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Hi everyone! I have a lot to tell you today. First, I want to share what The Chicken Soup people had to say when I contacted them about their awful choices of stories. This is their response word for word:

Thank you for contacting us about “The Cat and His Boy” in Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Very Good, Very Bad Cat. We were alerted to this problem shortly after the book came out and we were embarrassed and chagrined when we re-read the story. We went back to the writer and she explained what really happened and revised her story. Her son had not actually treated the cat that way—she is a big cat lover—but she had been going for a more dramatic effect in the story, thinking it was amusing—which of course was wrong.

Please do not hold this against us. When you are combining stories from lots of people mistakes can happen. We rarely make a stupid mistake like this and we took immediate action when we realized it. We are known for our wonderful treatment of animals and our passionate support for shelters. We provide tons of free cat and dog food to shelters and we actively promote the adoption of cats and dogs from shelters in our books. We even make sure to feature stories about black cats and black dogs, senior cats and dog, and pit bulls—all categories that are harder for shelter to place with families. Royalties from our last four dog and cat books go to the American Humane Association.

Please accept our apology and our assurance that the story has been revised for the next printing of the book and that we will be more careful in the future.

I am glad they already took action as far as this story was concerned. I wrote back and asked about the other stories I complained about written by people who don’t like cats- I am waiting for that response.

Now, I have big news- you all know how we love to hop. Annie of McGuffy’s Reader and I  were sad when Hilary Grossman of Feeling Beachie stopped doing her Friday Fill-Ins so we asked her if she would mind if we did it. And she said yes ! Thank you Hilary. So next Friday we will be co-hosting our first of hopefully many hops. There will be 4 fill-ins , 2 from each of us. We hope this will help us all get to know one another better. The fill-ins will be listed next Thursday.

Special thanks to Jamie Swimm ( who also designed my logo and header) for designing our badge: ellen_cat_badge_2 If you want to see more of his incredible work, check out his website.

We are very sad to see another beloved pet leave for The Bridge, if you haven’t already, please visit Whitley’s Mama, she is brokenhearted.Whitley Westie FOREVER Badge


Doreen Tovey’s Books

Happy Friday everyone! I am co-hosting Feeling Beachie’s Follow Friday Fill-In Fun :

The statements are:
  2. I want more MONEY and less FAT
  4. HAVING CATS is the secret TO A HAPPY LIFE
The code is:

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Yesterday our friend Madi had a rodeo and Snowball and KaTwo got to join in the fun:
Lucy and I recommended Doreen Tovey’s books when we first started blogging, but now that we have more than 2 followers we thought we would again.049
For 50 years, she wrote books about life in rural England with her husband, Siamese cats and a donkey too. I have always wanted to go to England to see her cottage even though she passed away in 2008. I read a website about Siamese Cats that also has updates about her books, etc. :
It was through that site that I came in contact with Ray Evans* who lives in Rowberrow, England. Sadly, Doreen’s cottage was torn down by the new owners. He very kindly sent me some personal photos he had of Doreen and her cottage.
Doreen Tovey & Annabel (d) 1982Doreen with Annabelle, the donkey
Doreen Tovey & catDoreen with one of her Siamese cats 1980’s
Doreen Tovey in front of cottageDoreen in front of her cottage ( 1980’s)
Mr & Mrs Tovey 1.7.1977Doreen with her husband in 1977 and their Siamese cats.
If you haven’t read any of her books, you are in for a treat. Most of them have been reprinted and are available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
*All photos courtesy of Ray Evans, Rowberrow History Collection

Life with 15 Cats

Happy Thrusday everyone! Thank you to everyone who donated to J.Lo, shared her story and porayed- everything helps. We are joining pepismartdog’s Thankful Thursday blog hop: www.PepiSmartDog.com, Thankful Thursday Weekly Blog Hop, pet centricI am thankful that there is such a wonderful community of pet lovers that all help each other out. This time last year, I didn’t even know about all these pet blogs.

Today is behavior day and I thought I would continue to tell you about a typical day with 15 cats. Last week, I told you about breakfast. After breakfast, I wash our dishes and theirs ( not together). Then I do a full litter box change on some of the boxes, I do that every 3 days because we use the plain clay, not the scented or clumping. Then I get a break until noon.

When we have lunch, they do too- first, of course. They actually just get a small bit of dry food to tide them over until 7pm dinner. Lucy and Snowball get to split a small can of Sheba brand though because Lucy is elderly and Snowball doesn’t have many teeth even though she is young. If I am not home, hubby will deal with this and take Lucy to the bathroom.

They are supposed to wait until 7 pm for dinner, but at 3 pm Phoebe begs her dad for a snack.. He always gives her one and when the others hear the containers rattling, they come running. We actually eat our dinner at 6 pm and make them wait- I probably shouldn’t do that because they drive us crazy at dinner especially when chicken is involved.

Somehow they have suckered us into a 10 pm snack as well – exact same one as at noon. And Phoebe will pester me again when I go to bed at 11 or 11:30. I guess we feed them too often, but I try not to make any meal too big. Sammy is the biggest at 20 pounds, but he is a large cat ( should probably weigh 17 though). Have a nice day, I am tired just thinking about my day.

Starting Saturday, I will be posting this year’s costumes: Here are some from a couple years ago: Phoebe is Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz and Stinky was the tin man:


Great Book by a Fellow Blogger

Happy Friday everyone! Today is book review day and I have a great read for you and right now it is free. Lucy doesn’t want to review a book today, but she found something else to tell you about that is also free. Lucy and I love Grumpy Cat and we were thrilled to find a template to make a Grumpy Cat pumpkin. I haven’t actually carved my pumpkin yet, I think I am going to get a fake carvable one so it will last forever.

Here is the free template link:http://www.petsmart.com/featured-shops/friskies/cat-36-catid-800387. Last year my friend gave me a beautiful pumpkin made by her friends at Snowy Valley Gifts: https://www.etsy.com/shop/SnowyValleyGifts?ref=l2-shopheader-name . 054.

My recommendation is for fellow blogger of Athena Cat Goddess, http://www.athenacatgoddess.com/ .She is currently offering her book for free: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008UW3J08# . If you don’t have a Kindle, there is a link on her blog to get a free Kindle app. for your computer. I only have a cheap Polaroid tablet, but I have a Nook and a Kindle on it ( I love books almost as much as cats).

Marie Symeou’s book, The Cat Years: How My Cat Soulmates Saved Me is an excellent book about cats that have been part of her life. This book pulled me right in as a cat lover that also suffers from social anxiety. Her honesty about her feelings is touching as well as how she is able to communicate with cats on a soul level. I have written a longer review on Amazon, but it may take a couple days to show up. I hope everyone chooses to take advantage of the free book offer and decides to purchase some of her other books ( I purchased the Kindle version of her book on Athena).

Here is Lucy’s Hissing Booth from last year: blog12

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