This Week’s ROAR to Tabby’s Place

Hi everyone! Lots to discuss today. This week is a very speical ROAR  to Tabby’s Place in memory of Sparkle. If you didn’t already see the post for Sparkle’s Memorial Service, please go read this: Sparkle’s Mom is having a commentathon and all you have to do is comment, for each comment $1 will be donated to Sparkle’s favorite kitty charity, Tabby’s Place. What a wonderful way to turn such a loss into something positive. You can also donate in Sparkle’s memory at: which I plan to do today.

There is a cat in a box blog hop ( say that 3 times fast-LOL)  so I am adding a photo of Penny in her box- it even has her name on it. Grammie bought it for her at Staples last Christmas 🙂

Kitty Christmas 2013 024.

And last, but not least is the winner of a subscription to Country Living magazine—-Dezi from Dezi’sWorld has won for her Mom. Congratulations Dezi and I will send you a couple crocheted catnip toys for you and Lexi too. Next week I will announce another contest for “Back to School” week.

Thank you to everyone that reads this blog, I wish I could give you all a prize.


  1. We agree that Sparkle’s mom Janiss is doing a very wonderful thing with Sparkle’s Memorial Service. How very generous and thoughtful of her.

    Penny looks super cute in her box photo, and concats to Dezi and family!!

  2. Penny, you have a box with your name on it? Ever lucky. All boxes that enter my house, have to be shared. Never had one all to myself, at all.


    1. Nissy, her name may be on it, but our kitties can’t read so she does have to share-LOL.

  3. Oh wow, fank yous vewy much. Mommy’s gunna be ‘cited when meez tells her. 🙂
    Penny yous be one lucky kitty girl dat’s fur suwe, to hav a box all yous own wiff yous name on it ad evewyfin’. Lexi and me shawe da boxes dat come in til they can’t be shawed anymowe. MOL Then it’s out wiff da old and in wiff da new. 🙂 And sis Lexi and me fank yous fur ow purresents too. 🙂

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  4. Has mommy and I folds you that you are a delight?

    Concatulations to Dezi. I love their sweet bloggie too. Just as I do yours.

  5. Thank you for spreading the word about Sparkle’s memorial – and for making a donation of your own! Paws up!

    1. You’re welcome Summer, I wish you could have met your wonderful big sister as she was an inspiration to all.

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