Phoebe’s Art

Hi everyone! Mom is letting me post today and tomorrow.   My ultrasound went well except for them running late so I had to starve even longer. I went 16 hours without food! My murmur was only graded as a one, last week, it was a 3. No abnormalities found and I can get myContinue reading “Phoebe’s Art”

Chewy Tuesday

Hi everyone, today is Chewy Tuesday, but first Phoebe has an announcement. Thank you for all the purrs and prayers for my dental. I ended up going out in the freezing cold and starving for nothing. The vet detected a murmur that wasn’t there 2 weeks ago, she was still willing to do my dental,Continue reading “Chewy Tuesday”

Tummy Tuesday

Today is ultrasound day. We are also praying for our dear friend, Flynn. Lucy and I thank you for your continued purrs and prayers. I will post any news I get from the vet tomorrow on the 15andmeowing Facebook page as well as on Wednesday’s blog post. Joanie loves Tummy Tuesday and she wantedContinue reading “Tummy Tuesday”