Emmy’s Eye Envy

Hi everyone! A few weeks ago, we won a giveaway from Sweet Purrfections. Eye Envy is perfect for kitties that get discoloration under their eyes.This tends to happen to some Persian cats that have flatter faces. Emmy is not a Persian, but the vet told me she has a blocked tear duct.

*Disclosure-we won a 3 piece set of Eye Envy for Cats. We are under no obligation to do a review, but we like to spread the word about great products.

I just started using it on her, but I already think she looks better. The kit came with pads ( basically like eye makeup remover ones), a liquid and a powder. You pot some liquid on the pad to wipe under the eye after you have wiped it clean with a warm washcloth. Then you dab some powder on. It is all natural. If you are interested, you can get more information by clicking here.

Emmy is going for an ultrasound today. She has a significant heart murmur so I thought it would be wise to look into that. I have several cats with heart murmurs, the odd thing is Snowball is the one I lost to heart disease last year and she never had a murmur.

So much about Emmy is a mystery. The vet guessed her to be anywhere from 6-14 years of age. She has a faded spay scar, but there were no other clues to her age. I always have this odd feeling that I should not get too attached to her. It is too late for that though, I love my Emmy.



  1. It might not be your way to cling to a beloved cat who could be very, even mortally, ill, but I think you might wish to consider that your withdrawal from her could be very stressful for her and impair her will to live. She needs affection and closeness for strength or she might just give up! Please consider this! ❤?

    1. It is actually my way no matter how hard I try to not get attached. I will love her forever.

  2. We hope that the eye treatments work well for Emmy. She is a pretty kitty.
    It is hard not to love a sweet kitty and we purr she will be OK.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  3. Emmy is such a pretty kitty and she was ever so lucky that you “talked her into” joining your household. She obviously loves being inside and warm and being part of the family. I’m glad the “eye makeup/cleaner” is working for her and we will be hoping that her murmur is no worse….she’s leading “the life” now and isn’t having to survive outside so that no doubt does wonders for her health!

    Hugs, Teddy

  4. Hi guys, oh that eye cleaner sounds great, none of us like having our faces cleaned by the P.A., we’re squirmers! MOL But funnily enough she’s just been looking at a new range from Frontline, so mew what’s going to be happening again…

    We hope all goes well with Emmy’s ultrasound and that she has many, many years left with mew!

    Big hugs

    Basil & Co xox

  5. There is pretty much no way you are NOT going to become completely attached to any cat who comes into your home. We will purray for the best news for beautiful Emmy. But we are surprised the vet couldn’t narrow her age down more.. that’s a pretty significant range.

  6. Emmy sure is a beauty. We are sending her lots and lots of purrs and prayers! My angel Rosie had a heart murmur for years, and even underwent two successful surgeries with it. We hope Emmy is well and is with you for many years to come.

  7. Hope everything turns out alright. It’s a good thing you’re attached to Emma, she is clearly in need of love. But it’s always so hard when they have to leave…
    Thanks for telling us about Eye Envy.
    Greetings from Germany,

  8. Awww… I hope the test shows her doing well. When a stray cat brought her kittens to me my husband tried not to get attached because of my asthma. I’ve probably told you the mother I would later name Luna got me on the right medications and led us to get two more strays before she passed away in 2014. We sometimes wonder how things would have been if we’d known and kept the three kittens. But I’m glad for Jezebel and Tilly (except when the latter starts her ceaseless crying for Dave’s attention). Be well!

  9. I’m glad her eyes are better. Nice review too. Those are the best ones when you’re not required to.

    I get so attached to any four legged baby. I’m a softy when it comes to kitties and puppies.

    Have a purrfect day. My best to your mom. ♥

  10. Ain’t no way to NOT get too attached! Heck, I’m in love with every cat I meet through blogs…and I don’t even see or feel these kitties in real life! A cat that lives with me becomes a part of me, so Emmy is a part of you. Here’s hoping the ultrasound reads that she’s got a little murmur, and it’s not big deal! You’ll let us know, I’m sure…please do!

  11. Emmy is sure glad to have found your home. Benny has had a 2.5-3 grade heart murmur for many years. I hope Emmy’s remains stable.

