having another contest sometime next week.

001I think my cats were having a meeting yesterday- I must have not gotten the memo.

Vicky Halls- UK Cat Behaviorist

Happy Thursday everyone! Only 2 days until the Dr. Who premier, that means only 2 more days of me yapping about it left. I have been trying to come up with a cat behavior to go along with Dr. Who week, but I couldn’t think of anything. Instead, I thought I would find the UK’s equivalent of Jackson Galaxy ( cat Daddy).

I came up with Vicky Halls, if I have this wrong please chime in. She is nothing like Jackson Galaxy, but she is a cat behavior expert that his written some books. I couldn’t find a TV show about her or any cat shows though. Her website is: . There was a lot of helpful information including frequently asked questions about cat behaviors. She has a blog, but the most recent post was three months ago.

Have a great day everyone and don’t forget to comment to win the Tardis ( if you already commented this week, you are entered). But, feel free to comment again.


ROAR-Cat Chat in the UK

Happy Wednesday everyone! My throw rugs didn’t last long, as most of you know, I washed them last week and put them back out. My hubby and I had bets on how long it would be until the kitties struck. Lucy struck the red hall one yesterday ( pee) and Millie got the kitchen one ( corn husk vomit). Only one left in the bedroom- anyone want to bet how long that will last?

Today is ROAR day and in keeping with the Dr. Who theme of the week I have chosen a charity from the UK called Cat Chat to donate to. It is like Petfinder, but just for cats. Their mission is to get cats out of shelters and into homes. Here is their link:

One time someone told me that white cats are considered bad luck in the UK and black ones are good luck. I would love to hear from readers that live there to know if this is true. I have 4 black ones and 3 white ones. I am fairly superstitious and asked my hubby for another white one to even it off, but he wouldn’t go for it.

Have a great day everyone and be sure to comment if you didn’t yesterday for a chance to win this crocheted catnip Tardis : 002

Contest Winner and Tardis Contest

Happy Tuesday everyone! First off, the winner of the cat print scarf is Fur Everywhere-don’t worry, I will throw in some crocheted catnip toys for the kitties too. Congratulations! I will announce another contest at the end of the post.

Today is medical day and in keeping with the Dr. Who theme I will give you hints to travel back in time with your cat. I found this great article on how to keep your cat’s mind alert and active into old age: Most of the ideas are common sense and are things you probably do anyway, but it is worth a look. Even old cats like to play and be a little active. Some of the suggestions include taking your cat outside on a leash ( I recommend a harness), teaching new tricks and getting “puzzles” for them to do. Not a 500 piece jigsaw, just the kind where you hide treats-LOL.

The Tardis has arrived ( thanks Mom). This one is filled with polyfil and catnip ( take that Dr. Who) Just leave a comment today or sometime this week. I will pick a winner on Saturday- the day of the Dr. Who premier. Have a great day everyone! 002

PS: For anyone that is really into Dr. Who and Cats- this is a link of all the cats ever shown in Dr. Who: