Caturday Saturday

We are joining Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop and The Pet Parade.

I used Lunapic’s Space effect to create my art with Penny’s bride photo.

I also made a puzzle-the link is at the bottom of the post. It took me 32 minutes and 8 seconds to complete. The colors were tricky.

Thank you to all who attempted the contest on Halloween. The winner is Eastside Cats! Congratulations! They got 11 out of 13 correct. I will be sending them a catnip mat and some crocheted toys. I am also going to send a smaller prize to Little Binky. She got 7 out of 13 correct. This is most impressive because the shows were all American and she does not live in the USA.Good job to both winners!

There are the answers:

1. Prancie: Downton Abbey
2. Joanie & Gremmie: The Lone Ranger
3. Millie: The Paw Patrol
4. Emmy: Nurse Jackie
5. Penny: The Big Bang Theory
6. KaTwo: Sabrina The Teenage Witch
7. Sammy: King of Queens
8. Drake: The Flash
9. Trouble: Batwoman
10. Mr & Mrs Potato Head: Green Acres
11. Polar Bear: The Unicorn
12. Brody: Grey’s Anatomy
13. Jinx: Chef Bobby Flay


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More sadness in The Cat Blogosphere this week. Cats of Wildcat Woods ( ) said good-bye to their sweet Ivy.

Ivy, Forever [Small]She was an inspiration to FIV cats everywhere, surviving for 17 years.

This week’s ROAR isn’t actually about cats, but I thought some of you may be interested. A while back, I told you about couponsfortroops:

It is a group anyone can join to send coupons to American service families that are stationed overseas. That group closed and a new one has taken over: . For the cost of a U.S. stamp, you can mail coupons to a family overseas. I always mail pet food ones as well as food and household products. All you need to do is go to the website and fill out a simple form, after that, they will send you the address of a family.

Congratulations to Pipo and Minko ( ) for being the first to get all 6 answers correct on the toxic/non-toxic plant quiz. They won a catnip ice cream cone and a chicken leg.

Phoebe will be here tomorrow with a new poem and photo of her purrince.

Tuesday and the Naughtiest Kitty

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today is Medical day, but first Phoebe has told me to announce the winner of her contest. There were a lot of naughty kitties like Dezi tipping over her mom’s wheelchair in the snow, but she didn’t do that on purpose. Flynn was funny stealing the clothes off of a robin ornament, Scylla bit her mom in the nose and Raven broke a Galileo thermometer. We had a few cord biters ( luckily no one got hurt) and Madi was quite the wood gnawer when she was younger, but one kitty family had so many stories of destruction and naughtiness. So the winner is……Critters in the Cottage for destroying lamps, knocking whole chickens to the dogs and pulling framed paintings off the wall.

For medical day, I will give you a Joanie update: The vet called me yesterday afternoon with good news. They got all of Joanie’s mast cell tumor this time, the margins were clean. Thank you all for the purrs and prayers- they truly helped. She gets her stitches out Monday and she will be happy, she hates being a cone head.


For Tortie Tuesday , I went to Petfinder and typed in my zip code and Tortoiseshell. PAL, the shelter I crochet toys for, had one: Poor Autumn has been at the shelter for over a year because she is FIV positive. I hope she gets a forever home for Christmas. We are hopping: Tuesday's Tails Badge

Tortie Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone!  Congratulations to Lone Star Cats for correctly identifying the costume yesterday as an OREO. Good job! A lot of you have good guesses too. Today is Tortie Tuesday and Medical Day ,I want to discuss mammary tumors being that it is breast cancer awareness month.

I know other bloggers have been doing this as well. Fur Everywhere did a fantastic, thorough post: .

I am a big fan of spay/neuter for many reasons. One of the biggest reasons I feel all females should be spayed is to reduce the chances of mammary cancer. It is such a simple thing to do for our cats and there are so many reduced cost clinics , some are even free. I always post on my personal Facebook to spread the word for local clinics. I even volunteer to deliver and pick up the cats for people.

For Tortie Tuesday, here is Penny is her costume last year: blog4She was a Hershey’s Kiss- I wrapped her in aluminum foil and made a Hershey’s kiss label with white ribbon.

ROAR for Dezizworld

Happy Wednesday everyone! Sammy and Joanie want to thank everyone who came to their party- they had so much fun and feel so loved with so many friends. The winner of the nip mat and crocheted toys is: Marshwood Cottage- Congratulations!

They are especially proud of this card from Sammy of One Spoiled Cat:PILCHBIRTHDAY.jpgThank you Sammy. And Raz’s Rumblers from Cat Scouts had a party for him too: He was late for that party because his Mom is a dummy and couldn’t find the Den- sorry fellow Rumblers. They even made him a cake: What a great group, I am so glad I let him join. Now on to the ROAR of the week:

This week’s ROAR is for a fellow blogger, you probably already know about this, but just in case someone missed it.

