Phoebe’s Art

Hi everyone! Mom is letting me post today and tomorrow.



My ultrasound went well except for them running late so I had to starve even longer. I went 16 hours without food! My murmur was only graded as a one, last week, it was a 3. No abnormalities found and I can get my dental ( scheduled for the 16th-crap).

Mom also had them do an abdominal ultrasound because I have lost weight ( I think it is lack of treats). There was one area of thickening in my intestines that may just be normal for me–or not. Mom needs to keep an eye on my weight and the vet said to feed me. I kind of liked him.

Mom is lazy so she says my press conference photo is our art this week for Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop.  She used photofunia for this.

My Grammie is going to watch us tonight so I know the treats will flow. I love my Grammie so very much.

Thank you for all the purrs and prayers- I am thankful for all of you . See you tomorrow!

We are joining Rascal and Rocco’s Parade too!Celebrate winter time with the pet parade, where all your favorite pets and animals can be found


Hi everyone! Please pray and purr for Pipo and Minko’s  Dad. PowerOfThePaw WeBeesMeezersMrJackFreckles

Phoebe update: Murmur was still there so now we wait for the ultrasound on March 4th.

006It looks like I am now the proud owner of this little ragamuffin. As you know, I brought him in to be neutered. I don’t know if it is the same in all states, but in Massachusetts you have to sign a paper saying if any wounds of unknown origin are found that you will quarantine them for 6 months or they will euthanize. I wasn’t going to allow a seemingly healthy cat get put down. When I went to pick him up, I knew we were in trouble because out paperwork was off to the side. The vet found several injuries on his neck. I think it was from fighting with other male cats, but it doesn’t matter what I think, this is the law. I know if I care for him for 6 months there is no way I am letting him go- I have attachment issues.

Right now he is totally segregated. If after 6 months he seems like he can be introduced to the others then I will get him FELV/FIV tested and go from there. I was thinking of names and so far all I can think of is Daryl the feral. Any other ideas? I will get better photos soon- I hope.

And my last ROAR today is for Here Today Animal Shelter in Brimfield, MA. I am volunteering at their SPAYghetti dinner this Sunday. I am also crocheting some toys to be sold at the dinner too. I am glad that I can help, I never volunteer at shelters because if I make contact with any cat, I want it.

Taste of the Wild Tuesday

Hi everyone! Today we want to tell you about the food we won as part of Stunning Keisha’s #10CK Giveaway for her 10th Gotcha Day. We thought we had won a bag of treats so we were very surprised to receive a Chewy box with a 15 pound bag of Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Dry Cat Food. 002 Penny claimed the box, as you can see the bag is bigger than she is.

005 006 007 Everyone loved it- even KaTwo! That was 13 out of 13 cats that liked the taste. Then a few hours later the wild part kicked in. Prancie was walking around meowing and her pupils were dilated, Joanie was practically bouncing off the walls and Phoebe was very aggressive to Joanie  ( much more than when she plays with Prancie).

I decided to look up the ingredients ( I know I should have done that first). The one item that jumped out at me was chicory root. I know it is used as a coffee substitute and is caffeine free, but I am guessing it must be a stimulant. The only other information I could find about chicory root was it has a laxative effect. I am hoping it was what made Phoebe’s heart have the murmur-if it is not heard today then I will believe that was the cause. Has anyone else ever tried this and if so, how did your cat act?

I am not trying to sound ungrateful because this was a great prize, but I just can’t believe all the odd behavior my cats had from it. Chewy is a great company, but I won’t be purchasing this particular product again. And we love CK- thank you for having the giveaway!

Today is also World Spay Day and I am bringing in another feral to get fixed.


This poor guy is very afraid. And he smells a lot, I am sure his odor will go away once he is fixed. I am not looking forward to the car ride though.

Thankful Thursday

006HI everyone! Thank you all for the purrs and prayers about my heart murmur. Mom doesn’t want to worry until March 4th so she is taking me back to the vets on Tuesday. My usual vet and the one who was going to clean my teeth will both take another listen to my heart and compare notes. Mom will be there so I shouldn’t be as scared. She is hoping they won’t hear it. At least my appointment is at 11 AM this time so I won’t have to get up at the a** crack of dawn.

Mom teased you all yesterday with this badge: featured-on-pawedin-cat

If you click on the badge, you will get taken to their site. It is a company that just launched in January that helps pet owners find the services they need closest to home. If you enter your zip code, you can find local groomers, vets and pet stores. The website also has a lot of interesting articles and you can sign up for free things too. A company representative reached out to Mom and asked her if we ever did anything funny when we had catnip? You can read her answer on their site.

I got to see my Grammie yesterday. I love her so very much. I haven’t been seeing her often because she has a cold ( her Great grandchild gave it to her). I would never give my Grammie a cold.

