Friendly Fill-Ins Week 57

Hi everyone! Emmy thanks you all for the big welcome you all gave her yesterday.

She is still working on the modeling poses. I made her a pink hat, she will try to have it on for her Sunday selfie. Can you see the dark ring around the green part of her eye? I hope to get a better photo, it is so unique and very pretty.

Now time for the Friendly Fill-Ins. If you do a post with your answers, be sure to add your link at McGuffy’s Reader. If you didn’t have time to do a post, feel free to put your answers in the comment section.


1. a prop from a tv show or film I would like to own is _____________________________________.

2. My oldest friendship is _________________________________.

3. Whenever I                        , I always                            .

4. The best                    is                          .
My answers:
1. A prop from a tv show or film that I would like to own is the bureau that was used as a tv stand in Monica’s apartment on Friends. To see it click here.I would be thrilled to own anything Nicolas Cage wore or touched in a film too.
2. My oldest friendship is my friend Sharon. We have been friends since 4th grade and are still great friends. Her grown children are my friends now too, I am also the godmother to her oldest son. We still get together for coffee a couple times a month.
3. Whenever I love a book I have read, I always write reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes and Noble and my blog.
4. The best part of my day is first thing in the morning, sipping coffee in bed, cuddling with my cats and talking to my Mom on the phone.


  1. Those are really great answers. I think often friendships fade because life takes you on different paths. Sometimes what brought you together just isn’t there. The new things don’t always offer common ground. No one’s fault. But, life gives new friends, too! And, how sweet that you start your day with your mom! HUGS!
    I am so happy about Emmy. She is pretty!

    1. Thank you. I agree that has happened with most other friendships, but the really true ones stick around. And I am so glad I know you now and can call you friend. Emmy is a beauty. XO

  2. Hello! Emmy I can see that you do have unique eyes – and after you get used to having that flashy thing taking your photos, we will be able to see just how pretty you really are. I know you must be happy to be part of the “family” now. Keep us posted on how the rest of the kitty crew welcomes you! We enjoyed your Mom’s fill-ins today – no surprise she’d like to have something of Nic Cage’s to call her very own….tee hee

    Hugs, Teddy

    1. Yes, I like my Nic 🙂 I hope to get some flash free photos of those beautiful eyes.

  3. Your morning routine sounds both delightful and delicious. Good for you, talking to your mother first thing in the morning. The older i get, the more i realize how important that is.

    1. Thank you. I talk to my Mom several times a day, always first thing in the morning.

  4. We know you’ll be a pro model in no time, Emmy! You certainly have the looks for it, pretty girl. And I figured Nicolas Cage might play a role in your answer to #1! I really appreciate your answer to #3, as I always go to those sites to read reviews on books I’m considering. Thank you for hosting this challenge that we always enjoy!

    1. Emmy thanks you. Yes, I had to slip Nicolas Cage in. When I like a book, I like to promote it .

  5. Oh Emmy, we are so glad you were so smart to find that wonderful home that you have now. You are such a lucky kitty to have found such a nice home. The Fill-ins were terrific.

  6. Emmy, we all look forward to getting to know you! Suggestion: make friends with Phoebe. I hadn’t thought about writing a review on a book that I loved; thanks to the idea.

    1. Thank you, so far Phoebe is keeping a distance. She has lost too many friends in the past two years.

  7. Emmy, so happy you have joined this family and I look forward to seeing more pictures of beautiful you!
    I need some time to think and wake up for the Fill-ins… I will be back! Old friends are always a treasure!

      1. I had a difficult time with these Fill-ins… first time ever!
        A prop from a film or TV show would be Hedwig the owl from Harry Potter. But I would not of course actually want to keep and owl.
        My oldest friendship is ML. I met her in the third grade when I transferred from public school to Catholic school. We have stayed in touch since then and went to college together.
        Whenever I have to grocery shop or shop for clothes I whine. I don’t like doing either… 🙂
        The best and most calming place for me is near the water.
        I am not a morning person but I love your #4!

        1. Thank you for these great answers, sorry they were toughies. That is a cute owl 🙂 It is nice to have an old friend who has lived through so much with you. I agree with you about clothes and food shopping 🙂 Book shopping and craft supplies though, I love to shop for.

  8. I love your answers! Emmy sure is gorgeous.What a blessing to have your friendship with Sharon and her family for so long! Good for you writing reviews. I wish I would do that more. I’m afraid I’m a bit lazy in that department.

    Your #4 sounds like bliss.

  9. Emmy, you are settling in nicely. We look forward to more pics of you.

    1. Thank you. That is great that you have known your best friend for so long.

  10. That is a good looking dresser.
    I’m looking forward to a better photo of Emmy’s eyes…. Purrseidon is very good about looking directly at the camera, but I suspect that is because our camera has a tiny red light on the front that lights up when it is turned on.

