A-Z Challenge Reflections

Hi everyone! Today’s post is our reflections on the a-z challenge. This was our second year participating. I really enjoy writing posts for the challenge, but this year was certainly not as fun as last year because of Spooky’s illness and passing. The challenge did provide a distraction for me while grieving though. I will definitely participate next year and I am already trying to decide if I will do more books, or maybe blogging cats.
I was thrilled to find more cat blogs to follow including The Kitty Corner, ScootersTale, Six Cats and Counting and That’s Purrfect. If you don’t already follow these, you should check them out.

And for Toby’s Mom and anyone else , I am going to list all the books and authors I recommended so they will all be in one place for you.

A: Cleveland Amory ( The Cat Who Came for Christmas )

B: Basil the Bionic Cat by Cathrine Garnell , Bailey Boat Cat by Louise Kennedy

C: Casper the Commuting Cat by Susan Finden

D: Dewey the Small Town Library Cat by Vicki Myron

E: Quotable Cats edited by Charles Elliot

F:The Story of Fester Cat by Paul Magrs

G: Grumpy Cat ( she has several books)

H: Homer’s Odyssey by Gwen Cooper

I: I Could Pee on This by Francesco Marciuliano

J: Jackson Galaxy ( Cat Daddy) and Lillian Jackson Braun ( Cat Who Series)

K: Kitty Kapers by Martha Bayless

L: Lola : Diary of a  Rescued Cat by Dawn White and Lola White

M: Miaow! Cats Are Really Nicer than People by Sir Patrick Moore

N: The Norton Trilogy by Peter Gethers

O: Making Rounds with Oscar by David Dosa

P: The Klepto Cat Mysteries by Patricia Fry

Q: The World is Your Litter Box by Quasi

R: Rescued edited by Janiss Garza ( Summer’s Mom)

S: Dear Sparkle: Advice from One Cat to Another  edited by Janiss Garza

T: Tortitude by Ingrid King and Toto the Tornado Kitten by Jonathan Hall

U: Under the Paw by Tom Cox

V: Vi-Purrs by Jeanne Foguth

W: What My Cat Has Taught Me About Life by Niki Anderson

X: Xander de Hunter- main cat in The Sea Purrtector Series by Jeanne Foguth

Y: Yarned and Dangerous by Sadie Hartwell

Z: The Chronicles of Zee and Zoey by Deborah Barnes

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Toesie Tuesday and More

Happy Tuesday everyone! Joanie refused to show her tummy again, but she gave me a toesie shot. Yesterday I listed several cat bloggers with merchandise for sale , if I forgot you, please let me know and I can add you in. Today I am listing books by several cat bloggers and I hope I don’t miss anyone. Most are on Amazon so just click the Amazon near the author you want to look up to go to their Amazon books.

Sammy of One Spoiled Cat’s Mom has written an excellent mystery as well as 2 wonderful children’s books. Amazon has most of them

Feeling Beachie’s Hilary Grossman has 2 excellent reads also on Amazon -one is a memoir and the other is fiction.

Athena Cat Goddess’ Mum has written many fiction books, I have read several and loved them all. Amazon

Summer’s predecessor Sparkle had 2 books Amazon and her human has Rescued which I think everyone knows about and would make the perfect gift for any cat lover Amazon

Purrseidon the water loving kitty has a Mom who has written many fiction and science fiction/fantasy books. I love The Sea Purrtector Files series. Amazon

Basil the Bionic Cat has his own book and his Mom has written many others Amazon

Deborah Barnes has 2 books that I have on my list to Santa, you can purchase them on her Chronicles of Zee and Zoey blog

Ingrid King of The Conscious Cat has several cat books including a new one all about Torties Amazon

