Thankful Thursday


Hi everyone! We are joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.  I am thankful for school vacations.  I was able to have the girls over on Monday. And on Wednesday, my mom and I met my niece, The Great One, Typhoid Mary and the boy at the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art then we went out to lunch. There should be a school vacation every month. 🙂

I am also thankful that Michael’s Craft Store had another fairy like the one below because The Great One was upset that Typhoid Mary got the Queen fairy so I had to get another one.

Sorry I skipped the poetry this week.

Here are the Friendly Fill-Ins for tomorrow. I came up with the first two and my co-host, Lorianne of Four-Legged Furballs came up with second two.

1. An item discontinued that I want brought back is ______________________.
2. I would ____________________every day if I could.
3. It’s almost time for _________, and I can’t wait.
4. _________ were the good old days.


  1. Sounds like you had a lot of good “Auntie Ellen” time with the kids thanks to school days off. Kids seem to have a lot more of those these days than when I was a kid but that was CENTURIES ago! HAHA

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  2. Glad you were able to have the girls over, and get another fairy queen.

  3. !. An item discontinued that I want brought back are cookbooks with regular food recipes. Not always weird add-ins. I don’t want spinach or kale or mushrooms mixed into my cakes or ice cream! For pete sake, just leave out all the parsley and kale from smoothies! Ewwww.

    2. I would run at least 5 miles ever day if I could.

    3. It’s almost time for blue sky, bees, wildflowers, butterflies and birds, and I can’t wait.

    4. Work years were the old old days.

    1. Thank you for these great answers. Good point about cookbooks. Have you seen any by the Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond? She is pretty down to earth with normal items. XO

  4. Kids either on vacation or on a school trip to a nature center, art museum, or a visit to the state capital…one every month…seems doable, and so meaningful to the children.

  5. I never went to school, but if I did I’d enjoy having a vacation every day. Wait. I’m an indoor kitty. I do have a vacation every day. Never mind. Love, Dori

    1. You are so funny Dori. If you join Cat Scouts you can go to school at Cat Scouts University. XO

  6. When our girls were little, we bought them identical toys. It seems whatever the other has that’s is the convent toy. This kept our girls content and never wanting what her sister had or at least that’s the way I remember it. 🙂

    1. An item discontinued that I want brought back is _nothing_. Seriously, I can’t think of a thing!
    2. I would_ eat ice cream _ every day if I could. I’m serious!
    3. It’s almost time for _spring_, and I can’t wait. I’m tired of winter and am ready for steady warm temperatures.
    4. _The 60s and 70s_ were the good old days. Those were my days of youth.Where did the time go?

    Thanks for visiting today, my dear!

    1. That was a wise thing to do. My nieces are 3 years apart so the younger one always wants what the older one has despite it being inappropriate for her age. Thank you for these great answers. I agree about the good old 70’s. XO

  7. I’m sure the girls would be okay with a monthly day off and an extra visit with you! Our Michael’s store sure went down hill, it’s dirty, dirty, dirty and lots of the shelves are bare. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  8. That is one terrific fairy! No wonder the Great One wanted one too! I do believe that the Family Day holiday here was instituted for that very reason. They talked about how we needed something in the the big gap between New Years and Easter – starting when I was in school a million years ago.

  9. We would love to play with that fairy too, and with the girls😸 Today we played with a little porcelain pussycat of Granny…she wasn’t amused😹 Extra Pawkisses for all of you🐾😽💞

  10. Aww I’m sorry that The Great One got upset about Typhoid Mary getting the fairy. Having had a little sister myself, I completely understand her response. 🙂 I am very glad that you were able to get another one.

    I’m also glad that you got to spend time with them. I agree about monthly school vacations. There is talk here about making the school week be only 4 days in our town, but so far, it hasn’t passed. Folks didn’t get much warning about that vote. It will be coming up again, though, I’m sure. Personally, I’m all for it, but I’m not one of the parents that will have a child care crisis if it is passed. I hope that they can get it all worked out, whatever is best for the children and their families.

    Have a blessed weekend!

    1. Thank you. Sadly, most people use it as a day care so it will never pass. I would love to have a shorter school week. 🙂 XO

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