  12. What a beautiful kitty and how wonderful that the two of you have come together. It certainly doesn’t take very long at all for them to get that pawprint imbedded on the heart!

  13. Sounds like that prize is gonna be super useful for Emmy, for sure. I don’t have that issue, myself, nor do any of my fur-sibs, but… But sometimes mason doesn’t bother to wash her face in the mornin’ and leaves wipin’ away the crusties to Peep #1. MOUSES!

  14. Each and every cat have a way to reach our heart.
    I hope that the exam will show that Emmy’s heart is strong.
    Douce soirée

  15. Heart murmurs we have had in the past. It was never the cause of the cats death however. It was always something else. Hope Emmy checks out reasonably good at least!

  16. Emmy is a beautiful cat! And I am glad that the Eye Envy works! What a great product and we have our Purrayers going strong that everything is OK with Emmy.
    And who can not love a cat!

  17. You should never apologize for or run from love. Sure, it takes courage – especially in the face of obstacles … but sometimes things aren’t nearly as dire as we think. Yes, love means loss … but the way love transforms us … the way love makes us better people … we are far better for taking the risk. When I brought Bear inside – I was so scared. My mind came up with billions of obstacles – but in the end, the obstacle in my mind was the only one that caused a problem. I know you’ve been told there’s something wrong with how much you love and want to save cats – but I disagree. You are a beautiful woman with a beautiful heart and that kind of love is a gift.

    1. Thank you, you are very sweet. I do love all my kitties as much as a parent loves a child and I am sure you do too. XO

  18. Somewhere between 6 & 14 years old Ellen?? That is a HUGE range. 6 is an adult; 8+ is Senior & 16 is Geriatric….Can’t the Vet tell from Emmy’s teeth?
    I am sorry she has a heart murmur….And it sounds like you have ‘THAT’ feeling. And of course it is too late…these cats have a way of sneaking into our hearts. Remember when Siddhartha Henry was a total freak & I wanted to send him back to the farm?? I tried twice & almost succeeded an then the 3rd time when I was so adamant I started to pack his stuff & I got physically ill….threw up my supper….so that was the end of THAT idea! And I AM glad I never gave him back!
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen

    1. I am glad you kept him too- you were meant to be together. And I believe Emmy is meant to be mine. XO

  19. Emmy is yours and vice-versa for as long as can be. Just love on each other ! (And all your other kitties too !)

  20. We hope all will be well with Emmy. It is so easy to get attached, that’s for sure, even if we think maybe we shouldn’t. It’s one of the reasons I don’t think I could ever foster pets.
    I wonder if they make that Eye Envy for dogs? Our late beagle Kobi used to have such bad tear staining when he got older, and now Cricket is getting it too.

  21. emmy; we got 984 pluz pawz crossed for ewe that yur a point mint goez well two day…we all sew send blessingz, az all wayz frum R rockin pal st francis
    N sinz de vet doez knot noe how old ewe R N ewe aint tellin; we will guess….7 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  22. We will pray for Emmy! Reminds me a lot of Amarula – since I found her as a stray there is so much I don’t know about her! The vet gave a similar age range too — it is hard not knowing but at least we have them in our lives!

  23. We’re glad to hear the Eye Envy is helping Emmy. Good luck on her ultrasound. Wally’s cardiologist to me that having a murmur, even a significant one, doesn’t mean heart problems nor does not having a murmur means there are no heart problems. Confusing, I know. ~Island Cat Mom

  24. That’s one of the things about adopting an older cat that just shows up, there is a great deal that is unknown. She was a beloved pet once before if she has a spay scar, and there’s no telling what trauma happened.

    No more trauma, though, she has a home for every beautiful day she has left, and i hope that’s a bunch!

  25. Wow . . . guessing that Emmy could be anywhere between 6 and 14 years of age isn’t very helpful! That is such a big age difference. If she is 14, then any health problem may be more dire, whereas a six year old with health issues is often more easily remedied! We hope Emmy’s heart and all of her checks out fine. We know your love for Emmy, has been a gift to her. XO

    the critters in the cottage xo

  26. The dump vet we took Autumn too when she was very young said she had a heart murmur once but never mentioned it again. We think they heard Autumn purring cos Autumn purred for everybody and thought it was a murmur. I’m sure your vet is better but keep that in mind.

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