If you haven’t wished Zorro at Swiss Cats a Happy Gotcha Day yet, please visit. He is having a commentathon thru 2/21.

I am thankful for all of your purrs and prayers so I am joining PepiSmartDog’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop., pet centric

Chewy Tuesday

Hi everyone, today is Chewy Tuesday, but first Phoebe has an announcement.


Thank you for all the purrs and prayers for my dental. I ended up going out in the freezing cold and starving for nothing. The vet detected a murmur that wasn’t there 2 weeks ago, she was still willing to do my dental, but Mom is a worry wart and wants me to get an ultrasound first. They only come once a month so that will be March 4th- it best be warmer by then. My Grammie was going to come with Mom to pick me up today, but she didn’t because I got picked up early. I love my Grammie so very much.

And now on to our Chewy review and then the giveaway winner will be announced.

Disclaimer: We are not compensated for our reviews, all opinions are our own. We are given the product by Chewy in exchange for a fair review.

020Joanie is always the first to investigate packages figuring there is food in them.

021 We tested Feline Greenies Catnip Flavor Dental Treats. They were delicious. We all liked them except for KaTwo who refuses to even give treats a try.

019 I admit I tried to eat the whole bag so I wouldn’t have to have my dental. I can see why these are the #1 vet recommended dental chew. They are tasty and only 1.25 calories each so we can keep our figures. 018Sammy was begging for more.

022Prancie wasn’t even willing to take her eyes off of them.

If you want some, here is the Chewy link. And they are on sale for only $2.59 for a 5.5 oz. bag. And Chewy always has free shipping on orders over $49 so stock up. To read more Chewy reviews, please check out the Chewy Blog Hop sponsored by Oz the Terrier and Golden Woofs. Blog Hop Badge

And the winner of the Vision Bedding Giveaway is: Laila and Minchie– Congratulations! We will be emailing you the special code needed to claim your prize. Thank you to everyone who entered. If anyone is planning to place an order, you can get $5 off with this code: Coupon code: 21978432572



Blizzard 2015

Happy Tuesday everyone! I am writing this Monday night and apologize if I don’t get to visit tomorrow. We are expecting a “blizzard” in New England and the power where we live always seems to go out. A few years ago, it was out for a full week! We have a generator, but if the power is out, I won’t have an internet connection 🙁 Fingers and paws crossed that doesn’t happen.

Today is medical day and I want to bring up the topic of heart murmurs. Several of our cats have them and we have followed up with the ultrasound to check. So far, we haven’t needed to use medicine or surgery. Prancie really needs a dental, but the vet suggested we do an ultrasound even though she had one less than 2 years ago and it has remained a grade 3. The vet explained to us that murmurs in cats don’t work the same as in dogs. A grade one murmur can be very serious yet a cat could have a grade six murmur and have a heart that is working normally. Prancie’s ultrasound won’t be until February 10th now due to the storm. I am curious to know how many kitties out there have murmurs and if you have a diagnosis as to the cause.


Don’t forget to measure those tails. So far Waffles is in the lead with 15 inches, but you have until Saturday to beat that. Hope you are all warm and safe. I am praying for all the poor feral and stray kitties outside in the blizzard.



Cats’ Daddy’s Birthday

Hi everyone! Today is the hubby’s birthday! 004Here he is with Millie. He is really quite the cat lover and they all love him. I was going to treat him to dinner, but he now has my cold so we will wait a week or so.

It is also medical day. It always amazes me how much I don’t know after living with cats for over 20 years and currently having 15 cats. I went to the low cost clinic with Polar Bear for the 3rd time in as many weeks. He is much improved with his sneezing and congestion so the vet figured the antibiotic he is on is working. He will be on it for 10 more days.

This is what I learned: Blood work should not be done to test kidney, liver and thyroid values until 4-6 weeks after a cat recovers from a respiratory infection. The values can look normal when they really aren’t because of the infection. I appreciate that I was told this instead of wasting my money on blood work that is inaccurate.

I also learned that hyperthyroidism can mask kidney disease. I am hoping that Polar Bear lost weight because he cut back on eating while he had a respiratory infection. I have had him for 6 years and he was at least 2 when I found him so I agree that his thyorid and kidneys need to be checked. He has a heart murmur grade 2 which could also be from thyoid issues or something else. The vet also thought his kidneys felt irregular, but it could just be how he is made. The important thing is that he is improving on his antibiotic and hopefully everything else will be fine too, but I won’t know until March. I was told to wait 4-6 weeks from when he is fully recovered.

Have a nice day everyone! Remember to comment if you haven’t yet for a chance to win Phoebe’s tea bag giveaway. She will announce the winner on Thursday.