Phoebe’s Sunday

Hi everyone! I am glad there is no A-Z challenge today so I could have a turn. I have a lot to tell you. First off, I am in the May/June edition of Catster magazine. You will need a magnifying glass to see me, but I am on page 18, Mom sent my photo in playing my favorite game- cribbage. We were also featured on The Cats of the Blogosphere calendar this week:DSCF0949DSCF0950

My Grammie was here on Wednesday and I wasn’t! She came to watch us and I had to go get my mouth checked from my dental. Phooey! I love my Grammie so very much. My mouth is fine though. And Spooky had his red blood cells checked again. They went down a tiny bit, but the vet said it could be the difference of in-house testing vs.sending it out. He will get tested again next Friday and if it goes down more then he will need a special shot to tell his red blood cells to make more.

In other news, Brody came downstairs and touched noses with Prancie- then he ran right back up. Here are some selfies for Toby and family:

DSCF0953for BobbieSue DSCF0961for Toby DSCF0963for Simon

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Spooky Update

Hi everyone. We got Spooky’s blood work results and they were pretty good.

DSCF0883  His phosphorous levels are now normal which is surprising being that he is still not on a prescription diet. I was more concerned with him eating and hopefully gaining a little weight. He is a lot less fussy lately so I am going to try the kidney diet again.

His urea nitrogen is still high, but much better than before. It went from 117 down to 90. His creatinine also went down from 7 to a 4.5 ( still high, but better). Those were all the positives.

There is one number that got worst, the hematocrit. It went from a 35 to a 26 which is odd. He was in the normal range and now he is not. The vet wants this retested again next week because there is a shot that can help that if it stays low. She also said to continue with the fluids every other day for now.

Thank you all for your purrs and prayers. They are greatly appreciated. I will keep you updated on his test next week.

Spooky wants to send a big hug and kiss to his special lady friend , Katie Isabella.



Phoebe Friday

Hi everyone! Sorry I am a day late. Before I get started, Mom wants to thank you all for the words of encouragement and tips you shared to help Spooky. We appreciate all your comments, purrs and prayers. So far Spooky is responding to fluids and eating- not as well as he used to, but he is eating. We pray that he will improve more daily. He will get retested in 2 weeks. His numbers were very bad: Amylase was 2195 ( normal range is 100-1200), Creatinine was 7 (0.6-2.4 is normal) and Phosphorous was 12.3 ( normal is 2.4-8.2).

Spooky got to go outside yesterday. He was very happy and headed straight to the catnip. He was a neighborhood cat, always outside until we brought him in 2 and a half years ago.


Sammy and I were pretty jealous.DSCF0680

I saw my Grammie on Wednesday and she didn’t give us treats- phooey! I still love her very much though.

My Purrince wrote me another poem, I am a lucky purrincess:

Mee will laff WITH you!
No matter what you do…..
An guess what mee got?
No not a spot or a dot…..
but mee Kat inn thee HAT hat
an mee bookmark so flat!
Yur card iss so nice
Yur mee sugar an spice….
***paw kissesss*** an all mee <3 LUV <3
Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I love my sweet purrince.

Today is The Lazy Pit Bull’s Pet Blooger Blooper Round-up

The Pet Blogger Bloopers Round-Up – January

and her is our blooper:DSCF0588   Nice foot shot, but we were going for the whole package.

See you Sunday when I will be starting my Easter Giveaway.

Wordy Wednesday

Hi everyone, I have a lot of medical updates today. I will start with the bad. Spooky’s blood work showed that his kidneys are in rough shape. I was so upset that I don’t remember the numbers, but I will get a copy of them all when I bring him on for fluids. I am going to learn how to do it and he will get them every other day for 2 weeks then we will retest his blood. He is also going to start on a kidney diet. I am hoping he will eat it because he has been getting pickier by the day.

