Cats’ Letters to Santa- Part 3

Hi everyone! Here is part 3 ( of 3) of the cats’ letters to Santa. They re not clear to read in the photos so you can read them under each photo.

Jinx: I want the usual- a glitter ball. Thank you.

Drake: I have all I need. I think you should bring my old family coal though. In 2 and a half years, they haven’t even asked about me.

Brody: I want my own bag of treats. I will share with Trouble though Thank you.

Polar Bear: I am still waiting for the venison I asked you for last year.

We are joining The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop.

Cats’ Letters to Santa-Part 2

Here is part 2 ( of 3) of the cats’ letters to Santa. They re not clear to read in the photos so you can read them under each photo.

Millie: Dear Santa, Thank you for delivering my catnip candy cane early. I love it.

Sammy: Dear Santa, I have been a Cat Scout for 5 years so I could really use a new uniform.

Joanie: Dear Santa, I needz a Rapunzel dress to play dress up with The Great One. I already haz the wig.

Rosie: Dear Santa, I am going to need a change of address card so you can find me at my new forever home.

Yes, Rosie is an official member of the Pilch household. She got fixed on Thursday and tested negative for FELV/FIV. I thank you all for the name suggestions. Right now I have been calling her nosey Rosie, but The Great One wants me to name her Flower. I was also considering Joy, Midgie or Smudge.

We are joining The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop.


Selfie Sunday -Letter to Santa Part One

Hi everyone! We are joining The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop.

Brody wrote: Dear Santa, Thank you for the friend you brought me even if you were 4 months late. I could use some treats. Love, Brody

Prancie wrote: Dear Santa,Please buy my book, Prancie’s Prayer for everyone on your list. You would be helping a lot of kitties because I am donating all the royalties to a cat rescue group.

Sammy wrote: Dear Santa, I wanted to let you know I think you are looking very thin. I could use a new pole for my “da bird” toy. XO Sammy P

Penny wrote: Dear Santa, Right now I am set with boxes. I could use another heating pad though because Millie steals mine sometimes. Love, Penny XOXO

Mrs. Potato Head wrote: I would like a Mr. I am open to other vegetables, but please no fruits or nuts.

We want to wish all our Jewish friends a Happy Hanukkah which starts tonight.

I made latkes with my air fryer and they were really good.

Letters to Santa- Part 3

Hi everyone! Here are the last 4 of our Letters to Santa for this year.

Prancie wrote: ” I don’t need anything. Could you just put all the outside cats and ones in shelters in people’s homes. Love, Prancie”

Polar Bear wrote: “I keep asking for a new wife, but never get one. Can you handle a catnip mat? XO Polar Bear AKA The Polydactyl Polygamist”

Noel wrote: ” Did you know there is a Christmas song named after me? I should get extra presents. Love, Noel”

Jinx needed some help from his Dad, he wrote: ” Every year I ask for a sparkly ball. This year surprise me. Love, Jinx”

We are joining The Cat on My Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop.

We also want to thank Marv and his mom for the cool Christmas Graphic they made for us.

Letters to Santa-Part 2

Hi everyone! Today we have 4 more letters to Santa. First, I want to tell you about my Grumpy giveaway. You can win a Grumpy Cat book, a stuffed Grumpy Cat wearing a Santa hat and 5 Grumpy notecards. I will make sure mom adds some crocheted toys too. Just comment on today’s post before 9PM (EST) Wednesday, I will announce the winner on Thursday. This giveaway is open to everyone!

And now on to our letters.

Sammy wrote: Dear Santa, You may have heard I was mean to Brody- that is an alternative fact. Love, Sammy”Penny wrote, ” I would like a new box, maybe put a plastic liner in it because I know I will pee in it. Love, Penny XOXO”KaTwo wrote: ” I want one of those fidget spinners like kids get. XO KaTwo”

Tallulah wrote: ” I don’t want to be a copycat, but I want a fidget spinner too!  Love, Tallulah”

We are joining The Cat on my Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop.

Letters to Santa-Part 1

Hi everyone! We are joining The Cat on my Head’s Sunday Selfie Blog Hop. Here is part one (of three) of our letters to Santa.

Joanie wrote:

“Dear Santa, I wants real Gremlin. I promise not to get him wet or feed him after midnite. Love, Joanie”


Millie wrote: ” Dear Santa, I want a catnip carrot of my own. Love, Millie ”

Emmy wrote: ” Santa, With all the stuff going on in the news do you think it is wise to have kids sit on your lap in exchange for a gift? I will stick to gifts from Grammie and my folks.Emmy”

 Brody wrote: ” Dear Santa, I want Sammy to love me or at least stop beating me. Love, Brody”

Have you written your letter to Santa yet?

Sunday Selfies : Letters to Santa Edition

Happy Sunday everyone! This has been a busy week. Mom and Dad have been decorating for Christmas. I learned some new words from Dad, but Mom says I can’t use them on a Sunday or on this blog. I can tell you that pre-lit artificial trees that are labeled when one light goes out , the rest stay lit- are lying.

I did get to see my Grammie a lot, I love her so very much. We also worked on photos for the Christmas card and started our letters to Santa. Here are five of our letters to Santa. We are going to join The Sunday Selfies blog hop and a letters to Santa hop by The Adventures of Ranger, thanks for telling us about it Madi

stinkyletter050 052 056 062

I will be starting a giveaway on Thursday, but here is a sneak preview:

040Mom still needs to crochet some toys to add to to it.

Happy Hanukkah!Cat4-001

Books to Read and Not Read

Happy Friday everyone! Today is book day and Lucy and I each have a book for you.

First, Lucy recommends Cats’ Letters to Santa by Bill Adler. The letters aren’t as funny as some of the blogging cats’ letters are, but it is worth a read. Her favorite was the request for a dead mouse so the owners would leave the cat alone.


I read Solomon’s Tale by Sheila Jeffries, I know I am way behind and there is already a Solomon’s Kitten book.The cover would have you believe it is a nice story about a kitten that has an angel to guide him. He has reincarnated to help a woman that had him as a pet when she was a child. I didn’t enjoy the book at all, it was so sad. There was an awful drunk husband who treated his wife and son poorly and their 2 cats even worse. It troubled me to keep reading it, but I have an inquiring mind and had to know how it ended. If you don’t like to cry, don’t read this book.

Lucy wanted to reuse the letter she wrote to Santa last year. I wasn’t blogging then, but I had posted them on Facebook:letter3I think she has watched too many mob movies with us.

Have a great weekend everyone! Be sure to sop by Sunday when Phoebe is having another giveaway. It would be nice if you stop by tomorrow too 🙂