Cat Museums and a Hop

Hi everyone! Last week when Cat Scout Maggie filled us in on Cat museums in the USA , she also told us about a cat house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. I don’t know why, but the photo she included in the post did not appear. Here it is: FLWcathouseAll the details, including the blueprints can be found at Hausppanther:

and Maggie’s Mom made a great photo of my Sammy with Maggie and Felix:

FLWcathousewFSP&MFeel free to add your kitties to the blank  photo above and post them on our Facebook page:

And if you are in NYC, The Museum of Moving Image has a display running through January 31,2016 about how cats took over the internet.

I am starting my hopping early this week-

I am co-hosting Feeling Beachie’s Blog Hop this week- please join in, I love to read people’s answers – it is a great way to learn more about each other.

Feeling Beachie

The statements:

  1. Birthdays are ______________________
  2. I am ___________, but I wish I was _________.
  3. ____ is my favorite ______.
  4. ________ is the best brand of __________.

My Answers:


2. I am FAT, but I wish I was THIN ( OR AVERAGE)

3. NICOLAS CAGE is my favorite ACTOR ( Just in case you didn’t know that 🙂 )

4. FRISKIES PARTY MIX is the best brand of CAT TREATS ( the kitties did this one)





Contest, Grumpy Cat and Snowball

Saturday again already and back to yoga. I actually purchased some $5 yoga mats for my hubby and I so we won’t have to use the teacher’s mats. I haven’t taken them out of the package though- I want to try one more class and be sure this is something we will continue to do.

This is the last day of my week of not-to-do’s and here is a product that I don’t recommend which is probably why I found it at Ocean State Job Lot ( they sell discontinued and older stuff): 009This is a 2 piece magnetic set- it is suposed to be a “screen saver”, but as you can see by my screen, it is more of an enticer.

And a product that I recommend is anything with Grumpy Cat- I just can’t get anough of her angry little face. I don’t watch QVC, but I recently saw that they are selling a stuffed Grumpy with little tags with different sayings that you can change. I got a stuffed Grumpy for Christmas ( thanks mom) so I won’t get this one, but in case you are interested: .

And here is012Snowball with her lion cut. She seems pretty content with it. I am so happy that she has decided she can sleep on our bed ( even when we are in it)- it only took her one year and a week. And here is Phoebe: 014I love it when the tongue gets stuck out. Have a great day everyone! And don’t forget to like our Facebook page to be entered to win a catnip ice cream cone and a petsitter note pad.

Contest and Books that Stink Like Kitty Litter

Happy Friday everyone! I am a lot happier now that our fleas are under control. I will still have to use flea products for 3 months, but at least when I run a flea comb over the cats, I am not finding any.

Continuing with our not-to-do’s this week, Lucy and I will write about some books we don’t recommend. Lucy is in a foul mood this week due to the fleas and she thinks this book stinks: Lucy can’t believe anyone thinks they can ” train” a cat. Cats train people, not the other way around. 022

I have a couple books that annoyed me recently. One is Cat Sense by John Bradshaw. In his book, he explains why he isn’t a fan of trap-neuter-return. He thinks the most feral will never be caught to get fixed which will eventually make ferals more wild. I found his thinking on this to be really stupid.

Another book that I read recently was not a cat book, but the author mentioned cats. Buddhist Bootcamp by Timber Hawkeye is about practicing Buddhism, but for some reason the author lists all his past wrongs- he killed 2 cats!!!! I don’t care if he is reformed and sorry, I just don’t like him.

And now another contest:  I already have over 100 likes on our Facebook page, but would sure like more so if you haven’t already liked my page, please do : . I will pick a winner on Sunday morning- this is the prize: 017A notepad to write everything down that your petsitter needs and a catnip ice cream cone ( thanks Mom).

Have a great weekend! I am off to the groomer with my dirty little Snowball- photo tomorrow.



Contest Winner and ROAR for Meadow

Hi, everyone.I have just started month 3 of blogging and I am thankful to all my readers. I love how kind and welcoming other cat and pet bloggers have been. I think we all have something unique to share and realize it isn’t a competition- we all have the same goal and that is to help cats.

Today is my birthday and Lucy made me a birthday Lake instead of a cake- I am sure you can figure out what that is 🙂 I bought myself a gift last week:001My favorite Febreeze room spray was discontinued, but I found a 9 pack on Amazon and couldn’t resist. For most this would be a life time supply, but with 15 cats, I am thinking this might last 2 years.

Wednesday is ROAR day and I wanted to donate tthe shelter Snowball came from, but that had to wait. Someone on Facebook with a page called “My Ferals” started a fund for a kitten named Meadow who has a collapsed lung. Here is the link to where I donated, although the campaign is now closed: .

I also donated some ice skates, books and household items to a thrift store in Leicester, MA that donates all proceeds to help different individuals and shelters in the area- it is run completely by volunteers. Here is the link to that:

Thank you to everyone who liked our Facebook page–I had hoped for 50 by the end of the week and ended up surpassing that in a day 🙂  And the winner of the catnip sign is: Wendy M Uivary-thank you again everyone!


Contest Winner and Easy to Make Cat Toy

Good morning everyone-Monday again, I hope everyone had a nice weekend and spent lots of time with their kitties.I will announce the  winner of the books and another contest at the end of this post. Monday is fun and games day and I have an easy toy you can make- this is one that you can’t leave out, it is interactive for you and your kitty to enjoy. Our neighbor gave Spooky 2 of these for Christmas ( he had lived over there for a while until he decided to move in with us).

004You will need a 12 inch wooden dowel, 2 different colored ribbons 36 inches each and a tiny eye bolt. You just screw the eye bolt intoone end of the dowel and thread half the ribbon thru the bolt and tie it. That is all there is too it, but as you know ribbon can be dangerous so don’t leave your cat out with this toy.

And the winner of the books is—-One Spoiled Cat ( Sammy)- I will also add in a homemade catnip toy for Sammy’s pleasure. If anyone wonders how I chose, I had 13 entries so I had hubby pick a number from 1-13 and he chose 3- Congratulations!  Now for another contest- I picked up a cute little sign in my travels last week :005If you don’t talk to your cat about catnip….who will?  001Clearly it is too late for Spooky with the catnip 🙂  All you need to do is like our new Facebook page: -thank you!