I am very scared, he is acting like Lucy right before the end and will eat something one time and then not want it. He did eat almost a whole 3 oz. can of food today and some turkey lunch meat and some treats which is a lot compared to the past few days. I am trying to stay optimistic which is very hard because my husband is a pessimist.

DSCF0661 I am not giving up on him until he is ready to give up. All prayers and purrs are appreciated.

In better news, Millie’s thyroid was fine, actually better than last time.. I have been really trying to get those pills into him and haven’t been finding them on the floor when I sweep.

Daryl the feral is doing well. He is leaving the drain alone and eating everything I give him.

We are also praying for our dear friend, Flynn who has had some tough days lately. I know Lexi has been having a tough time too so we have been saying extra prayers for both of them- and Spooky too.

Just For FLYNN


The $400 Feral

Hi everyone! Yesterday was vet day. I dropped Daryl the Feral off at the vet in the morning then I went to the dermatologist with my hubby. When we got back, I had to bring Spooky and Millie to their appointments. I had all 3 for the ride home. I must say, Daryl is a perfect passenger, he didn’t meow or poop. Millie sings the song of his people for the entire 20 minute ride and as an added bonus, he poops. Spooky ended up vomiting and pooped as soon as we got there.

When I brought Daryl in to the shelter to get fixed, he had wounds which is why he is quarantined. That wound turned out to go all the way through his neck and was very infected. He now has a drain until Thursday. I had him get the Convenia because I didn’t think I would be able to get the pill in him twice a day. He does have pain meds that taste good so he had no problem eating that with his dinner. They sedated him because it was painful for him so he was getting upset, but overall, he is not that wild.

DSCF0635 I took this photo on Sunday, I think he will be wearing a hat in time for St. Patrick’s Day. I also had him FELV/FIV tested and he is negative.

Spooky and Millie were both due for thyroid blood work. Spooky wasn’t eating much over the weekend so I wanted him to get an exam too. My husband noticed Spooky is always so tired after his meals and figured he was getting too much blood pressure medicine. He was right because Spooky;s bp was on the low end of normal -it should have been quite high because he gets so upset in the car. They gave him fluids and he ate quite a bit tonight. We are waiting for his blood test results. We are also waiting for Millie’s tests too. They both had the senior panel because it comes out cheaper than doing an individual thyroid test.

I wonder why the shelter didn’t offer an antibiotic for Daryl’s wound? I wonder if he would have died if he had been released?


Downton Tabby Winner

Hi everyone! Downton was great last night. I will announce the winner soon, but first I want to show you what we won from Cats of Wildcat Woods. They had a contest for their Blogoversary and we answered one of their questions correctly. DSCF0632 Get out of the way Miss Piggy Joanie !

DSCF0633 Mom won a cat coloring book, markers and stickers. We won 2 bags of treats and some fun catnip toys.  Thank you for the great prizes!

DSCF0634 We already finished one bag of treats. When Grammie was here, she used up almost the entire bag on us. I love my Grammie so very much, I can’t wait to see her today.

Mom has to bring Daryl the feral to the vet because he scratched those neck wounds and now it is oozing and infected. And Spooky may be going to the vet too because he didn’t want to eat today ( Mom hope he is just constitated).

And now for the winner of the Downton Tabby book. We had 8 of you that got all the answers correct so we had to draw a name. The 8 of you were- Kitties Blue, Toby, Annie, Annabelle, Seville, Critters in the Cottage , my Purrince and The Island Cats. And the winner is : The Island Cats– congratulations!!! I will make sure Mom adds some crocheted toys too. Thank you to everyone who played along and answered the questions. It was a great show, we love happy endings. Although Mom was a little disappointed that Bates isn’t a secret sociopath. DSCF0628

Phoebe’s Art

Hi everyone! Mom is letting me post today and tomorrow.



My ultrasound went well except for them running late so I had to starve even longer. I went 16 hours without food! My murmur was only graded as a one, last week, it was a 3. No abnormalities found and I can get my dental ( scheduled for the 16th-crap).

