Penny’s Tips Volume 134

Hi everyone! Did you miss me?

Check out this cool Halloween Advent Calendar a dear friend sent to us.  I was hoping to snag the witch on the 9th, but mom put that away for Emmy’s vet trip tomorrow. I did score a Halloween donut though.

I found some freebies for Halloween for you. Smiling blog has free printable Halloween bookmarks-click here. 

and has a lot of nice free Halloween coloring pages-click here. 

And I am having a Halloween giveaway- the prize is a Halloween catnip mat, a pumpkin catnip toy and a plastic eyeball to roll around. Sorry it is only open to US residents, but anyone can enter =if you live in another country and win, we will send you a $5 Amazon gift card and you can choose a US reader to send the prizes too. To enter-leave a comment on this post by Friday 9PM ( EST). Winner will be announced Saturday.

Please keep our friend Astrid in your prayers. She is having surgery today. To visit, click here. 

We are joining Comedy Plus’ Happy Tuesday Blog Hop


  1. Penny you are a cutie next to the Halloween advent calendar. Enjoy the donut and more toys as the days go by.

  2. Hey Penny of course Daisy Mae and I missed you and we’ll keep Astrid in our prayers.
    You have a great giving running and the prizes are to die for(pun intended) lol.
    We hope we win your Halloween giveaway.
    Please enter us
    Crystal And Daisy Mae

  3. Oh Astrid, of course we send Power of the Paw!
    And I have a rolling eyeball. I need to get that thing OUT to play with. That’s a great giveaway. I hope I get picked. XX

  4. You just reminded me that I have some special eyeball toys that you have made …. I must go find them. I mostly put them away by “Theme” although I miss some sometimes. No need to enter me in the drawing for the mat …. although I do love it …. I think I have one and I always want to share with others who do not. How many days are there in your advent calendar?

    1. There are 3 days in the advent calendar, but we couldn’t mait til mid October. 🙂 It has a lot of fun goodies. XO

  5. Astrid and mom are in my prayers.

    Good luck on the giveaway. You make the cuties kitty things.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday, Ellen. Scritches to all the kitties. xo ♥

  6. Java Bean: “Mmmm, Halloween donut …”
    Charlee: “Have you ever had a donut, Bean?”
    Java Bean: “No, but I hear they’re good with coffee, and I do like coffee.”
    Chaplin: “We Hipsters send lots of purrs for your friend Astrid!”
    Lulu: “And we dogs send tail wags!”

  7. Mee-yow a Halloweeny Advent Calendur!!! What will they think of next??
    Pleese enter us inn THE draw Aunty Ellen Penny….if wee win can you send prizess to Snoopss an Kommando fore St Stripess there mew kitty???
    **nose rubss** BellaDharma an ((hugss)) BellaSita Mum

    1. It is the first we have seen. That is swet of you to want a prize for Sgt Stripes- good luck. XO

  8. Penny, too bad you did not get the witch. Thanks for the great Halloween Links and Penny, have we told you lately how much we live you and your tips! Purrs Marv

  9. That nip mat is cute. I’d like good on it. The advent calendar sounds great. Last year TW tried getting a monthly box with seasonal cat toys for me but they were all fails plus they all smelled more of bug spray or something rather than nip and they got thrown out except for the candy corn.

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