Mystery Solved!

Hi everyone! Mom is still being a big baby under the weather so she is letting me post again today. The mystery of the Party Mix has been solved. My good friends, Purrseidon and Mr. M sent them to me. Thank you so much!!!

DSCF1875 (2) I have been doing the Math and 16 divided by 12 ( Sammy can’t have any because of his special diet) is 1.33333. Well, I haven’t learned about decimals yet so I think an ounce to everyone and the extra 4 ounces to me- that is fair, isn’t it ?

We are joining Comedy Plus for their Awww….Mondays blog hop:


Grammie I love you so very much, I can’t wait to see you on Wednesday. I don’t know why Mom is going to get a scratch test though, we would do it here for free.

Today is Dragonheart’s Birthday and he is having a commentathon to help a Sphynx rescue group so be sure to visit. Click Here

The Sea Purrtector Files

Happy Friday! This week I have a double review that is long overdue. I follow Purrseidon’s blog, she is a cat that loves water. Her Mom is author Jeanne Foguth and she was kind enough to send some of her cat themed e-books.

The Red Claw is book one of The Sea Purrtector Files. The main character is a cat named Xander de’Hunter, a seal point Siamese. I think of him as a James Bond of cats, he even has a fancy gadget collar. He is part of Catamondo’s Worldwide Communication Network which is to protect cats everywhere.

I also read Latitudes and Cattitudes which is a prequel to The Sea Purrtector Files. It is a very short read, but I am glad I read it first to put everything in place for me as I read the series. This explains how Xander joined Catamondo.

I like to keep my reviews short and sweet so I won’t give out more information, but if you like cats, you will enjoy this series. You can get them in paperback or Kindle at Amazon starting at 99 cents. They are also available on Smashwords for the same prices.

I am planning to read Purr-A-Noia , Book 2 in the series next and I look forward to book 3 in the near future. Don’t forget to comment to be entered in our Thanksgiving Giveaway.


We will be hopping tomorrow. I am co-hosting Feeling Beachie’s Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun this week, but I won’t have my post ready until Saturday.