Mom also had them do an abdominal ultrasound because I have lost weight ( I think it is lack of treats). There was one area of thickening in my intestines that may just be normal for me–or not. Mom needs to keep an eye on my weight and the vet said to feed me. I kind of liked him.

Mom is lazy so she says my press conference photo is our art this week for Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop.  She used photofunia for this.

My Grammie is going to watch us tonight so I know the treats will flow. I love my Grammie so very much.

Thank you for all the purrs and prayers- I am thankful for all of you . See you tomorrow!

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If Pets Had Thumbs Day

Hi everyone! Today is If Pets Had Thumbs Day. Let me tell you, if I had thumbs this gumball machine would be empty. DSCF0603

I got into a little bit of trouble the other night. Dad took a tone with me. He was using the water pik and I went in to say goodnight and got caught on the cord. Sploosh! The whole thing spilled on the bathroom floor. Mom cleaned it and I went and pouted in my chair until Dad apologized to me. He gave me treats too. The trick to getting out of  trouble is to look very offended-works every time.

I got to see my Grammie, I love her so very much. Friday is the big day for my ultrasound. I wish my Grammie could come, but she will be with her great grandchild. I wonder what I could do for her to say I am great?

Don’t tell Joanie, but I videotaped her snoring last night:


Phoebe’s Big Dr. Seuss Giveaway

Hi everyone! I would update you on my murmur, but my big-mouth Mom already told you. Now we have to wait until next Friday for the ultrasound- phooey! Mom keeps telling me not to dance on my pole, she is afraid I am going to wear myself out.

Grammie was with us on Monday for a long time and I saw her again on Wednesday. I love her so very much. My lazy Mom didn’t wash out my gumball machine yet so it isn’t filled.

I heard Mom talking about Daryl the feral. I see she got another photo. He looks a little grumpy to me.DSCF0495

As you know Dr. Seuss Day is next week and being that we live only 30 minutes from his birthplace we want to have a big giveaway. There is one grand prize and 5 others will win a bookmark and a paper Cat in the Hat hat.Here is the big prize:

DSCF0497There is a Dr. Seuss catnip mat, a plastic bag, 2 catnip fishies and a crocheted Cat in the Hat hat. I outsourced the hat posing to Spooky:DSCF0498 And here are the other prizes:DSCF0500

Just leave a comment today for a chance to win. You can comment daily through Saturday for more chances to win. I will announce the winner on Sunday. Thank you all for your purrs and prayers. I am so thankful for all of you and my sweet purrince.

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Hi everyone! Please pray and purr for Pipo and Minko’s  Dad. PowerOfThePaw WeBeesMeezersMrJackFreckles

Phoebe update: Murmur was still there so now we wait for the ultrasound on March 4th.

006It looks like I am now the proud owner of this little ragamuffin. As you know, I brought him in to be neutered. I don’t know if it is the same in all states, but in Massachusetts you have to sign a paper saying if any wounds of unknown origin are found that you will quarantine them for 6 months or they will euthanize. I wasn’t going to allow a seemingly healthy cat get put down. When I went to pick him up, I knew we were in trouble because out paperwork was off to the side. The vet found several injuries on his neck. I think it was from fighting with other male cats, but it doesn’t matter what I think, this is the law. I know if I care for him for 6 months there is no way I am letting him go- I have attachment issues.

Right now he is totally segregated. If after 6 months he seems like he can be introduced to the others then I will get him FELV/FIV tested and go from there. I was thinking of names and so far all I can think of is Daryl the feral. Any other ideas? I will get better photos soon- I hope.

And my last ROAR today is for Here Today Animal Shelter in Brimfield, MA. I am volunteering at their SPAYghetti dinner this Sunday. I am also crocheting some toys to be sold at the dinner too. I am glad that I can help, I never volunteer at shelters because if I make contact with any cat, I want it.