Contest Winner and Dangerous Toys

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. I was busy cat sitting and one job is complete, but the other is going to be a few more days. Sadly, the 2 cats I am watching are not very friendly 🙁 so they hide.

I thought I would do something different this week, I am going to tell you what not to do, buy, read etc. Of course they are only suggestions with reasoning behind them so the choice is yours. Mondays I usually give you an idea for an inexpensive or free toy. This week, I don’t have a toy for you 🙁

I want to point out a danger with some common toys. The bell attatched to many toys and inside of plastic balls can be very dangerous. I never realized this until I was talking to the lady bagging my groceries- I always end up having conversations about cats wherever I go- and I am fairly shy. She was telling me how her cat was choking and she didn’t know on what until she got to the emergency vet. Luckily, she had been rubbing his throat which moved the bell enough to let some air in. The minute I got home ( I did put away my frozen stuff first), I got rid of the balls with bells and I removed bells from everything else ( mice tails, etc. ).

We have a winner- Katnip Lounge correctly identified Lucy’s helmet as coming from American Girl. Lucy borrowed it from my niece who has lots of American Girl stuff she is saving for her when she has kids. Congratulations! Have a great day, I am off to feed invisible kitties.



  1. MOL! Congrats to the Lounge Kitties for guessing right!

    The mom is very careful with our toys and usually takes things off of them, like bells or mouse tails if she thinks they will cause us a problem. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Our pet caregiver often tells us after we have been away that she never saw Fiona the entire time we were gone. It was the same with our angel Louise (who looked almost identical to Fiona). Hope the food bowls are empty when you return so you know the kitties come out of hiding when you leave. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    1. The bowls were empty and one of the 2 actually let me pet her today- progress.

  3. Woot to the Katnip Lounge winning kitties! Our humans were taught a long time by a very wise cat to get rid of all bells and small parts right away from toys, or to avoid acquiring them in the first place (thanks, Spot!). That’s fine by us! Purrs….

  4. And we just threw that idea out on a whim! HURRAH!!! We cats are so smart. 😉

    We don’t get anything with small bits and string toys are always supervised.

    1. Yes, it is scary- too bad there are no laws to protect them like so many toys listed not for kids under 3. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Hooray for our pals at the Katnip Lounge! 🙂

    We are hyper-vigilant about bells and stuff on and in cat toys. Scary to think what would happen if cats ingest those things…

  6. Paws up to the Katnip Lounge kitties! Yes, bells and such can be really dangerous! And some toys, like the interactive fishing-pole type and pipe cleaners, only come out and are used with human supervision.

    1. Sparkle, your mom is smart to keep your fish pole stuff hidden except when she is playing with you.

    1. Thans for stopping by Florida Furkids- how hot is it on Florida? It has been too hot and humid in Mass. this summer.

  7. It always amazes us as tu how many dangewous pawts there awe on cat toys. Yous wuld fink da companies makin’ them wuld be a little mowe caweful, but at da end of da day hoomans hoo buy da toys purrawlly wuldn’t buy da fings dat wuld be safe cuz of da way they look. Cat toys be a little spensiv and ifin they wus missin’ all da “bells and whistles” hoomans wuld wealize they be gettin’ wipped off. Maybe ifin hoomans stopped buyin’ all those fany dangewous toys, da toy companies wuld change and purrices wuld go down. MOL

    Luv ya’


    1. Good point Dezi. I think they need regulations like they do for children’s toys- you are children with fur.

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