Treat Day!

Happy Monday Everyone! Now that I am feeling better and can actually eat, I have food on my mind. Instead of fun and games, how about treats?

I actually got the recipe back in June on Sparkle’s blog: I just got around to trying it and I am sad that I can’t write to Sparkle and let her know they were a hit- mostly. Out of 15, 5 loved them, 5 liked them and 5 of my kitties looked at me like I was trying to poison them. 001I will admit that I am not as good of a chef as Sparkle was , but the kitties seemed happy with how they came out.

Have a great day everyone and thanks for all the purrs and prayers when I was under the weather- they definitely helped.

Book Recommendations

Hi everyone! Today is book recommendation day, but first a reminder. I am sure you are all planning to stop by at Sparkle’s memorial service/commentathon, but in case someone didn’t know about it, I thought I would post it.

I got the book, I Could Pee On This by Francesco Marciuliano for my birthday. Lucy seems to think it is hers which is fine as long as she doesn’t pee on it. She is recommending it today: 009

I am recommending the book I was going to recommend for Dr. Who week because it is by an author from the UK. Sir Patrick Moore was an astronomer who hosted a TV series, The Sky at Night, but he was also a cat lover. He wrote a book about many of the cats he had over his lifetime. The book came out in 2012, a few months before his passing. Here is a link for it:

Starting Monday, we will be having a back to school themed week and another contest.

Now I am off to Sparkle’s Memorial.


This Week’s ROAR to Tabby’s Place

Hi everyone! Lots to discuss today. This week is a very speical ROAR  to Tabby’s Place in memory of Sparkle. If you didn’t already see the post for Sparkle’s Memorial Service, please go read this: Sparkle’s Mom is having a commentathon and all you have to do is comment, for each comment $1 will be donated to Sparkle’s favorite kitty charity, Tabby’s Place. What a wonderful way to turn such a loss into something positive. You can also donate in Sparkle’s memory at: which I plan to do today.

There is a cat in a box blog hop ( say that 3 times fast-LOL)  so I am adding a photo of Penny in her box- it even has her name on it. Grammie bought it for her at Staples last Christmas 🙂

Kitty Christmas 2013 024.

And last, but not least is the winner of a subscription to Country Living magazine—-Dezi from Dezi’sWorld has won for her Mom. Congratulations Dezi and I will send you a couple crocheted catnip toys for you and Lexi too. Next week I will announce another contest for “Back to School” week.

Thank you to everyone that reads this blog, I wish I could give you all a prize.

The Pawtograph

Not a happy Friday. I am sure my fellow bloggers all read Sparkle’s  “Thank You”  post yesterday. I had no idea that she was so sick and hoped she had many more years of advice to give us. I am glad she got to hunt an alligator last week.

Lucy was planning to recommend Sparkle’s book again like she did last week. We were thrilled that Sparkle sent us a pawtograph to add to our copy. We will treasure her pawtograph forever. 005

I know she was working on another book about Litter Box Training humans and I hope it gets published.

I am not recommending any other books today and Dr. Who doesn’t really matter right now. My thoughts and prayers are with Sparkle and her family. I hope her mom knows how many lives Sparkle has touched. I was thrilled when Sparkle started commenting on my blog, it made me feel like this little blog mattered. I appreciate everyone that reads it, but given Sparkle’s celebrity status, it made me very happy.

Treasure your kitties while you can and spoil them. And go out and purchase Sparkle’s 2 books, we have one and I ordered the other on Amazon yesterday. And THANK YOU Sparkle!