 Daily Dose of Dogs ( aka Cats with your Coffee) Amazon

Bailey the Boat Cat  Amazon

Lou Belcher has a fun alphabet book Amazon

Lola: Diary of a Rescued Cat  you can buy an autographed copy through their blog

Ann of McGuffy’s Reader has a children’s book and a poetry book on Amazon

Cat Mom at The CatPostIntelligencer has several fiction books Amazon

Psychokitty Max has Bite Me his memoir as well as several others on Amazon

Avalon by Vanessa Morgan is available on Amazon ( 50%royalties to shelters)

Stunning Keisha’s Aunt Pauline writes Fantasy and Cat Stories here is her link

Paul Magrs, Fester’s Dad, has a new book Amazon

And now for those toesies :010

Don’t forget our Hanukkah giveaway- comment today and/or tomorrow for a chance to win:

012Phoebe will announce the winner Thursday.

Contest and Books that Stink Like Kitty Litter

Happy Friday everyone! I am a lot happier now that our fleas are under control. I will still have to use flea products for 3 months, but at least when I run a flea comb over the cats, I am not finding any.

Continuing with our not-to-do’s this week, Lucy and I will write about some books we don’t recommend. Lucy is in a foul mood this week due to the fleas and she thinks this book stinks:  http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/cat-training-is-easy-pamela-anne-moore/1119635224?ean=9781499714890 Lucy can’t believe anyone thinks they can ” train” a cat. Cats train people, not the other way around. 022

I have a couple books that annoyed me recently. One is Cat Sense by John Bradshaw. In his book, he explains why he isn’t a fan of trap-neuter-return. He thinks the most feral will never be caught to get fixed which will eventually make ferals more wild. I found his thinking on this to be really stupid.

Another book that I read recently was not a cat book, but the author mentioned cats. Buddhist Bootcamp by Timber Hawkeye is about practicing Buddhism, but for some reason the author lists all his past wrongs- he killed 2 cats!!!! I don’t care if he is reformed and sorry, I just don’t like him.

And now another contest:  I already have over 100 likes on our Facebook page, but would sure like more so if you haven’t already liked my page, please do : https://www.facebook.com/15andmeowing?ref=hl . I will pick a winner on Sunday morning- this is the prize: 017A notepad to write everything down that your petsitter needs and a catnip ice cream cone ( thanks Mom).

Have a great weekend! I am off to the groomer with my dirty little Snowball- photo tomorrow.



All-Star Game and Cats with Dry Skin

Happy Tuesday everyone! Tonight is the All-Star game and being that  my hubby is a baseball fan, Lucy thought she would celebrate: 011

Today is Medical Issues day and I am wondering how many people’s cats have this problem. I have been noticing that several of our cats have scabs on their backs. We definitely don’t have fleas so I am blaming the dryness from the central air conditioning. I have been searching the web for something to back up my theory and have found nothing. Please comment if you have a cat with this problem and if you have found a solution. I have been thinking of fish oil supplements to help with dryness, but I haven’t tried it yet.

The big book sale was a hit, I got lots of goodies like 2 Sinatra cd’s, a sketch book and lots of cat books. I am going to have a contest starting Friday with some of the books- they are used, but they are hard to find. I am keeping this short and sweet today.

Great cat books and Friday the 13th

Happy Friday—the 13th! I am very superstitious except when it comes to black cats. We have 4 and I think we are pretty lucky( knock on wood).  042This is Jinx, the first of the four.

Today’s book choice is Kitty Cornered by Bob Tarte. This book is his best ( because it is about cats 🙂 ) , but he is a great author. Bob and his wife have all kinds of pets that he has written about. Here is a link to it on Barnes and Noble http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/kitty-cornered-bob-tarte/1105652556?ean=9781565129993 .

Lucy also has another book to recommend: 001 Sure, she is annoyed that she has been grumpy for 15 years and doesn’t have a book, but as long as it promotes grumpiness, she loves it. I was lucky to receive a copy for Mother’s Day from my sweet niece.

Have a great Friday everyone and don’t walk under any ladders.