It’s Monday! What Are YOU Reading? And More.

Hi everyone! We are joining Book Date’s It’s Monday! What Are YOU Reading? ,McGuffy’s Reader’s Sparks and Comedy Plus’ Awwww…Mondays blog hops. And because I love to hop (virtually), I am also joining Curious as a Cathy’s Mewsic Moves Me.

I have gotten to read a lot lately thanks to the cold weather and snow. I just finished Saving Charlotte: A Mother and the Power of Intuition by Pia de Jong. I read it over 2 days because it was so interesting and easy to read. A beautiful story of a family following their instincts instead of doing what the doctors recommended.

Unqualified by Anna Faris was a fun read. I have never seen any of her movies or her tv show, but I enjoyed her book and may start watching her tv show. I also enjoyed The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down by Haemin Sunim, a book that will help you to be more mindful.

I thought Emmy looked cute dangling her foot off the couch.

For Mewsic Moves Me, the theme this week is Country. I enjoy most country music except the really sad ones. Here are some ofΒ  my favorites:


My Spark is the song above, we should all live like we are dying.

Marg’s Animals had an unexpected loss yesterday of beautiful BG.




  1. Ellen,

    You picked some of my favorite country tunes & artists. I had today’s post scheduled already, so I will share my country picks in two weeks. “Live Like You’re Dying” is a good song for this week’s SPARKS contribution. If we all lived this way then love, peace, and happiness would flow sweetly. Today, I will ask myself, ‘how can I live like I was dying?” and try to answer it through my actions. Thanks for sharing and for hitting the dance floor with me. πŸ˜‰

  2. I am not reading a book right now, but I am reading blogs. Interesting books to check out, especially the one to help us be more mindful. Emmy is adorable! I enjoyed your Mewsic choices!

    1. Reading blogs is time consuming πŸ™‚ The mindful book is an easy and quick read. Emmy thanks you and I am glad you liked my mewsic choices. XO

  3. Emmy is a mighty fine foot dangler! Reading? What’s that? My Mom doesn’t seem to have time to read – other than blogs that is!

    Hugs, Teddy

  4. Awww, Emmy is adorable and I love that foot off the couch too.

    I’m reading Two Kinds of Truth by Michael Connelly. It’s a really good book.

    Love your Spark. I do live like that. It’s most wonderful.

    Have a purrfect Awww Monday and may your day be filled with wonderful Sparks. β™₯

  5. These all sound like such intriguing reads. And Emmy most certainly does look cute! I also really like your Spark, as it is so important to make the most of every moment we have. We were so sad to hear of Marg’s loss of beautiful BG, and we have sent her our purrs and prayers.

  6. Emmy is so darn cute with that foot dangling! I am reading a huge Vegetarian cookbook to get ideas for when we have our veggie friends over for dinner.
    Have a lovely day!

  7. Emmy looks very comfortable and pretty. ~grin~ I’m busy reading my own short story “Dog Eat Dog”. On that note, need to get back to polishing. Be well!

  8. I like your song choices. They are among my favorites too. Your books are new to me and sound interesting. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

  9. If Emmy visited us, our Mom would probably still be reading a Cathy Lamb book to her. It’s the first Cathy Lamb book she’s ever read, and the only reason why she’s giving it a chance is because one of her writing instructors used to mention every day how much she hated Cathy Lamb’s writing. That instructor didn’t like anything!

  10. Mee-you BG went to Pure Land?? That iss berry sad…so many 4 leggedss left inn thee last 4 dayss Aunty Ellen! PHOOEY!
    Emmy yur dangull iss pawtastick just like you.
    Aunty wee are now reedin thee book “Thee Burning” bye Sue Walker (frum Britian).
    It is set in Scotland an iss sorta Gothic scary all tho’ set in present day. Wee all ready fink thee Lady Vicar iss evil. Shee iss not what shee purrtendss to bee.
    Reedin iss fun issn’t it?
    ***nose kissesss*** neffkitty Siddhartha Henry xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. There are always so many losses, cats and dogs just don’t get enough time with us sweet boy.
      I bet you are correct about the Lady Vicar, you are so clever. XO

      1. Mee iss so sad about Molly gurl mee gotted inn to trubbull today….mee hopes Ladymum will furgive mee……again……an mee hopess shee will reed to mee tonite…. *sighsss*

  11. I love that song and I love it’s message. Life is a gift that should be opened and celebrated everyday, we all too often are waiting for something to happen and don’t really see the time flying away before we reach the finish line. I always tell people to make good memories now, then you won’t have regrets later. We tend to regret what we didn’t do in life far more than we regret what we did.