    1. Some have tried to sniff her and she gave a small hiss and they left her alone. She seems pretty happy.

  11. Emmy’s beautiful. I believe in God and His plan but I usually don’t ponder it that much. Emmy found you at just the right time when Snowball ran to the bridge. Cooper Murphy found Janet at just the right time after Fiona died. And Bear Cat did the same with me – six months before I lost my Kitty. It just amazes me – in these three cases, LITERALLY, they just showed up at the door one day and our lives will never be the same. I still acutely feel the hole left by Kitty, now, ten years later. Bear doesn’t fill the hole or make it any less as one cat never ever replaces another – but as with a broken heart of any variety, our felines have a way of making it almost bearable.

    1. Yes, I know exactly what you mean. We can never replace a lost kitty, but we can love another in a different way because each cat is so unique. I do think God or our angel kitties lead them to us. XO

  12. Hi lovely Tuxedo Emmy! Wink wink! I would love to own the black kitty props in The Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline. My oldest friendship is with Mom – she was the first to pick me up in her arms at the rescue in Cali-for-Ni-A. Whenever I eat tuna, I always want more! The best time is when I’m with my family.

    PS (Purrs & Snuggles): These fill-ins are super fun! Thanks!



  13. Hi, Emmy! I am so glad you are part of a loving family now. You remind me of my Waddles. 🙂

    Great answers! I like how you start your day.

    1. Thank you 🙂 I like to start the day that way too and get to most days.

  14. Great answers! I’m always writing book reviews too. I love the mornings too – sipping coffee and feeding cats 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

  15. guyz…mom total lee fooled uz with number one….her noes why 🙂

    4) de best day izza burd free day ~~~~~ 🙂

    heerz two a round herring kinda week oh end ~~~~~~~~~ ♥♥♥

    waves two ewe emmy !!

  16. Emmy is a beautiful kitty. 🙂
    I think it is very cool that you are still great friends and spend time with a friend from 4th grade and now with her children, too. That is great!
    That sounds like a wonderful way to start the day, so sweet.

    Have a blessed weekend.

    1. Thank you, she is a beauty. I can’t believe someone was so awful to get rid of her. I hope you have a blessed weekend too.

    1. Emmy thanks you. And I will certainly take Nic, although my hubby and his wife might be mad. 🙂

  17. Oooh, Emmy is a tuxie!
    You’re making these fill-ins harder for a cat to answer but I’ll try.
    1. a prop from a tv show or film I would like to own is Salem’s car from Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Check it out.
    2. My oldest friendship is Herbie Cat. I think it’s Herbie but it could be Maggie T. Kat or OMC most of my old furrends left for the RB! SOB!
    3. Whenever I want to eat, I always get one of the peeps to walk me to my food and watch me.
    4. The best human is one with rotisserie chicken or turkey breast.

    1. Yes, she is a tuxie 🙂 Great answers- I loved that show and I have a stuffed Salem that talks. I don’t think we know Herbie. That is sweet of your peeps to watch you eat. Great answer for #4 🙂

  18. Emmy Emmy Emmy!!!!
    Yur a berry purrty gurl an do you know mee iss yur Brofur-Inn-Law????
    Anyfing you need, just have Lady ellen email mee an mee will help.
    You are inn Kitty Heaven; trust mee on that!
    Sinseerlee, Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

    1. My sweet purrince, Emmy thanks you. She is still shy around us other kitties, but she seems happy and lets Mom hold her. XO and paw kisses

  19. Emmy looks kind of coy there, but she sure is a pretty little lady! We can just imagine her in a hat…um…oh wow you get them all into that hat thing, MOL, MOL!!! She didn’t know about that before she chose you did she??! MOL! It will be more kitty loveliness we are sure!

    1. a prop from a tv show or film I would like to own is the conveyor belt with all the chocolates from I Love Lucy…Mmmmmm.

    2. My oldest friendship is a girl I met in highschool, she got married and I was her maid of honor…and I still chat with her. She lived down the street from me, but now we are several hundred miles apart. We can just pick it up and no time or space has been inbetween.

    3. Whenever I go to work, I always hope my furry ones will be OK till my hubby gets home from his work. That is why I chose second shift so that there would not be such a long time for them to be alone, esp my dog. .

    4. The best thing I ever started was blogging, because it has given me lots of new friends, ideas and expanded my horizons. I have learned much:) .

    1. Thank you for these great answers. I love, I Love Lucy, that would be a cool prop- I bet it was fun to film, although they probably never wanted another chocolate again. With good friends, you can always pick right up where you left off. I understand about the furbabies, I have my Mom come stay with them if no one is going to be home for more than half an hour- I know I am a little paranoid. I am with you on #4. I am so thankful for you and all my blogging friends. XO

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