Hi everyone. We are joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop. And  the #RememberMeThursday blog hop hosted by Lola the Rescued Cat. 

I am thankful for every cat that I have had the privilege of sharing my life with.

Today is the day we share rescue stories with the hope of inspiring others to adopt a homeless pet.

A friend of mine caught Trouble as a stray. She brought her to me for TNR, but I fell in love.




When I went to adopt Sammy, I saw he had his sister with him.  They were 4 yrs. old and I was told they didn’t need to be together. There was no way I was leaving her behind. She started purring the minute I held her.  Best decision I ever made.

Penny just showed up one day in May 2012 so we kept her.

These are just a few of our stories. Many of my cats were drops offs because we have a barn and for some reason people think it is OK to drop off cats. My Angels KaTwo and Snowball were in a shelter for years before I adopted them. I am thankful for each and every one of them.

We light this candle in memory of a cat that doesn’t get a forever home.  #SeeTheLight

Special thanks to Lola’s mom for hosting and to The Helen Woodward Animal Center.


Here are the Friendly Fill-Ins for tomorrow. I came up with the first two and my co-host, Lorianne of Four-Legged Furballs came up with second two.


1. Every fall I ____________________.

2. It is never too early to ___________________.

3. I would describe my lifestyle as _________.

4. _________ requires a lot of patience.





  1. All of my pets have been from shelters (except Cinnamon). We are celebrating our local (and very brand new) shelter. Our area has been without one for 3 years before these ladies started it . Thanks for telling us about your guys, I love reading about the wonderful work you do with your cats.

  2. Beautiful post, dear friends. We appreciate all you do for so many kitties. In doing so, really are helping lots of people see the light about orphan pet animals and adoption. XO

  3. You are a wonderful person for all the lucky cats that come into your loving care.

  4. Oh, we are hoping so much that animals everywhere who have no mama or papa or home will find one today, tomorrow, soon and be cared for and loved as I am. We lucky ones think always of those who are searching for a forever home.

  5. To say “15” is likely an understatement ~ no doubt so many more have been cared for and loved in your home, rescued, and shared their days forever with you. How blessed they have been to find you.

  6. Thanks friends. We are all rescue or shelter cats and an important thing to remember is when you adopt from a shelter you make room for another kitty so you really save two. We love you all and your parents too

  7. It’s a big day for all of us to celebrate…………so many animals deserve and want a forever home – I would like to think that all of our posts and attention might shine the light on some brand new forever relationships for many pets who need a home!

    Hugs, Pam

  8. A huge thank you for opening your home to the cats that have been a part of your life. A home forever with you with love and respect till the very end. A beautiful post to shine the light of the need to adopt a homeless pet.

  9. Lovely kitty pictures all and how wonderful that you have given so many kitties a home, Ellen! We so hope that all kitties and all animals could have homes like yours! XO

  10. Adoptions are just the best for each and every species and we hope it’s the next big thing. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  11. I loved reading your baby’s stories. Thank you for that, Any time you want to tell us about them or the others, I know I would be so happy to read the stories of love. XX
    Katie Isabella

  12. Charlee: “Aww, we love your stories! Our story is that Chaplin and I were part of a litter that was born out in the street in San Diego, and when we were big enough we were split up to different shelters. The two of us were sent to the San Diego Humane Society and Mama saw us on an internal message board while she was working there. She and Dada came to meet us and, well, here we are!”
    Lulu: “I have the same kind of story! I was turned in to the shelter by my owner who was moving away, and Mama saw me on an internal message board, and here I am!”
    Chaplin: “Another shelter animal here were Trouble the Kitty, who Dada adopted from the shelter in New York after the cat he was planning to adopt mysteriously disappeared; Dada says Trouble kept meowing at him and reaching through the bars at him until he took her out and brought her home.”
    Lulu: “And then there was Trixie, who someone adopted as a puppy from a shelter in Rome, New York, and later returned, telling all kinds of stories about her bad behavior. But the shelter told Mama and Dada that Trixie had been a good puppy, and it seemed like the people who adopted her had mistreated her in some way, so Mama and Dada brought her home where she became Tucker’s best friend, and later on Dennis’s best friend, too.”
    Charlee: “And of course everyone knows Dennis’s adoption story about being found wandering in a canyon in the desert with his mother and two brothers and coming to live here as a foster dog and never leaving.”

  13. Charlee: “Aww, we love reading your adoption stories!”
    Chaplin: “The two of us were born on the streets in San Diego and lived in a big cage in the shelter office for a while until Mama and Dada adopted us.”
    Lulu: “And I was turned in to the shelter by my previous family when they moved away, but Mama spotted me and I didn’t stay in the shelter for very long!”

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