    Emmy hanging her foot off the sofa is so cute! I am always amazed at the gravity-defying ways in which cats will choose to lay on furniture and laps, and they always look so comfortable, even if their head is falling over into space! πŸ™‚

    Josie Two Shoes ~ Sparks

  12. Mom recently read The Lilac Girls and loved it. Same for The Architect. She is reading Big Little Lies now – interestingly written but a little shallow after the other two.

    You picked some of Mom’s favorite songs too, especially Humble and Kind.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  13. Kitties do get the run of the show don’t they! They so cuddly & cute! Tim McGraw sure tells some great stories in his tunes and thanks for pickin’ some of his greats & sharin’ with us all! Hope you have a great week. It’s snowin’ here right now. They said to expect 5 to 6″ ! Oh fun!!! I think I’ll hibernate!!! hehehe~ Oh I’m in Illinois! Have a good one girlfriend. You surely rocked the house!

  14. A couple of my favorite songs, that last one is a fabulous Spark. It sounds like you’ve done a lot of good reading, i wish i could just live in a library!

  15. I love Tim McGraw’s voice – so much emotion and that song is a perfect spark. It is something I’m reminded of every day, to appreciate each moment as if it is our last.
    Emmy looks very cute and relaxed – like she’s the queen of everything.
    Have a wonderful week Ellen.

  16. Mum loves reading.
    Lately she has sead several books by Laura Griffin.
    Her current read is” Missing,Presumed…) by Susie Steiner.
    Julie loves when mum reads as she can snooze on mum’s lap.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  17. Emmy looks adorable. Mommy says that’s a great quote and no matter how we live, good or bad, we are livin’ like we’re dyin’ cuz we start the road to death the minute we take our furst breath. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  18. I’m not really anything right now but wish I could get caught up in something. I hate to waste that Kindle. I think Anna Faris is pretty funny and will try to catch anything she’s in. I think her and Allison Janney are too good for the show as are many of the supporting actors but they are all good comic actors and work well together.
    Thanks for the tip I may download a sample to see if I can get into it, I have gotten so bad at reading books.

  19. I’ve been reading a nonfiction book about Diabetes. You’d think as I read, I’d put down the cookie. Nope. But I have been exercising more, which opens the cells to take the sugar which my body hasn’t wanted to accept.

  20. Sounds like you read a good variety of books. Where do you get most of your books? I used to download e-books all the time and have gotten out of the habit. I need to charge my kindle and read some of those.

    Those are my favorite country songs too!

  21. I have always loved to read All my life since I learned how. But in the past 4 months I have been on a reading jag for sure. XXX Love to Spooky in Heaven.

  22. What a jam packed post. I think I need the book, The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down, but finding time to read it is a problem. I also think your Spark is a good idea for all of us. Hugs, Janet

  23. Hi and Welcome to Monday’s Music Moves Me!
    I LOVE Tim McGraw and especially his “Live Like You Were Dying”. “Humble and Kind” is a great song too. And both of these songs have wonderful words of wisdom.

    I also wanted to extend my sympathies to Marg in the loss of her beautiful BG. What an absolutely lovely cat! My heart goes out to her — I know all too well how devastating it is to lose one of our furry family members. Please pass along my sympathies to her for me and tell her she can reach out to me if she wants to chat: I’m an animal chaplain and deal with a lot of pet loss grief.

    Hope you get a chance to come by my place for a visit.
    Have a good week,

    Michele at Angels Bark

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog. I think it is wonderful that you re an animal chaplain. I hope you have a good week too.

  24. Wow ! 3 books! Mom has read The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down. She’s into meditation and mindfullness. Emmy, your dangle is fabulishious and we don’t listen to much country music – Mom likes rock.

  25. You sure have been reading a lot. That puts me to shame, all I have been reading is blogs…and work stuff…boring…(not the blogs-the work!)
    Emmy sure does look sweet with her Dangle…but I do think she would look sweet in any position!

    So sad about BG. January started out sad and now Feb, also…

    1. You have a full time job so you don’t have time to read. Emmy thanks you. THere is sadness every month in the blogosphere πŸ™

  26. Emmy, doing the dangle!
    I just called the local public library, and made sure that they ordered a new book that came out today! The librarian actually recognized my voice…I’m a bit unnerved by that!

  27. That song always makes me cry. It is powerful. Thank you for sharing it with Sparks. Emma is adorable. I am so happy she found you. You are a blessing, my friend. HUGS.

  28. I just finished an award-winning book from decades ago that is a movie coming out next month. I don’t want to name it because I actually didn’t like it and don’t want any backlash! Although, I think I left enough hints as to what it is. πŸ™‚ I thought I would love it. Totally didn’t.

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