Life with 15 Cats

Happy Thrusday everyone! Thank you to everyone who donated to J.Lo, shared her story and porayed- everything helps. We are joining pepismartdog’s Thankful Thursday blog hop:, Thankful Thursday Weekly Blog Hop, pet centricI am thankful that there is such a wonderful community of pet lovers that all help each other out. This time last year, I didn’t even know about all these pet blogs.

Today is behavior day and I thought I would continue to tell you about a typical day with 15 cats. Last week, I told you about breakfast. After breakfast, I wash our dishes and theirs ( not together). Then I do a full litter box change on some of the boxes, I do that every 3 days because we use the plain clay, not the scented or clumping. Then I get a break until noon.

When we have lunch, they do too- first, of course. They actually just get a small bit of dry food to tide them over until 7pm dinner. Lucy and Snowball get to split a small can of Sheba brand though because Lucy is elderly and Snowball doesn’t have many teeth even though she is young. If I am not home, hubby will deal with this and take Lucy to the bathroom.

They are supposed to wait until 7 pm for dinner, but at 3 pm Phoebe begs her dad for a snack.. He always gives her one and when the others hear the containers rattling, they come running. We actually eat our dinner at 6 pm and make them wait- I probably shouldn’t do that because they drive us crazy at dinner especially when chicken is involved.

Somehow they have suckered us into a 10 pm snack as well – exact same one as at noon. And Phoebe will pester me again when I go to bed at 11 or 11:30. I guess we feed them too often, but I try not to make any meal too big. Sammy is the biggest at 20 pounds, but he is a large cat ( should probably weigh 17 though). Have a nice day, I am tired just thinking about my day.

Starting Saturday, I will be posting this year’s costumes: Here are some from a couple years ago: Phoebe is Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz and Stinky was the tin man:



  1. You TOTALLY have the most clever costumes for the gang!!! Your day sounds like it’s ALL GO…….Mom says that about her day and I’m an only cat (hahaha) but in her case it just FEELS that way because she’s constantly doing something for me on the computer!

    Hugs, Sammy

    1. Sammy, you are lucky to have such a talented secretary who also does maid duties. Hugs to you too.

  2. We love all of your costumes. Your mom and dad are really organized. They are wonderful to give a home to so many cats. Mom thinks that it is a lot of work to take care of four cats, MOL. Does everybody eat their own food or do you have some cats that nudge others out of the way and try to eat all of the food? Love, Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S.)

    1. My hubby has to police them and if he starts to read the paper then they switch and some are on allergy food.

  3. OMC, those costumes made me laugh! I just recently discovered that my human’s boyfriend gives Binga and Boodie bedtime treats – you KNOW I wanted part of that!

  4. Without a routine,our house would be chaos. Seriously, looking after a number of cats is a full time job,isn’t it?!
    Jane x

  5. Wow, with 15 cats, there must always be something interesting going on for sure, fascinating! Cool to hear your routine. The costumes are cute!

  6. Love your post. I got tired thinking about your day looking after 15 cats. BOL!
    LOVE your photos – we laughed out loud. Hilarious!!!
    Thank you for joining our Thankful Thursday Weekly Blog Hop.
    We always appreciate you making the effort and we really enjoy reading your posts.
    Hope to see you next week too. *waves paw* :=o)

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