Lexi and Dezi of Dezizworld along with their mom have been having a tough year. The apartment they live in was flooded by a broken pipe which caused lots of damages. Their poor Mom has had to fight to get everything repaired which should have been a given after what happened. Things are finally heading in the right direction so it would be nice if Lexi could get some steps as she is 15 and has trouble climbing up on the bed. Their Mom also needs a new chair as that is something that won’t get replaced by her landlord. I made a small donation and if everyone does, she will be sitting pretty- pardon the pun, I couldn’t resist. Here is the link to donate:

One more thing-for the month of October, we will be showing a photo of one of our kitties costumes from past years ( before we started blogging) to give you ideas for Halloween. Last year Joanie was 50 Shades of Gray:Halloween 2013 034We just got a bunch of paint cards from Lowes.

Contest Winner Announced

Happy Saturday everyone! I am not going to recommend a product today as I am still under the weather. My first medicine didn’t agree with me so I hope the new one the ER prescribed will work. Until then, my posts will be really short. I will catch up on all my fellow bloggers soon.

I did want to announce the winner of the Vera Bradley pencil set and catnip apples though. The winner is…….Meowers from Missouri. Congratualations !

Have a great day everyone!

This Week’s ROAR to Tabby’s Place

Hi everyone! Lots to discuss today. This week is a very speical ROAR  to Tabby’s Place in memory of Sparkle. If you didn’t already see the post for Sparkle’s Memorial Service, please go read this: Sparkle’s Mom is having a commentathon and all you have to do is comment, for each comment $1 will be donated to Sparkle’s favorite kitty charity, Tabby’s Place. What a wonderful way to turn such a loss into something positive. You can also donate in Sparkle’s memory at: which I plan to do today.

There is a cat in a box blog hop ( say that 3 times fast-LOL)  so I am adding a photo of Penny in her box- it even has her name on it. Grammie bought it for her at Staples last Christmas 🙂

Kitty Christmas 2013 024.

And last, but not least is the winner of a subscription to Country Living magazine—-Dezi from Dezi’sWorld has won for her Mom. Congratulations Dezi and I will send you a couple crocheted catnip toys for you and Lexi too. Next week I will announce another contest for “Back to School” week.

Thank you to everyone that reads this blog, I wish I could give you all a prize.

Dr. Who Tardis Contest Winner

Well, it is finally Dr. Who day and I can announce the crocheted catnip Tardis winner. The winner is……Kitty Cat Chronicles. Congratulations!  I know you have more than one cat so I will send some other catnip toys too. We wouldn’t want the kitties to fight.


And for anyone that wants their own Tardis, I found a catnip felt one on ETSY. Here is the link, hurry there is only one: There is also a Tardis cat bed for kitties that you can get custom made- I was afraid to check the price. Here it is:

I am keeping it short today. I will be having another contest sometime next week.

001I think my cats were having a meeting yesterday- I must have not gotten the memo.

Contest Winner and T-Shirt Cat Tent

Happy Monday! Welcome to our new readers and many thanks to Katnip Lounge for sending you over. Thank you to everyone that posted this weekend, I will announce the winner of the MEOW bracelet at the end of this post. I have been looking for items online to make for our cats and I found a great website They had so many ideas that it was hard to choose just one idea for this week.

I ended up choosing the t-shirt cat tent because I had all the supplies ( and knew where to locate them in the house). Here is the link: Here is mine:007008  Phoebe and Stinky like it so far.

I never follow directions exactly, so instead of taping the wire under the cardboard, I bent it and twisted it like this: 008.I didn’t use a safety pin either, I used a clothes pin to be safer. I am kind of lazy, so instead of measuring the cardboard, I used the Friskies case.

And the winner is: Katie Isabella-Congratulations! And don’t worry, in addition to the bracelet, I will send some crocheted catnip toys. Have a great day everyone!


Capstar, Contest Winner and Tallulah’s Story

Happy Sunday everyone! I really hate to use the f-word on a Sunday, but yesterday we still had some Fleas on the cats. Turns out there is a magic pill called Capstar that kills them all in 30 minutes. You still need another treatment because it only works for 30 minutes, but boy does it work. We had treated everyone with Frontline, but there must have been a new hatch or something.

Today is every cat has a story day and I will tell you about Tallulah. She showed up in our yard in 2005 and was friendly from the start so she was obviously a drop-off. For some reason, people seem to think if they leave a cat by a barn it will be all set. Luckily, at our barn they are, but that is not always the case. Tallulah looks just like Jinx and when I first spotted her, I thought he had escaped as he was a bit of an escape artist in his younger years. She has always been a sweetie and we have never had a problem with her. She is one of Polar Bear’s 2 wives- he is deaf and likes to have them help him. Tallulah2

And now the information you have been waiting for—-the winner of the catnip ice cream cone and petsitter list is: Peggy Humes Hollenbach- Congratulations!!! I will contact you soon for your address. I also chose a new winner for the Catnip cat sign because the original winner never got back to me with her address. The new winner is Abner Doublebear- Cogratulations to you too! Thank you to all who liked my Facebook page and spread the word, I truly appreciate your help. I will announce another contest soon.