Tummy Tuesday

Today is ultrasound day. We are also praying for our dear friend, Flynn.

Purrs and Prayers for Flynn


009Lucy and I thank you for your continued purrs and prayers. I will post any news I get from the vet tomorrow on the 15andmeowing Facebook page as well as on Wednesday’s blog post.

009Joanie loves Tummy Tuesday and she wanted to show you how long her tongue is ( sorry, the photo came out light, but there was no getting that shot again. )



Hopping Saturday

Happy Saturday everyone!  It is Saturday time to get hopping. For Athena’s Caturday hop, I took a photo of Sammy all dressed for his Cat Scouts Yachting trip on Sunday and framed it. I also added a sticker. Isn’t he handsome?qLBATKz
The Lazy Pit Bull’s 52 Snapshots of Life’s theme this week is “play” and Sammy loves to play with his “Da Bird” that he got from his Scouts Secret Santa. Joanie likes getting in on the action too.
Caturday Art 52 Snapshots of Life
Feeling Beachie

The statements:

  1. I like _____
  2. ____ isn’t _____
  3. Before I______, I _______
  4. Can you____ when______?

My Answers:

1. I like CATS


3. Before I GO TO BED, I PRAY

4. Can you EAT when YOU ARE STRESSED ( Unfortunately, I can)

We are also joining Rascal and Rocco’s Pat Parade Pet Parade #bloghop for #petbloggers #cats #dogs #pets any #animals

Please keep Georgie of ( http://wildcatwoodscats.blogspot.com/ ) in your prayers.Purrs and Prayers for Georgie

Phoebe will announce the winner of the pink fish kicker tomorrow.