Mystery Solved!

Hi everyone! Mom is still being a big baby under the weather so she is letting me post again today. The mystery of the Party Mix has been solved. My good friends, Purrseidon and Mr. M sent them to me. Thank you so much!!!

DSCF1875 (2) I have been doing the Math and 16 divided by 12 ( Sammy can’t have any because of his special diet) is 1.33333. Well, I haven’t learned about decimals yet so I think an ounce to everyone and the extra 4 ounces to me- that is fair, isn’t it ?

We are joining Comedy Plus for their Awww….Mondays blog hop:


Grammie I love you so very much, I can’t wait to see you on Wednesday. I don’t know why Mom is going to get a scratch test though, we would do it here for free.

Today is Dragonheart’s Birthday and he is having a commentathon to help a Sphynx rescue group so be sure to visit. Click Here


  1. You really do need a calculator to divvy up those treats! Although I think some kitties may disagree with your math.

  2. Purrseidon and Mr. M are so nice!!! You mind if I come over and help you enjoy those treats?

    1. Come on over Toby, Penny will share her ounce with you- just kidding, I will share with you too 🙂

  3. Oh nice that you found out who gave you such a nice BIG bag of treats! As for the scratch test your Mom is having – it’s a mystery why she’d want to go to a doctor for that when as you said – you guys could do the scratching for NOTHING! Humans are tough to figure out sometimes!

    Hugs, Sammy

    1. I think us kitties are missing out making money on something we are experts at. :)XO

  4. Well that was so nice of them to send those treats. Bet they were yummy. You all have a great day.

  5. Great job solving that treat bag mystery, Phoebe. Also, great job on that math. You get an A+ from us! I hope your mom’s scratch test goes well!

    1. Thank you, I am glad you like the way I do Math. Her test is Wednesday, we will let you know.

    1. Yes, she keeps getting sinu infections so the Dr. sent her to an allergist. XO

  6. Math, smath, whatever! Enjoy your treats ALL of you. Hope Mom feels better. Allergies are no fun.
    Angels Normie and Mika, Sasha & Grady Lewis

  7. Awww, you’re so adorable. And you have great math skills too.

    I hope mommies test has good results that are easy to fix.

    Have a purrfect Awww Monday. ☺

    1. Thank you. The allergist says even if she is allergic to cats, he can cure her.

  8. guys….total lee awesum oh purrseidon & mr M ta send everee one de treatz ~~~~~ high paws two them 🙂 we R knot big time math whizzez sew we think 13 treetz a day for each day til they run out for everee one izza grate eye dea, N sammy ewe can haz flounder ~~~~ ♥♥♥

  9. Mew mew mew ‘scratch test fur free’….it nevurr getss ‘old’ mee sweet buttercup!!
    Mee iss glad you found out who sent you thee mega-treet bag!
    An yur Math seemss rite to mee 😉
    Pleeze **nose kiss** Grammie frum mee ok???
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ an ***paw kissesss***
    Yur Purrince, Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. I will give Grammie a nose kiss for you my sweet boy, she will love that. XO and paw kisses and head rubs.

  10. A scratch test huh Phoebe? Y tell your mommy to just hold a kitten or 2. They have no manners and can scratch ya up really fast. MOL Kiddin’ aside, we hope it all goes well fur your mommy. Sorry to hear Sammy can’t have any treats. Dat doesn’t seem quite right to us tho’. Maybe ya’ll could get him some of those Delectable cjicky bits Raena luvs so much.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

    1. There are special treats he can have, but the vet was out of them, for now he has the dry special diet. XO

  11. It was for your birthday, so I think that you should decide what to do with them.
    If you want the whole bag, don’t hold yourself but I guess the next weeks you will have some stinky eyes from the rest of the gang.

    Billy The Time Cat

    1. I don’t mind sharing little, I don’t want to lose my girlish figure. XO

  12. What a nice thing for a friend to do! Many happy returns of the day to Dragonheart!

    1. I could charge her half the price of what the dr. charges- a win win situation 🙂

  13. I think since it was your birthday, it is fair that you got more treats. However, did your vet say what Sammy can have? Make sure you ask. He needs treats, too! XO

    1. I agree 🙂 Sammy can have prescription treats, but the vet was out of them. XO

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