Contest and Books that Stink Like Kitty Litter

Happy Friday everyone! I am a lot happier now that our fleas are under control. I will still have to use flea products for 3 months, but at least when I run a flea comb over the cats, I am not finding any.

Continuing with our not-to-do’s this week, Lucy and I will write about some books we don’t recommend. Lucy is in a foul mood this week due to the fleas and she thinks this book stinks:ย Lucy can’t believe anyone thinks they can ” train” a cat. Cats train people, not the other way around. 022

I have a couple books that annoyed me recently. One is Cat Sense by John Bradshaw. In his book, he explains why he isn’t a fan of trap-neuter-return. He thinks the most feral will never be caught to get fixed which will eventually make ferals more wild. I found his thinking on this to be really stupid.

Another book that I read recently was not a cat book, but the author mentioned cats. Buddhist Bootcamp by Timber Hawkeye is about practicing Buddhism, but for some reason the author lists all his past wrongs- he killed 2 cats!!!! I don’t care if he is reformed and sorry, I just don’t like him.

And now another contest:ย  I already have over 100 likes on our Facebook page, but would sure like more so if you haven’t already liked my page, please do :ยย . I will pick a winner on Sunday morning- this is the prize: 017A notepad to write everything down that your petsitter needs and a catnip ice cream cone ( thanks Mom).

Have a great weekend! I am off to the groomer with my dirty little Snowball- photo tomorrow.




  1. LOVE that snowball! Your Mom is very clever……I love my two surprise toys very much. Glad you have that flea thing under control – once it gets OUT of control it’s hard to reign it back in!!

    Hugs, Pam and Sam

    1. Thank you. All I can crochet is balls and cork covers, my mom is really good with ice cream cones and adorable fishies.

  2. Bet the author never thought that the very feral cat couldn’t be caught because it just didn’t like him (or his scent). Cats are very discerning after all ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Ugh, sounds like someone, er, several someones should have just let the cats write the books instead! Good news and good bye on those fleas! Purrs…

    1. Yes, some people shouldn’t write books about cats. I am glad the fleas are gone, makes me itchy just thinking about it.

    1. Thanks Nissy- I see you have Nissy 4 Senate, would you be interested in being Mayor? One of the blogs is looking for nominees and I will nominate you ?

  4. We’re glad the fleas have fled!! We can’t believe anyone would think TNR is wrong. Did you see our Thankful Thursday post? It’s about trapping kitties in a local park and getting them neutered and adopted. The more feral ones have been released back into the park after neutering.

    OMC………..that ice cream cone looks sooo wonderful!

    The Florida Furkids

    1. Well, the fleas have mostly fled, but I keep combing the kitties and finding one here and there. I don’t know why the Frontline didn’t kill them yet- arrgh!
      I don’t know how I missed the Thankful Thirsday post- I will check it out now.

    1. That would be a great book and you already have a chapter done about litter box training them.

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