Thankful Thursday

006HI everyone! Thank you all for the purrs and prayers about my heart murmur. Mom doesn’t want to worry until March 4th so she is taking me back to the vets on Tuesday. My usual vet and the one who was going to clean my teeth will both take another listen to my heart and compare notes. Mom will be there so I shouldn’t be as scared. She is hoping they won’t hear it. At least my appointment is at 11 AM this time so I won’t have to get up at the a** crack of dawn.

Mom teased you all yesterday with this badge: featured-on-pawedin-cat

If you click on the badge, you will get taken to their site. It is a company that just launched in January that helps pet owners find the services they need closest to home. If you enter your zip code, you can find local groomers, vets and pet stores. The website also has a lot of interesting articles and you can sign up for free things too. A company representative reached out to Mom and asked her if we ever did anything funny when we had catnip? You can read her answer on their site.

I got to see my Grammie yesterday. I love her so very much. I haven’t been seeing her often because she has a cold ( her Great grandchild gave it to her). I would never give my Grammie a cold.

If you haven’t wished Zorro at Swiss Cats a Happy Gotcha Day yet, please visit. He is having a commentathon thru 2/21.

I am thankful for all of your purrs and prayers so I am joining PepiSmartDog’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop., pet centric


  1. Phoebe, we are just going to keep on purring and praying for you, okay? And for peace for your Mom.

    Pawedin sounds neat. We’ll go and check it out, for sure!

  2. Hopefully your murmur is very quiet. My brother Felix had a little murmur but it didn’t give him any trouble. I hope your Grammie is better soon. Those little humans are germ factories – eew!

    1. Millie and Prancie have murmuurs and Lucy did too, they seem common in older kitties. Grammie should spend more time with me than babysit.

  3. Uff, poor you, Phoebe, although I feel even more sorry for your Mom. I can understand that she doesn’t want to wait until March 4th. πŸ™

    We hope that this cold taught your granny that she stops seeing her great grandchild, and only spends time with you from now on!

    1. Hopefully I won’t be nervous with Mom there and my heart will sound normal. I wish Grammie would see me more often, but she doesn’t seem to mind getting sick.

  4. Well Dear Phoebe, we are hoping your murmur won’t keep you from having your dental procedure – our vet told my Mom that LOTS of cats have murmurs (why I don’t know?!) and I’ve always had one…..we’re sending you tons of purrs and POTP though in case you need some more!!!! Sorry your Grammie got a bad cold….that’s a doozy of a cold that’s going around. Thank heavens my Mom did NOT give it to me when she was sick a few weeks ago!

    Love, Sammy

    1. I don’t mind skipping my dental, although maybe I would feel better without my bad teeth. I am glad you didn’t get a cold Sammy. XO

  5. We hope your Stabby Place day goes well for you. and for your Mom. PS: we think you should totally play up the “I’d never make you sick” angle. We bet that will get your Grammie to spend more time with you!

  6. We hope the vet visit goes well for you. We know it is necessary for you and all critters. The online pet site sounds very interesting, too. Wishing Grammie well! XO

  7. We hope they won’t hear a murmur when you go back to the vet, Phoebe. We can only imagine how scared your mom must be about all of that.

    We will check out the website you talked about – it sounds very cool.

  8. We’re sending lots of purrs and prayers your way, Phoebe! At least you don’t have to get up too early for your appointment next Tuesday, and hopefully you don’t have to starve for this one either. Hopefully your vet won’t hear a murmur this time. But, I’ve known lots of kitties with murmurs, including my angel Rosie, who had a murmur for years. Purrs and prayers coming your way!

    1. Thank you for the purrs and prayers. I don’t have to starve next week which is very good.

  9. phoebe….tell grammie ta wrap perch round her head…..her will feel grate, look stylish, smell dee vine AND haza tastee snax close bye ~~ troo lee β™₯β™₯β™₯

    1. Thank you, you are very sweet. Thank you for checking out Pawedin, they are great for finding resources in your area.

    1. Thank you for crossing your paws for me. I hope your commentathon is going well. πŸ™‚

  10. Aaaaaaaaw Phoebe we’s sendin’ lots of purrayers. Sis Lexi’s brofur had a heart murmur but it didn’t really bother him lessen he ws tryin’ to do a lot of zoomies. We’ll purray yous dusn’t bother you eever. Sorry yous gwanny’s been sick, we hope she gets well soon. We know you miss her. And we checked out dat site, purretty cool. Hope we get sum good freebies. MOL Have a pawsum day.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

    1. Thank you for checking out Pawedin ,I hope we get some good freebies too. Thank you for the prayers, Prancie and Millie have murmurs too. Mom wants me checked though because I have to go under for the dental- I am not sure under what though? XO

  11. PHoebe we’re purrin and purrin for you!!!!
    I know that slight murmurs are not something that causes the humans a great deal of worry, I know you are not worried at all!
    We hope your Gramma gets feeling better.

  12. Prayers for you and all your housemates & your Grammie, of course, dear Phoebe. I have borderline high blood pressure and every time I go to the doctor my blood pressure goes up ! Humans call this a vicious circle. This isn’t quite the same as a heart murmur, but being unhappy about going to Dr Stabby doesn’t make you feel any better !

    1. That is very true, I hope the murmur sound was from being scared and my heart racing. We hope your blood pressure stays under control, my Grammie has been taking bp meds for almost 30 years.

  13. Miss Beautiful Phoebe, we are also hoping there will be nothing to hear! We’re glad you’re getting checked on Tuesday. We hope that gives your mom peace too.

    We’ll check out PawedIn!

  14. OMC Phoebe, we just heard about your murmurs. Granny says that it will get better after the teeth-thingie, we are sure about that. Dental issues can make us very sick, but you already knew that, right? Anyway, we will send Healing Pawkisses and Purrayers to you, sweet girl and hope you feel better soon πŸ™‚ <3 <3 <3

    1. I didn’t think of that, that if her teeth are bad, they could effect her heart. You have a smart Granny. XO

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