The Mystery on David’s Bridge and Spells for Cats

Happy Friday everyone! Today is book day and Lucy and I both have some good ones for you.

Being that it is Halloween time, Lucy wants to recommend Spells for Cats by Daisy Pepper. She was a little disappointed though because there was no spell to make her an only cat. There are spells for blanket protection, space clearing and scairdy cats though.


I recently downloaded The Mystery on David’s Bridge by Pamela June Kimmell- mother to Sammy of One Spoiled Cat. It is only $2.99 for the Kindle version and free with Amazon Prime. Here is the link:

It took me a while to bring myself to read it because I am not a big fan of fiction. I am glad I did decide to read it though- it was fantastic! First off, there is a cat which immediately grabbed my attention. The story pulls you right in from the start when some bones are found. A young female detective ( with a pet cat) is conducting a basic reference check that leads to several cases from theft to murder. I am hoping this becomes a series as I would read them all.

Today is the last of my old costumes and starting Sunday we will be showing this year’s costumes all the way to Halloween.

blog5This is Sammy as The Cat in the Hat.

PS: I won’t be reading many blogs today, but I will catch up tomoroow. My cable box is borken and they can’t come out until tomorrow at 11 AM- my post will be late tomorrow too.




  1. Thanks for the review of my Mom’s mystery novel “The Mystery of David’s Bridge” !! We’re both happy that you liked the book…….Mom intended it to be a series – who knows – maybe it still will be?!?!?! Love the photo of Sammy as “The Cat In the Hat”………his hat is PURRRFECT!

    Hugs, “The Other Sammy”

    1. You’re welcome and thank your mom for being such a great writer. As I was reading the book, I kept thinking it would be a great movie on Lifetime or Hallmark. My Sammy says thank you 🙂

    1. Yes she sure is and Sammy says thank you and to tell you he is going to be The Flash superhero this year.

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