KaTwo-Part 3

Happy Thursday everyone! I am going to conitune with KaTwo’s story today because Hyperesthesia is both a medical and behaioral issue.

When KaTwo first joined us, I kept her door open with a screen to block the entrance. Little piggy, Joanie soon realized she had food available all the time and moved the screen. Eventually I was able to allow other cats into her room and KaTwo would come out into the livingroom. No one was harmed so I thought this was great. At the time though, KaTwo was still after her tail and screeching several times a day. Now I realize how stressed she was and that was how she dealt with it.

When my mom was here recovering from surgery, she had to room with KaTwo. I know that sounds like an awful thing to do to my mom, but she is really bonded to her from the long ride home and seeing where she came from. She would be pretty good with her, but usually at night let out her blood curling screech. Apparently, she doesn’t like the tv on after a certain hour and that was stressing her. As soon as my mom returned to her home, KaTwo was fine again. Her tail used to have all scabs from chewing and attacking it, but now it is fine. I am really happy that she doesn’t need meds now and she is a happy kitty.

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  1. That is very interesting about Ka Two. I have had several cats that can’t stand to be around other cats. Happy Thursday to you.

    1. Do your cats get aggressive or scared near other cats? They are all different, just like us.

  2. I am so glad Ka two is doing so much better 🙂 She is so lucky she found such a great home!

  3. fank you fur bein’ so caring as to find out what ka two’s prollem was an’ deal wif it luffinly.

    our mommer hasn’t efurr been able to figger out xing lu’s prollem. we fink she’s just a witch.

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