The Sea Purrtector Files

Happy Friday! This week I have a double review that is long overdue. I follow Purrseidon’s blog, she is a cat that loves water. Her Mom is author Jeanne Foguth and she was kind enough to send some of her cat themed e-books.

The Red Claw is book one of The Sea Purrtector Files. The main character is a cat named Xander de’Hunter, a seal point Siamese. I think of him as a James Bond of cats, he even has a fancy gadget collar. He is part of Catamondo’s Worldwide Communication Network which is to protect cats everywhere.

I also read Latitudes and Cattitudes which is a prequel to The Sea Purrtector Files. It is a very short read, but I am glad I read it first to put everything in place for me as I read the series. This explains how Xander joined Catamondo.

I like to keep my reviews short and sweet so I won’t give out more information, but if you like cats, you will enjoy this series. You can get them in paperback or Kindle at Amazon starting at 99 cents. They are also available on Smashwords for the same prices.

I am planning to read Purr-A-Noia , Book 2 in the series next and I look forward to book 3 in the near future. Don’t forget to comment to be entered in our Thanksgiving Giveaway.


We will be hopping tomorrow. I am co-hosting Feeling Beachie’s Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun this week, but I won’t have my post ready until Saturday.


  1. He. There was a time when I thought that I don’t read cat books (fiction). And now I’ve started searching for them in my local library. πŸ˜€ I’ll check out whether they’ve those books. Thank you!

    1. I am not a big fan of fiction, but I am the same way now- as long as there is a cat, I want to read it πŸ™‚

    1. You’re welcome. I am sure you and Purrseidon will be great friends being that you both love the ocean.

  2. Reading your book review reminded my FORGETFUL Mom that she has a Smashwords gift book from you to read! MOM!!!!!! She has no excuse – just been distracted lately so maybe today’s the day………we did appreciate that though – it’s just Mom gets sidetracked with Scouts and blog stuff and forgets. Getting old isn’t easy. HAHAHA

    Hugs, Sammy

    1. Your Mom is busy with all your stuff Sammy πŸ™‚ I hope she gets a chance to read it. XO

  3. Mee-you those books sound cool Purrincess Phoebe.
    LadyMum luvss to read a lot….
    An may mee say yur foto with thee “Thee kat Who” book an thee toys iss adoorabull….
    Iss STILL rainin here…has been 2+ dayss an nitess of rain. Mee wants to go out inn Condo butt LadyMum says ‘NO!’ Shee iss rite as thee rain iss fallin efurrywhere an thee wind iss blowin so mee wood not even bee purrtected under thee balcony!! PICKERELL!!! What is a kittyboy to do???????
    Answer: Have many ‘happy nappiess’ an dreem of his sweet buttercup gurl…
    ***paw kissesss*** an ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry thee slumberin sleepy Purrince xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. I am glad you like my photo- Grammie says I look Grumpy in it- can you believe she said that when I love her so very much.
      I am sorry it is raining so much my sweet boy. I hope you get a sunny weekend. Love, Phoebes xo paw kisses and nose kisses too.

      1. Mew mew mew not grumpy purr say….just a bit not pleezed to have to wear another costume Purrincess dear.
        Grammie LUVSS you with all her <3 heart <3….
        Shee iss a wunderfull Lady!
        Thee weekend WAS sunny an mee went out inn Condo twice each day an even thiss mornin mee went out….
        Woo Hoo!!!!
        ~~~~head rubsss~~~~ an ***paw kisssss***
        Yur Purrince, Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

        1. My sweet purrince, I am so happy you had sunshine and got to enjoy your condo. I wish I was there with you in the condo- would we have room for both of us? Grammie sends her love to you too. Love, Phoebes XO head rubs and paw kisses and nose kisses too.

          1. Mee was out inn Condo today an there was Sun in thee morning. Mee went out again butt it iss cloudy an berry windy…it mite rain…
            LadyMum sayss SNOW iss inn forecast fur Katurday….PPPPFTTTTT iss what mee sayss, mew mew mew… πŸ˜‰
            Mee small Condo wood bee snuggly fur thee 2 of us….so wee could use mee LARGE Condo an have a Vee-lure blankit inn side an sum toyss an treet bowl also. What do you fink of that???
            ***paw kissesss***
            Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

          2. It is too early to snow, but last year it snowed a lot here the night before Thanksgiving. I think the condo with a velour blankie and you in it sounds wonderful. Toys and treats are good too, but all I need is you. Love, Phoebes. Paw kisses and nose kisses.

  4. guys….thanx for de grate ree view, theeze books sound way awesum N ya noe uz & de love oh de sea ~~~ N fish….& fish in de sea πŸ™‚

    heerz two a northern squawfish kinda week oh end β™₯β™₯β™₯

  5. Just when we needed another cat-themed book fur Dad to read us at night here it is. 2 or 3 in fact. Thanks we will tell Dad right NOW!

  6. ***blushie ^ ^ ‘ss*** mee sweet Purrincess…..
    Mee not need treetss an foodabullss either as long as mee wood have you to snuggle with inn thee Condo…
    An mee has more blnakiss what wood keep us warm πŸ˜‰
    Today ee wood need them all; it iss ternin BERRY chilley here.
    an it rained butt there are snow clouds inn thee sky!!!!!
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ an <3 LUV <3 Siddhartha Henry <3

    1. We had rain too. Snowball cuddles with me, but I close my eyes and pretend I am cuddling with you my sweet. XO

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