ROAR for PALS Tag Sale

Happy Wednesday everyone! Don’t forget it is back to school week and we are having a contest to win the Vera Bradley pencils: 017Pardon Sammy, he wanted to make sure I wasn’t giving away something he may want.

Today is ROAR day and I wanted to do the mice bucket challenge. I recorded Lucy on my camera, but when I uploaded it, I only get the sound. I will have to figure that out by next week’s ROAR.

I had started doing some Fall cleaning/decluttering and saw a sign for a local shelter needing tag sale donations. PALS is one of my favorite local charities, it is also the one I crochet toys for them to sell. They are small and don’t get the grant funding like bigger places, but they are always willing to help when other places won’t For anyone in Massachusetts, if you have anything to donate, here is the link: . I am actually running out of stuff to donate, I am always decluttering- I wish hubby would do the same. Whenever I mention it though, he suggest getting rid of me or some cats- LOL. I think he is kidding.

Have a nice day everyone!


    1. Hubby is definitely kidding he loves me and all the kitties. You can still do the mouse bucket challenge with only 5 or 6 mice- or maybe your mom could go out and buy you some more. Thanks for the compliment of my being generous- you are too sweet.

    1. Yes, he is just kidding. I couldn’t find another program to open it in. I ended up using my mom’s camera and that uploaded fine so I will be posting that for next Wed.

  1. Am so glad I’m well past the age of going to school! Our kitties watch the big yellow buses cruise up and down our street, since we live next to the junior and high schools.

    1. That is cute, mine don’t care about the bus, but they love to watch the garbage truck-LOL.

  2. We’re going to do the Mice Bucket challenge. Mom gathered all our mousies up but Raz has already scattered them….she has to do it all over again!!

    The Florida Furkids

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