Letters to Santa- Part 3

Hi everyone! Here are the last 4 of our Letters to Santa for this year.

Prancie wrote: ” I don’t need anything. Could you just put all the outside cats and ones in shelters in people’s homes. Love, Prancie”

Polar Bear wrote: “I keep asking for a new wife, but never get one. Can you handle a catnip mat? XO Polar Bear AKA The Polydactyl Polygamist”

Noel wrote: ” Did you know there is a Christmas song named after me? I should get extra presents. Love, Noel”

Jinx needed some help from his Dad, he wrote: ” Every year I ask for a sparkly ball. This year surprise me. Love, Jinx”

We are joining The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop.

We also want to thank Marv and his mom for the cool Christmas Graphic they made for us.


  1. I think all of you have had excellent wishes on your list and I can’t imagine Santa Paws NOT coming through with all of them!! You’ve been very good – right? We think that special graphic Marv’s Mom did for you is AMAZING – just like you are!!!!!!!

    Holiday Hugs, Teddy

    1. Oh, and good call on that tool. The egg puncher creates a hole just large enough to break the seal between the shell and inner membrane while in boiling water, making them easier to peel. Works surprisingly well! Thanks for stopping by my silly blog.

  2. I think these may be the best yet! Prancie, you are so sweet and we wish for that very much. Polar Bear, you are so funny! “The Polydactyl Polygamist” Noel, I think your logic is sound and I’m sure Santa will agree. Jinx, good for you getting help from your daddy.

  3. Prancie, you have an amazing wish. We share it too. PB, are you SURE you want a new wife?? So much work. Jinx we hope you get something very exciting. PS we luff seeing cat dad pictures.

  4. I love ALL the letters! You guys have the best letters! I have not written a letter to Santa…all my wished for me have been fulfilled. I think I shall write a letter like Prancie’s and wish for good things for those cats that do not have the luxury that I now possess.
    Thank you for the wonderful idea!

    1. Yes, maybe if tyou all write letters like that then Santa will help all pets in need of homes. XO

  5. Prancie, no wonder mommy and I love you. Now…did someone say they needed a wife?

  6. Grate letterss to Santa! prancie yur like thee Mumma Terresa of Katss!!
    Luvley selfiess all so. Pleeze come visit mee bloggie today butt bring Kleenex as Aunty Ellen will get teary eyed mee finksss….
    ***nose bumpsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Such nice letters and pictures ! Prancie, I think all of us hope for your wish to be granted !

  8. All great things to ask Santa for (except maybe the new wife?) and I hope you all get what you asked for. I think Princess Cookie Cat would ask that her canine sister stopped trying to sniff her bottom so much.

  9. Oh Prancie, I love your letter and share your wishes. Polar Bear I think Santa can handle the catnip mat… I bet you! Ha ha, Noel! I hope all the kitties wishes come true!

  10. Woops! Thimble copied, pasted, and posted our text to a family friend here as our comment. What we meant to say was we love reading your letters to Santa! Sorry for the weird and random comment you got above instead!

  11. Pawsome letters gang!
    We don’t see why Sants could not deliver.
    At least we wish every critter in need of a home could get one.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  12. We agree with your wish Prancie and we would even add dogs to your wish since we don’t like to think of any animal left out in the cold or left in a shelter πŸ™

    You are all super sweet and we love reading your letters to Santa!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  13. Thanks for sharing your Christmas letters to Santa – we sure wish the one from Prancie too… especially for the kitties that Katie Mom wants to catch furry soon.
    Although Doobie would probably love more girlfriends. He loves girls and wants to look after them.

    And Chiquita agrees with Jinx about getting a sparkly ball.
    Purrz from the Katie Katz
    and Jeremiah who is on hims journey to a new home.

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