Hopping Saturday

Happy Saturday everyone!  It is Saturday time to get hopping. For Athena’s Caturday hop, I took a photo of Sammy all dressed for his Cat Scouts Yachting trip on Sunday and framed it. I also added a sticker. Isn’t he handsome?qLBATKz
The Lazy Pit Bull’s 52 Snapshots of Life’s theme this week is “play” and Sammy loves to play with his “Da Bird” that he got from his Scouts Secret Santa. Joanie likes getting in on the action too.
Caturday Art 52 Snapshots of Life
Feeling Beachie

The statements:

  1. I like _____
  2. ____ isn’t _____
  3. Before I______, I _______
  4. Can you____ when______?

My Answers:

1. I like CATS


3. Before I GO TO BED, I PRAY

4. Can you EAT when YOU ARE STRESSED ( Unfortunately, I can)

We are also joining Rascal and Rocco’s Pat Parade Pet Parade #bloghop for #petbloggers #cats #dogs #pets any #animals

Please keep Georgie of ( http://wildcatwoodscats.blogspot.com/ ) in your prayers.Purrs and Prayers for Georgie

Phoebe will announce the winner of the pink fish kicker tomorrow.


  1. Da Bird is loads of fun…and so are those kickers; we can hug them as we kick on them a full body workout:)) MOL!!

    Love that picture in its ‘doctored state’!!
    I like sunpuddles!
    A cold day isn’t furry pleasant
    Before I sleep, I beg for a belly rub!
    Can you chase your tail when you see it twitching behind you?

    1. Great answers Pipo! My KaTwo always chases her tail and has injured it several times. I would love to rub your belly.

    1. Sammy says thank you. I wish I was like your human and then I would want to exercise.

  2. Sammy you look FABULOUS for your trip to Rome to visit Yacht Cat Bailey! I’ll see you at the birthday/gotcha party and the airplane when we head off for our adventure. Meanwhile, HAPPY CATURDAY!

    Hugs, Sammy

    1. Sammy says thank you and he will see you soon. Hope you get your bacon today 🙂

  3. Oh I love your answers and the third one is what mommy would have said too. I help by walking around her while she does.

    1. Aww…that is sweet. If he didn’t already have a special friend at Cat Scouts named Maggie, I am sure he would be thrilled to sail with Laila. XO

  4. Y Sammy P looks just adowable in hims sailin’ outfit. Y’all sure do a lot of hoppin’. Mommy wuld never be able to keep up. MOL Glad everypawdy had a good time wiff da bird. Weez have a similar toy we luv too. Phoebe be lookin’ gawjus as always.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

    1. We love to hop- on blogs, we refrain from any real hopping though 🙂 Sammy and Phoebe say thank you.

    1. Yes, you better get packing. Sammy says thank you and he will see you there.

  5. That is a cool toy that you have to play with! We met the founder of the pup scouts last week. It seems like a fun organization too.

  6. Ahoy Sammy yur lookin berry Captain like in yur outfit!!!
    Have fun ok??
    Me will go over an leeve a commint fur Georgie!!
    **nose bumps** Siddhartha Henry an LadyMum xxxx
    Pee S: Mee sends mee LUV to Purrincess Phoebe <3

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